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The World Series of Eugenics – Decoding ISIS and Ebola


Who’s on First? (correct, WHOs on first)

WHO High-level meeting
on Ebola vaccines access
and financing
23 October 2014

Ebola – Industry Leaders Meet to Discuss Vaccine Trials, As UN Agencies Continue Aid Push

WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015

The World Health Organization says millions of doses of two experimental Ebola vaccines could be ready for use in 2015 and five more experimental vaccines will start being tested in March.

WHO.ORG OCT 27. 2014

Main conclusions reached

Impact of vaccines on further evolution of the epidemic
The meeting concluded that vaccines will have a significant impact on the further evolution of the epidemic in any scenario, from best-case to worst-case.

Financing of vaccine development, clinical trials, and vaccination campaigns
The meeting concluded that funding issues should not be allowed to dictate the vaccine agenda. The funds will be found.

The meeting concluded that neither affected countries nor industry should be left alone to bear the burden should lawsuits arise following possible adverse reactions to an Ebola vaccine. To respond to this potential problem, a proposal was made to establish a “club” of donors, in collaboration with the World Bank.

The timing and quantity of vaccine supplies
The meeting concluded that the timing and quantity of vaccine doses should not constrain the design of clinical trials. Industry confirmed that enough vaccine doses would be available.

GlaxoSmithKline’s monthly production capacity for purified bulk vaccine was expected to rise from the current figure of 24,000 doses to 230,000 by April 2015, if they can be filled for release. NewLink’s bulk vaccine manufacturing capacity for the Canadian vaccine was noted to vary, according to the dose selected, from 52,000 doses to 5.2 million doses anticipated for the first quarter of 2015.

Design of protocols for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials
The meeting concluded that randomized controlled clinical trials were the gold standard in terms of yielding reliable scientific data for the analysis and interpretation of efficacy. A stepped-wedge design could also yield useful and meaningful data during the special circumstances of the current epidemic.

The first shipment of Ebola vaccines arrived in Geneva and were stored at the Geneva University hospital in October 2014.WHO/M. MissioneiroThe 1st batch of experimental vaccines, VSV-EBOV, arrived in October 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, and were stored at the Geneva University Hospital.
Priority uses of vaccine when supplies are limited
The meeting concluded that health care workers, including medical staff, laboratory staff, burial teams, and facility cleaners, should have first call on vaccine doses while supplies remain limited. Vaccination of health care workers in the three countries was judged feasible during the first quarter of 2015.

Regulatory requirements
The meeting concluded that the licensure and authorization requirements of regulatory authorities should be streamlined and harmonized, enabling the rapid introduction of vaccines for clinical trials and general distribution, yet with no compromise of scientific standards. In order to deliver the number of doses on the schedules proposed by the manufacturers, regulators must work closely with the manufacturers to find ways to overcome a number of regulatory hurdles.

Urgent measures to improve readiness for clinical trials and vaccines
The meeting concluded that two preparatory measures should be given the most urgent priority: community engagement and social mobilization to prepare populations to understand and accept clinical trials and vaccination campaigns, and the building of basic public health infrastructures, especially given the considerable logistical challenges facing health services in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Coordination and alignment among multiple partners
The meeting concluded that a mechanism or framework must be urgently established, relying on WHO’s convening and coordination powers, to get all partners working in tandem, according to a single agreed plan and aligned with industry’s “critical paths” analysis.

Determination to finish the job
The meeting concluded that all efforts to develop, test, and approve Ebola vaccines must be followed through to completion at the current accelerated pace, even if dramatic changes in the epidemic’s transmission dynamics meant that vaccines were no longer needed., read entire report

Decoding Fiscal eBola and ISIS is as easy as 123.  Avatar – Contagion – Hunger Games.

WHO’s on First?  The World Bank/IMF, UNESCO and the apparatus that will provide the global reconnaissance.  Example: Who is the lead team?  Why Doctors Without Borders, WHO else?


WHAT’s on Second? (that’s correct, WHATs on second)


crISIS ISIS Acumen

Who is The Independent Production Fund? And why do they no longer need funders?

Why did Obama send 1he 101st Airborne? (101 elementary Watson) To protect and move the Kenema Biological Research and Airborne eBola laboratory to a new safe house.

