Posted by: boomerangcomesback | November 12, 2014

I Voted for “WTF?!” Something I Can Believe in.

"Go Ahead -- Keep putting lipstick on the next pig, and the next pig, and the next...WTF?!  Its still a pig."

“Go Ahead — Keep putting lipstick on the next pig, and the next pig, and the next…WTF?! Its still a pig.”

Veterans Day just passed away. With so many wars going on across the Risk Board, so much subterfuge happening on an international scale, massive spying on supposedly “free” populations, and all of it twisted, painted, and pooped out of the most gigantic Propaganda Machines the world has ever seen — do you think there are any “Conspiracies” working in the background? For power, profit, and prestige? Do you think? Many would rather not…think, that is. My opinion is, is it not self evident? All I have to do is read the wind, by walking outdoors, and looking up, and the chemtrails tell me something is “Amiss”.

Yet, I’m just going to post this link for your persual:

Lots to read in there, aye?!

You’re supposed to make the “connections” when you read stuff like this. As in — the banks are connected to political bones. The political bones are connected to the, military industrial complex (MIC) bones. The MIC bones are connected to the, main street media (MSM) bones. The MSM bones are connected to the, _____________ bones. See — its much simpler for me to ask the question, “Where’s the Truth, the Real Story?” for everything that crosses my radar screen. What isn’t rotten and tainted? Since so little is legit, I save myself a lot of time by being very cynical about EVERYTHING.

Try it! Political Spectrum? Right. What doesn’t stink? Banking? What doesn’t reek? Wars & Rumors of wars? Which ones are could even be construed as resting on high ideals? Which ones aren’t absolutely corrupt examples of “resource” wars? With the same banking entities funding and supplying BOTH SIDES of these paroxysms of mass death. Even the MSM gives up enough information for a deaf, dumb, and blind person to see through the smoke to the true “reasons” for these human calamities dressed up as “works of democracy in action”.

Really, the joke is on us all for not getting up out of our recliners and withholding our consent from every single one of these criminal activities floated as “reality” to the masses. From the bankers to the politicians, to the large and small players in these dramas, we MUST withhold our consent that it is O.K. for them to lie to our faces.

So, the new proposed AG is gonna fix things? HAHAHA!!! Or the next “new” political figurine? RIGHTO!!! More freedom quashing legislation to “protect” us from some concocted Zombie Boogeyman? WTF?!

Perhaps that’s the newest and only alphabet agency I will endorse… THE “WTF?” guys and gals. I can probably believe what they espouse.



  1. The reality is we are being screwed six ways to Sunday. The reality also says the FBI reports that Murder / Violent Crime now at a 42-Year Low. The reality says the dumbing down frequencies, Vaccines, GMO Lithium chemtrail rain, microwave Medusa and Voice to Skull V2S-ELF is working.

    Very soon the MSM media will report a wife being raped while her husband watches football on his iPAD. The reality is a crime and WTF has seen nothing yet. Stay tuned for……

  2. Florida Satanic Church To Pass Out Children’s Coloring Books In Public Schools

    Don’t forget the BURNT SIENNA!

  3. Is that a real photo, Puddy — of the flapjack guy? That’s grotesque on many levels. Like the wars the U.S. and Israel sell as “just” wars.

    Oh yeah, unemployment in the U.S. is now 5.8% according to some pissant newscaster on an MSM. Real pork for the piggies.

    Here’s another pig selling pork —

    • 5.8% excludes 6% who can’t get benefits, 6% who are out of the market who have never collected benefits (Christians) and 6% who employed (under the table and are selling the CIA drug mule products coming over the border in record quantities. Actual firm numbers are around 20-24% and that does not include the underemployed which may add another 5-10 points.

  4. OMG, thanks for the pictures, I needed a laugh. Things too damn serious these days. Scary serious!

  5. Hi MsD! Yeah Boomer. That’s called Lifo-suction! It’s a combo of supersize GMO followed by Microwave Medusa via WiFiMax. Under that flap is an iPAD somewhere.

    I posted a tweet on $15 silver. Really? Yeah but you can’t have any? Why demand for silver and gold are off the charts and why the globalists minion bankers are pulling out all the stops to keep the charade going.

    The Bonds, Small caps and commodities are now going to start falling regardless of the manipulators. We will soon find out where the precious metals have been goiing.

    China has 8000 tonnes? Ha! more like 28000. Japan forced to print and prop US Bonds. FED can’t do it anymore. The Dam Will Break. Draghi’s “whatever it takes”.was the trigger. He has no intention of buying sovereign debt. Waiting for the “Old Testament justice” that the crook Geithner revealed.

    Watch the rapid decay of confidence peak after the worst holiday retail and Obama’s left hand goes to work on Christmas cards this year. Immigration is really the subplot in the financial right now.

    Dec 13, 2014: API- Santa Claus commits suicide. That’s the picture above. Some Ferguson Streert Thug on the White House payroll stole his suit.

  6. I believe the Vampire Klans could make a huge People “popcorn” out of one of those flapjacks. Certainly could engineer a monstrous sized Pork Skin (porkrind?) out of it as well.

    If you were to go to you will see a number of headlines where Oblammo is doing this, or doing that, unveiling “X”, or his administration is push that “putsch”. As I asked in a recent thread — “Do we really believe the pResident is driving this bus? Coming up with all these policies and legislation? If not WHOM?! I vote again for WTF?! “WHOM”.

    Cui bono? Pass the silverware.

    On Infowars, they posit that ISIS is now exchanging in precious metals for the stuff they need, just to demonize “Real” money. This stuff is downright standing on top of its head, doing cartwheels at the same time:

    A Fake terror organization (CIA created) to replace Al Queda or mate with them or some such unsavory activity, which now is going to announce that they trade in “real” money to disparage the historically real money against fake script magically created out of thin air by an illegal illegitimate front company of Khazar bankers erroneously referring to themselves as a Federal Reserve, which of course they are not. Only in the sense that they hold the Republic for Which It Stands and the World hostage by flim flam!

    I vote WTF?!

    Like the world should be fearful of ceasing to immediately STOP using fake money? HAHAHA!!! Oh, what a travesty that would be?! Let’s get wild WORLD, and just throw down on this one point and see what happens? We’ll keep the jail doors open to welcome the swarm of bankers expected to be tried for Truth and found wanting. We’ll watch where all the Wars disappear to as well. One thing WE do KNOW, is WHAT WE HAVE is the RESULT of BANKERS & BAD MONEY.

    Here’s another egregious example of the rich “getting richer” with flim flam built upon myths, coupled with political clout, and lotsza chutzpah on the world stage. How do they do it? Humanity doesn’t hold them accountable. They appear to be “above the law”, “too fat to fail”, blah, blah, blah.

    It ain’t always gonna be this way folks. Toleration for this kind of blatant criminal activity is on a downward curve on the “Y”/”Why?” axis.

    W-A-R = $$$ What is it good for? Or WHOM is it good for?

    Yes, Humanity has figured out this equation. The great thing about math is, the answer is always the same when you add up the variables in this particular formula.

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