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The Deep Blue Oracle: Show Or No Show



Regarding: The ENERGY Paradigm and POWER shift.

The recent election data tells us how desperate things are when they almost had a NO SHOW. Was it the scalawags and carpetbaggers that went to the polls?

If it’s all about that base – the base that showed up last night sure as hell wasn’t a Democratic base. According to the Elect Project we had record low turnout. So…shaming people into voting didn’t work this time. If only we’d received more emails from the DCCC….Lowest was in Indiana which saw 36% turnout and the highest was in Maine with 59.3% turnout. We had the worst turnout since the 1940’s, and that was at a time when a good portion of the population was off fighting in World War II!

Exactly! World War Three rages on with the ENERGY drain campaigns of Project Bluebeam and Agenda 21.   Like the fake economy and money has no energy, neither do the human assets.   What better way to usher in the NEW and IMPROVED economy.

Agenda 21 and the Global Governors are aligned for the grand finale of the dollar and final act of  SKYFALL.  Skyfall has two things going for it.  Global currencies and domestic assets woven into a parachute that will fail regardless of bailing out before the crash.  The manipulators make certain no markets, currencies or commodities are free from saboteurs.

What remains is the final energy drain from the newly elected assassins and saboteurs and the I$I$ regime currently piloting the Malaise mother ship Earth.   The turbulence due to climate as rough as its been is nothing compared to the downbursts coming during the final approach to Skyfall.

If you are a financial watcher then you see that nothing is left but the scraps of the carcass and the conversion to hard assets. The QE unlimited has hit the limits and now austerity has taken control of the  stick and the autopilot turned off.  Listen to the Psy-operators from the tower.

I particularly like this Spook from the al-CIAda and  In-Q-Tel stable

m12b m12a

Today, Omnis is a private company where originality, creativity and synergistic approaches flourish. From the start, Omnis has distinguished itself by applying existing technologies in new and fruitful ways, and by working with strategic partners to develop and deploy new technologies. In addition to a full-time staff, Omnis’ strengths include a large pool of readily available, expert consultants who contribute critical expertise to special projects.

Omnis serves customers globally, including government, academia, private companies and high-net-worth individuals. From its roots in physics, aerospace and launch capability, Omnis has grown to include experts in critical thinking, analytic tradecraft, forensics and radio frequency applications.

In 2008, Omnis expanded into the emerging field of Threat Finance and Market Intelligence by recruiting two Wall Street professionals with more than 60 years combined experience in global capital and commodities markets. As a result, Omnis now has a 24/7 strategic watch capability to derive unique actionable intelligence from global markets using proprietary analytics and advanced behavioral modeling.–Slick-advertisement-but…-

From: Survival LIfe []
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2014 11:49 AM
Subject: CIA Economist Reveals Government’s “Day After Plan” (Warns Collapse is Imminent)

Here’s an important message from Jim Richards a Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor…
Take a close look.
– ‘Above Average’ Joe
What is our “Day After Plan?”
You won’t like the answer
Dear Concerned American,

Mount Weather is a national security stronghold located near the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Its maze of underground bunkers is known as “Area B.”
My colleagues have given Mount Weather the code name “High Point Special Facility.”

This is where Congressional leadership was transported after 9/11.
Below is footage of the Pentagon’s Raven Rock Mountain stronghold. It is located not far from Camp David.

The primary command facility here is codenamed “Site R,” and nicknamed “The Rock.”
I’m sharing this with you now, because my colleagues and I in the U.S. Intelligence Community have uncovered a series of alarming signals that point to a fast-approaching, 70% stock market crash.
And we have begun to prepare for an unstoppable $100 trillion American meltdown that will be unleashed in its aftermath.
Unfortunately, our government has already put emergency measures in play for this coming catastrophe as well. They call it “The Day After Plan.”
And these two locations, at Mount Weather and Raven Rock, have major roles to play ahead.
I’m not asking you to believe me now. I realize what I’m talking about is very serious.
Which is why I strongly suggest you take a few moments to view this evidence.
And then ask yourself, “what if I’m right?”
Click here to continue…
Stay Safe,

Jim Rickards
Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor
CIA & The Director of National Intelligence


I find it hard not to believe that the GIGANTIC PONZI is not relegated to the MIC complex and that scheme is not anything less than a pyramid type. If Congress can legally inside trade and In-Q-Tel can take classified info and use it in selling services, products or financial vehicles, what next?   Can we defend in court our crimes based upon Government being a private corporation, foreign based Delaware incorporated for profit entity? I think so and should look into why we cannot sue government institutions and persons under this basis of fact.

