Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 13, 2014

Interstellar, Rockefeller and the coming Grand Delusion


A great analysis of the mind control movie  INTERSTELLAR here and the psy-ops  associated with the transformation of life as we know it.

Film poster. Cooper as Odysseus, preparing for his journey.

This supports my 1985 theory on World Government from my humble beginnings. I dismissed the purported explanations and claimed the Challenger space shuttle and KAL007 [Lawrence McDonald “hit”] as the process of tearing down America. This included the US Space program hoax for a more covert World Program into the dark arts of EMR HAARP DARPA and Chemtrail programs. The core element of this Agenda before the term Agenda 21 was the project Bluebeam and the power of the EVAN spectrum to advance the psychological research beyond the Church Senate Hearings [MK-Ultra]

They simply moved the project out to the University research, covert black military corporate sphere and under the cover of government expenditures and thefts. Certainly the drug money laundering has funnelled necessary funds to the project. A clever TRIAD has multiple benefits and wastes no energy in force when operating at peak efficiency.

The alternate flip from JFK to Obama in regards to American supremacy stands out better now we have had an opportunity to see it in action. Though JFK was a player, he had specific goals with regards to bringing down the Soviet Union as they were not in the globalist cabal at that infancy stage of transition to One World Order and the takeover we see to a UN based cover elite world dominance. Simply a committee of a 1000 points of light fronting a Cartel Mafia world ruling class. Genetics are the basis for who is of the bloodline. JFK was a mongrel though one of the bloodlines of the 13 illumni.

He did his part as his predecessors to push the fraud of ‘America to the Moon.’ This agenda took a cold war, several swindles and much blood until MaGog Bush #1 managed to orchestrate the fall with Gorbachev. The de-industrialized period would immediately ensue. What Bush I, Clinton and Bush II would do is follow up on the same financial tactics to bankrupt an already bankrupt sovereign nation. But they would assure it with tripling the debt per cycle. Now the door was open for the change, the transition of formal power to the global consortium ala Barry Soetoro.


War of the Mind is WWIII and anything else small potatoes in Regime change. No global warfare again will ever disrupt the revelation of the years of peace. Only under the subaudible and infrared will war rage. Above and below the human perception spectrum, the inception and deception thrive under the NASA-NAVY-NATO-NIST-NOAA-NGO (22) segment of the pyramid. From our tax dollars we have laid the funds at our graves, enough for a royal service and though we will never receive the kings burial, we will enjoy the fruits of ‘Troix Pommes Bleues’ in Project Bluebeam.


What Operation Paperclip provided to the New World Order was partially GLADIO and the continuation of the NAZI criminal empire in ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, BLUEBOOK, MONARCH, etc etc etc (see CIA wiki page) The truth always points to Germany, France, USA in the TRIAD geo-politically, while Italy, Britain and Switzerland were handling banking and financial ops. The European Union consolidating the centers including research paperclippings from the Dutch Nederlands, Austria-Hungary joiners culminating in the Polish coup killing the last remnants of that sovereign. The Skyfall meme I use always connects the financial to the airborne because bluebeam is all about the money and flying economy. All aspects of Bluebeam will be airborne and this includes killing nearly an entire government as was the case in the Polish downing of TU-154 (6) but not to exclude the real culprits of chemtrail aerial assaults and electromagnetic modulations.


The North American Union through the NAFTA War on Trade, World Terror network now consolidates the EU sister governments throughout Canada and South America. Geo-political borders are real but sovereign borders mean nothing to the maps of the NWO. Miss Teen South Carolina was wise not to waste memory on such meaningless data as sovereign borders and such, such as….such.

In the final analysis as we attempt to survive the coming remaining portion of this decade, I think the most important key to thriving will not be our external prepping but more the protection of our data and memory. What Kubrick wanted to impart was that it will be internal and not external where the odyssey will end. The elites have no plans to populate other planets or worlds, the NASA propaganda and holyrood presented theatre is all a hoax. We have nothing on Mars, nothing on an asteroid or comet but we are close to entering a wormhole in our mind. The global Mafia will vacuum our virtual reality into a singularity driven visual cortex and swept hippocampus. An American Spring cleaning of the terra firma in terror forma under the Grand Delusion will provide all the reality needed to migrate the masses into the abyss by an assault and a meaconing of the true cosmic awakening to our potential and understanding.


