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eBola Gay, Gaia and Global Governance


History is Prophesy put into action – PD

It’s not hard to gather the material that formulated Agenda 21.   There are broad strokes on the vehicles and vectors of our present predicament. Just as history has shown, the vortex provides the mathematics and allegoric  symbology of the global shapers of the world.

The EnOLA GAY was nuclear and the EbOLA GAY is biological.  The E is Enterprise.  The Master Architects have offered us the material to understand the agenda but our current MALAISE has made it impossible to decode and absorb the matrix of psychological operations, propaganda, fraud, forgery and fabrication.  Thats represented by the I (eye) The eye is 9. So is the I.  Look it up on your I-Phone.   It’s the control of technology and information.

Let’s revisit the Club of Rome who represent members from every acronym we bounce around the blog. The CFR, TC, COR, KOM, ISIS,  CIA, RIIA, RAND, JASON, AI, SRI, BIS, IMF,MIT,  MITRE, NATO, UN, etc. etc. have managed to muddle the message through massive amounts of NGO white paper dumping. The Council of the  Club of Romes,  First Global Revolution is not one of those documents.

Fiscal eBola is a Beta test for the mechanisms of Change / Transformation to the system of Agenda 21. It combines the Foundations, UN, Corporate, Banking, NGO and current international governments into an International Level Exercise of the One World Singularity or Solidarity if you prefer.  It explains why Obama is relatively missing in action.   This is a transition from sovereignty to global control and the ebola event  is based upon this transition which requires induction of the Third World to the Second World and the decline of First World to Second World status.

Problem, Reaction, Solution, the dialectic was termed as transition by collapse by design in prophetic disclosures in World Problematiqueand ‘World Resolutique.’

Here’s how it works from their own words. I have chopped it up pretty well but the gist is there.  The missing pages of the document are fairly easy to decode.   Turn the prophecy into history. Aid it, abet it and use force where necessary or supply the energy to allow others to achieve it. Then institute the synthesis into a central power and solidarity that make the global governance a manageable and sustainable elegance.