WHO is ISIS? (that’s correct, WHO is ISIS)

CSIS  Center for Strategic and International StudiesThe pipeline approach (stepped-wedge design)


ISIS or IS is simply the network of Global Think Tanks and key members and administrators through the upper echelon in the Committee of 300 and Club of Rome.  International Studies and United Nations apparatus. A global 1000 points of light that cover the Foundations, Think Tanks, Corporate Partners, United Nations Group and Elite Banking Interests. The crISIS group are just key members of the illuminati who rise to the top of the heap. IS is crISIS is International Studies for Agenda 21..

If you get a quick education on Prototyping, Protein Vaccines RNA and The pipeline approach (stepped-wedge design) you will see the reason for all the events that make no sense as a carefully crafted beta test and study of the bioweapons, the vaccine protein brain indoctrination, sterilization and softkill of a series of biological control groups being selected around the world. Not just eBola but the enteroviruses, chemtrail pathogens and other assorted HiNi variant viruses and the control groups though random are race specific, genetically focused and being operated in multiple segments and not just biological eugenics but also in environmental sustainability.  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), for example as well as World Bank financial data is what will drive the ultimate determinations for depopulation and global models.

The information I provide is from endless research into the connectivity of these organizations and the Octopus represented by the eight segments.  Governance, Financial, Food, Water (resources), Environmental impact , Sustainability, Climate CO2, Genetics, and  Psychological preferences. What Fiscal eBola is, only represents one agenda in the sphere of Agenda 21. George Soros and Bill Gates are consistent in Monsanto GMO even down to the Marijuana and war on drugs. The Open Society wants it legal but transformed to a product that will alter the user into the fold of mind influencing stimuli.  We are running out of time and options on a day by day basis now. I suggest heirloom seeds, water filters, storable food, information gathering for home remedies and planning. The WHO says the transmission target is 6 to 9 months. Eventually they will move from random assaults in small petri dishes to the larger laboratory..

The simple fact is that if we don’t have a crISIS or War, the Derivative Market will implode. As I have alluded to in past posts there are two ways to solve the matter. Kill the debt or kill the creditors. The Toxic Assets in Carbon terms are we the people not those hidden behind the LIBOR gang and sitting on a ledger. Death is the new economy and Carbon credits, the currency.

The Syrian Petri Dish – Sample proteotyping DNA extraction

If someone has a bomb and it’s ready to explode, do we care if they know it or not? Does it make the bomb any less dangerous? We are aiding in our own demise. Why? Why’s on Third.




  1. Jolie Pitt Foundation – WWZ Zebranomics

    Is Ebola the real ‘World War Z?’ (Spoiler alert: It’s not)
    By Max Brooks October 16, 2014

    Behind all this coordination is a shockingly rare bout of clear-headed strategy: defending against the virus at home while attacking it at its source in West Africa. We are all connected — that is the warning the world community is taking from Ebola (and that it did not heed in World War Z).

    Several days ago, on Fox News, Frieden stated that, “When a wildfire breaks out, we don’t fence it off. We go in to extinguish it before one of the random sparks sets off another outbreak somewhere else.” Imagine if the global community had responded to other outbreaks with this kind of clarity and action. Just to put Ebola in perspective, since the initial reported cases 10 months ago, more than 4,500 people have died of the disease. While those are genuine tragedies, so are the roughly 600,000 Africans who died of malaria last year and the 1,000,000-plus Africans who died of AIDS. As an American, and as a parent, I’m not nearly as worried about Ebola as I am about the polio-reminiscent threat of Enterovirus D68.


    (crISIS team, Doctors w/o borders, Obamacare, Christie, New Jersey)

    [Ebola health care worker Kaci Hickox, who was released from quarantine with the support of the White House, is a Centers For Disease Control and Prevention employee, records reveal. The lawyer who helped earn her release is a recent White House state dinner guest.

    Hickox was released from Ebola quarantine in Newark, N.J., Monday afternoon after the White House pressured New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to release the nurse that was working in Sierra Leone with Doctors Without Borders. Hickox’s case for release was also bolstered by New York civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, who took on Hickox’s case.]

    Remember that soon it will be UN WHO peacekeepers (mercenaries) without borders (Fast & Furious)

  3. I’m posting this because this skunk needs to be put outside. Notice in the article, how carefully the business has been shielded from public view, as well as government view…certainly, a well scripted scheme. These political scoundrels are so “dirty”. And “We the People” sit around watching them legislate our Rights away, and destroy our country…

    Mitch McConnell — Its time to walk the plank!

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