Obama will run the gauntlet with the GOP committee in tow like a comet and the TPP Trade War on Terror will tie up the Asian Union and put the final death knell to sovereign financial freedom, US Mexico relations with Immigration-gate and the NAU final touches at which time the bluebeam of ENMOD and catastrophic events will be initiated. A simple signature from the left hand of illuminati I$I$ will transfer the largest power to globalist centers of operations.  The only obvious clue has been the master undertaking of keeping the financial system balancing on the razor edge. Once it tumbles, the trigger for the seven plagues begins. All beta tests run to date will go live.

How long the cycle runs and NASA clocks the time is based solely on the planets, Saturn for certain the key to Vortex.  Pluto lost it’s ninth position in the vortex but the truth is Mercury will rise. Once we understand the winter of Climategate we will know the heat and alchemy of Mercury. Just know the vortex shift is already known by the remote viewers and they are simply playing off the advanced knowledge and running the psy-ops and manipulations based upon data from the “N-Group” stated previously (5) which is all Military Industrial Congressional Complex entities.


Once the et al. arrives ( extra terrestrial / artificial life intelligence) the masses will have been totally drained. The Feminine/Neutered variety is what I suspect in this hologram graphical vortex presentation.  Mother earth gaia will follow the power storm and massive events of the ENMOD variety. What the Macondo event in the Gulf and other locations provided was the cover for the N-Group to plant the necessary power sources of undetermined origin or makeup to be triggered. We will see the volcanic, oceanic and seismic phenomenon ten fold over the beta tests of tsunami and seismic earthquakes past.

All the holyrood productions to date will form a programming already in the heads of masses. Those who have life here who have not been completely programmed by the electromagnetic visual audio network will find a fast track download via the ISS and Terra Base Camp G.W.E.N. and Milstar network.  The constant barrage of ELF and the iPAD Microwave system will assist in this process.  It’s not hard to isolate the points I have made to why the transition from Analog to Digital was of the highest priority and happened in record time for our “incompetent not”  savvy Congress and CIC.  You can also point to the ludicrous aspects of sending android and I-products to Africans under Fiscal eBola when we can’t even send medical supplies and food to the hungry. Any argument there?  Simply know that Obama is asking for six billion more taxpayer debt for technology covert systems to be implemented in AFRICOM.

Certainly, most of the virus we think they refer to is eBola, HIV and Malaria when in fact the code is simple. When Obama gets a virus update it really is an update as to the eugenics and mass killing they have for the African people. They are the virus as we are now as well.  Simple Illuminati fiscal policy is depopulation. As an asset once, we are now a liability. The transformation of “change” was primarily the tipping point or realization of the histogram of  sustainability; resource value versus human value.


Please refer to Obama’s “you didn’t build that” and you have to understand without prejudice that they are correct.  They could have killed us  decades ago but they had a plan and they needed assets to carry them out. So they guaranteed us prosperity here in the USA, Incorporated foreign entity. We, in America were chosen to create the Force One for the global governing body.  They feel they paid us well for building the largest economy of soft and hard kill industries from Coca Cola to Patriot Missiles. We paid them back in taxes we were never obligated to pay as appreciation for their charity and benevolence and now the job is over. A transition to UN-NATO will only require a skeleton crew of a billion global slaves based upon willingness to accept the premise of grateful servitude, ability, genomic polygenic grading, but most importantly sycophantic to the concept of  World Order Transhumanism and it’s associated religion of  Technoscientism.

Don’t be bitter, don’t be insulted. “Yeah, We Lied to The “Stupid” American People to Get It Passed” is a tip of an iceberg that has been floating for over two hundred years here in this deception and Mr. Gruber is a perfect example of who we had help us build this. Let him take a bow. He’s earned it. And for those who cannot accept COTO tenants and bluebeam as true revelations that they have built, they will have to wait a while longer to see the fruits of their labor.

If one is to minimize their power and think they have come short in the ability to execute this plan without fear of failure and predicted failsafes, they also will have a moment of absolute clarity to come. The tragedy is that this calibration may be the delusion of bluebeam and not the true reality of the time. You have to believe it to see it.


The answer in every study so far is that interstellar space travel is still centuries away but the distance of human consciousness to cosmic intelligence are no longer light years apart ~Puddy Dunne (Zeropoint)




  1. The first hour of the film is merely Nasa propaganda.
    They would have us believe we need the space agencies because in the future the Earth could be inhabitable. This scenario is obviously possible, but with the current physics knowledge is impossible to visit the nearest galaxy which is Andromeda (2.5 light years far).
    Before to put away so much trillion dollars, it would be necessary to spent more time in theoretical physics.
    So, is the Nasa target just to spent the taxpayers’s money ???
    (Sorry for my english)

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