Posted by: Mr. M | October 25, 2014

Obola Gay Flies

It’s all in the hands of the man in Austin now … had I been paying better attention I would have known that the contest ended today,



  1. *****

    I hope you got this into the contest on time. It’s real good. You need a wind mic though or you can use foam hoodie on the one you got. I don’t know the equip your using but if you need help let me know. Also you said you had something to discuss. What’s the status on that?

    Seems the moment you said INFOWARS the frequency and tone changed with the district authoritarians. I’d bet fiat on the fact that your entire force there have received the MIAC report type memo NOLA style.

    Your gonna get sick anyway! She was sick. Too bad she didn’t know it. That reminds me of the image of people walking into the black hole. When I have discussed Serge Monast (murdered) and project bluebeam, you see what will happen. That chick (not sexist) little chicken, has the earmarks of the brainwashing.

    You should have asked her if she had the flu would she go to the invited BBQ. I bet she’d say no. Explain the logic? Is the right answer, No I would not but I would deliver them a plate of BBQ and tell them to get well soon? Now we can see the proper etiquette and not the NWO elegance.

    The guy who ran off did not have an answer did he? You see Michael, you scared him. He was confronted with the unknown and that makes sheep afraid, very afraid. Good job there to include that. Alex ought to give you an honorable mention for globalist psychology brainwashing exposed. Classic left right brain disconnect and cognitive dissonance confrontation.

    You see how people acquire their information: The Googleplex had three goals. Monitor all traffic and collect data, two, transmit all data from key propaganda outlets and three, dumb down the masses to the point they will not read anything over a tweet or single It also uses the effective mnemonics and abbreviated symbols. I still have a problem trying to break that habit.

    10-4 there, my friend?


  2. P.S. Michael you have great patience. Something I have none of.

    • … that wasn’t patients, that was being exhausted and dumb-founded.

      When meet with that kind of stupidity, God Himself would recoil.

  3. For you M.

    Who Is The Most Dangerous Man To The Corrupt Government?

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