Read snippets


Cor12d COR1 COR2


Notable CoCoR Members

Al Gore – former VP of the USA, leading climate change campaigner, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Academy Award winner, Emmy winner. Gore lead the US delegations to the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto Climate Change conference. He chaired a meeting of the full Club of Rome held in Washington DC in 1997.
Javier Solana – Secretary General of the Council of the European Union, High Representative for EU Foreign Policy.
Maurice Strong – former Head of the UN Environment Programme, Chief Policy Advisor to Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit, co-author (with Gorbachev) of the Earth Charter, co-author of the Kyoto Protocol, founder of the Earth Council, devout Baha’i.
Mikhail Gorbachev – CoR executive member, former President of the Soviet Union, founder of Green Cross International and the Gorbachev Foundation, Nobel Peace Prize winner, co-founder (with Hidalgo) of the Club of Madrid, co-author (with Strong) of the Earth Charter.
Diego Hidalgo – CoR executive member, co-founder (with Gorbachev) of the Club of Madrid, founder and President of the European Council on Foreign Relations in association with George Soros.
Ervin Laszlo – founding member of the CoR, founder and President of the Club of Budapest, founder and Chairman of the World Wisdom Council.
Anne Ehrlich – Population Biologist. Married to Paul Ehrlich with whom she has authored many books on human overpopulation. Also a former director of Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club, and a member of the UN’s Global Roll of Honor.
Hassan bin Talal – President of the CoR, President of the Arab Thought Forum, founder of the World Future Council, recently named as the United Nations ‘Champion of the Earth’.
Sir Crispin Tickell – former British Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Permanent Representative on the Security Council, Chairman of the ‘Gaia Society’, Chairman of the Board of the Climate Institute, leading British climate change campaigner.
Kofi Annan – former Secretary General of the United Nations. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
Javier Perez de Cuellar – former Secretary General of the United Nations.
Gro Harlem Bruntland – United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Change, former President of Norway
Robert Muller – former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, founder and Chancellor of the UN University of Peace.
The Dalai Lama – The ‘Spiritual Leader’ of Tibet. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
Father Berry Thomas – Catholic Priest who is one of the leading proponents of deep ecology, ecospirituality and global consciousness.
David Rockefeller – CoR executive member, former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, founder of the Trilateral Commission, executive member of the World Economic Forum, donated land on which the United Nations stands.
Stephen Schneider – Stanford Professor of Biology and Global Change. Professor Schneider was among the earliest and most vocal proponents of man-made global warming and a lead author of many IPCC reports.
Bill Clinton – former President of the United States, founder of the Clinton Global Iniative.
Jimmy Carter – former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft, philanthropist
Garret Hardin – Professor of Human Ecology. Originator of the ‘Global Commons’ concept. Has authored many controversial papers on human overpopulation and eugenics.
Ted Turner – media mogul, philanthropist, founder of CNN
George Soros – multibillionare, major donor to the UN
Tony Blair – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Deepak Chopra – New Age Guru
Desmond Tutu – South African Bishop and activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Timothy Wirth – President of the United Nations Foundation
Henry Kissinger – former US Secretary of State
George Matthews – Chairman of the Gorbachev Foundation
Harlan Cleveland – former Assistant US Secretary of State and NATO Ambassador
Barbara Marx Hubbard – President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Betty Williams – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Marianne Williamson – New Age ‘Spiritual Activist’
Robert Thurman – assistant to the Dalai Lama
Jane Goodall – Primatologist and Evolutionary Biologist
Juan Carlos I – King of Spain
Prince Philippe of Belgium
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Dona Sophia – Queen of Spain
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero – current Prime Minister of Spain
Karan Singh – Former Prime Minister of India, Chairman of the Temple of Understanding
Daisaku Ikeda – founder of the Soka Gakkai cult
Martin Lees – CoR Secretary General, Rector of the UN University of Peace
Ernesto Zedillo – Director of The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
Frithjof Finkbeiner – Coordinator of the Global Marshall Plan
Franz Josef Radermacher – Founder of the Global Marshall Plan
Eduard Shevardnadze – former Soviet foreign minister and President of Georgia
Richard von Weizsacker – former President of Germany
Carl Bildt – former President of Sweden
Kim Campbell – former Prime Minister of Canada and Senior Fellow of the Gorbachev Foundation
Vincente Fox – former President of Mexico
Helmut Kohl – former Chancellor of Germany
Romano Prodi – former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission
Vaclav Havel – former President of the Czech Republic
Hans Kung – Founder of the Global Ethic Foundation
Ruud Lubbers – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Mary Robinson – United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Jerome Binde – Director of Foresight, UNESCO
Koïchiro Matsuura – Current Director General of UNESCO
Federico Mayor – Former Director General of UNESCO
Tapio Kanninen – Director of Policy and Planning, United Nations
Konrad Osterwalder – Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
Peter Johnston – Director General of European Commission
Jacques Delors – Former President of the European Commission
Domingo Jimenez-Beltran – Executive Director of the European Environment Agency
Thomas Homer-Dixon – Director of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Toronto
Hazel Henderson – Futurist and ‘evoluntionary economist’
Emeka Anyaoku – former Commonwealth Secretary General, current President of the World Wildlife Fund
Wangari Maathai – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, founder of the Green Belt Movement
Don’t be misled by their cover website. They have been systematically shutting down information from all the member NGO and Globalist sites.  The CoCoR is the oldest of the Architects from the Order of Malta and the Fabians Freemasons working in conjuction for One World Order.


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  1. eBola Gay – New York

    16-year-old neighbor of New York infected doctor says ‘that is not him’ when shown picture

  2. Strategy of Tension

    Cable customers startled by ‘Emergency Alerts’

  3. As like-minds would work, as we speak my entry to the Alex Jones Ebola contest is being up-loaded, and it’s called the “Obola Gay.”

    It was shot in a hurry, as it was put together, but it gives a fair assessment of what I go through out there, and where this could go.

    Of course, that’s if we all don’t get thrown in FEMA Camps and/or die from whatever cocktail-type pathogen they wish to throw at us.

    I always had a strong suspicion that I’d live to see the end of civilization and the world as we have known it. And I was hoping that if it had to happen that it would be some spectacular celestial collision kind of event. Not this way. This was not my favorite way to check-out of the Alice in Wonderland, on steroids and bad-acid trip.

    • Clash of the Titans version. It’s not likely Megiddo in our lifetime but certainly we have turned the corner Michael. I have no document in the library that better roadmaps the Atlas of World Government.

      Their God has been revealed. Like the elegant evolution, it has a minimalistic look, cold and detached from the soul and operating artistically as an architect design and contract build, the structure, like marble and stone.

      Like the Georgia guidestones and Giza, NWO is a monolith like 2001 Odyssey Kubrick’s disclosure of World Order transformation via the Africa and Mercury opener to the final scene. eBola decoded and the prophesy leaked. If we all review the 2012 Olympiad images again we can see the Mercury Rising

      We will have seen enough before we go Michael. That’s if we stay healthy. You and I know you cannot if you drink GMO booze and take the pills of any kind.

      I heard you on IWARS and you sound good.

  4. Don’t know if you’ve seen this expose’ by Dutch Sinse — but its pretty plain on a recent FF:


  6. “At Least 29 Members of US House of Representatives Are Israeli Dual Citizens and Need to Be Voted Out on November 4, 2014”

    Is this a problem? Looking around at the individuals salted into the policy-making positions of the current and past administrations, state governorships, banking, MIC, etc. tells us that thIS IS a serious problem!

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