I believe there is always kernels of truth in these transmissions and frequencies. In this case he has underestimated China’s gold holdings and inflated EU, US numbers but the  GHOST CITIES are real. They won’t be vacant for long. Just like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong and other illuminati geoprime locations, they will soon be inhabited by the yellow. Meanwhile red and blue will be heading for other coordinates clearly designated by the green agenda and the new economy.

In this new Carbon World, the  debt, toxic derivatives and balance sheets will be converted to CO2 liabilities and the corresponding assets  will be the technology of soft and hard kill markets.  The last twenty-five years has been a scientific boom to beta test all aspects of the new economy, but mostly directed by Bluebeam and Full Spectrum Data Mining.  We have yet to see Agenda 21 and sustainability in all its full isomorphic elegance.

What holds these markets together  in stock value are merely the futures of the agenda. The long term positions look to payoff once the CO transformation takes off and  the Biocosmic reality of ethics and humanity are left only for the inhabitants of the District Slums.  Brave New Worlds require courage. The kind of courage that allows generals to drop bombs on civilian targets.  But the elegance of the agenda is the  simplicity and consistency of design by the master programmers and enterprise architects who have taken most of the burden off the commanders. The committee has managed to control the agenda through sophisticated social algorithms, psychological applications and the historical control over the information on anthropological engineering.

The Central Intelligence Agency is as advertised but to this day refuses to accept the accolades of actually creating history and the current reality. They also sequester the vastness and complexity of the apparatus and not just the core base of committee.  Just as the Commander in Chief and Secret Service are a front for the core committee, so Langley is to the Central Intelligence group.  At its core the Industrial Military Congressional Complex is a foundation. This foundation at its core is a bank and at its core is a committee. At its core, I believe,  is an Oracle.

From this Oracle is the code for everything. It may be the Python from Eden, the DNA strand for universal creation decoded, a biblio-codex for time-space and the future of events to come. Mind you, I think its a prophesy, a fraud and a fabrication, though something so powerful as to take all who encounter it to the madness we have seen in the historical writings and present day lunacy we observe in our virtual reality.   But at its core is a truth that we will not know until we are at that point of total freedom. Unfortunately it is represented as death in the prison of our  mind controlled environment. Thus, fear and dread keep us from the knowledge of this truth and we cannot communicate with those who have passed through the oracle. I have discussed my concept of Vortex Mathematics and zero point. Such may be the oracles intersection at zero which never intersects in the vortex of this life on earth and its 3D existence.

When the hour of the time presents us with the events of committee, we all agree like 911, that the manipulators and engineers who orchestrated the World Trade War on Terror, ISIS, AlCiada and all wars prior still have more to accomplish.   We may disagree on what they have the power to do and what they will do but I think we agree they will do something to solidify their power, control all energy and resources and reconfigure society to something they deem a more perfect world. If they knew ultimately that the truth was we are chosen for something better beyond this prison sentence, why then would they have any problem paroling the inmates?  Even those who are not psycho-sociopaths at the core could get on board if they were to believe some event is certain and the human suffering to ensue, post apocalypse,  would be worse than death. We feel that for animals. That’s an easy compartment to get comfortable with.

The Oracle has no humanity, no agenda, no conflict,  no bias.  It has only energy dormant but unlimited force power and function when used.   I suspect the committee has provided the trickle down effect in play now and that  disclosure (the limited hangout variety) has been leaked across the globe and those who have been present for the Trilateral, CFR, Jackson Hole, Bilderberg and Davos have been sprinkled with some information.  We on the other hand have been witness only to the kind of bizarre, egregious and sometimes unbelievable actions by members of the Central Intelligence community who seem desperate to steal what they can in order to buy their way out of the Districts labelled for decimation.

Is it in Hunger Games, Avatar, Contagion we are to get the truth?  Is it Casino Royale and Skyfall the clues are given?  The Alternative Media is as corrupt as the MSM is now.  Alex Jones and others may be no more than Stratfor, CIA or In-Q-Tel making a killing on Ebola nutriceuticals, survival gear or precious metals.  Who knows the Oracle? Who knows the future?  You are on your own.   I have said since day one on COTO, you are a power of one.  The power of One is greater than any other number in the Vortex because it lies between Zero (creation) and Nine (control)

As far as what we have in store, I am not sure that they need to create an apocalyptic armageddon or anything that drastic. Maybe the Oracle has prophesied that carbon based units will be a  NO SHOW when their banks accounts vanish and their lights go out.  Just like that,  their energy,  once depleted  will make them, [poof!] just disappear.



  1. The Oracle has spoken

    GW6 – Asymmetrical Guerilla Warfare (when you understand the oracle you hear the frequencies)

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