Posted by: Mr. M | October 20, 2014

Ebola, the NSA and Lone Wolf

It begins.



  1. Pretty cool, M! Nice Work!

  2. Oh good heavens it’s good to see you, Mr. M. And thank you for bringing us the words of the average citizen on the street. That is the side of America I see when I go there. Living in Japan, all you hear is the word of Americans rich enough still to be travelling. (Makes me want to stuff something big in their piehole. E.g., “Russia got a little cocky, so we taught them a little lesson.”)

    We are okayish over this way. Past Mt. Fuji or so, there was a little fall-out one time 3 years ago. But nobody should be trying to live in Tokyo.

    I hope you will be okay. I do not think ebola is a hoax, but I do think they are deliberately trying to scare the American people into a panic.

    • No doubt this is a scare tactic. But I don’t think this is a false-flag. We’ll know in the next few days when we see if anymore Duncan connections become sick. Although I certainly don’t think this will be the last case.

      If more cases pop-up within the next couple of weeks we’ll see the panic spread to the point that people will stay away from voting in the coming election, which will give them the opportunity to steal the election, and by the time the 16′-elections roll around we’ll look like Liberia, with their suspended elections.

      I just don’t see any reason for the cretins to not release hell. They have everything in place and I would think that they would want to strike now before opposition builds.

      • Heard you on Infowars. I think you are becoming a star on Alex Jones. Keep it up Michael, your work is great. I hope you plug COTOCREW when you get on and start another money bomb for the infowagon.

  3. Great video!

  4. You are looking good M.

    I cant help but think it’s all designed by the same teams that create the video games. Call of Duty XBox type, but behind the graphics and sound and the players, lone wolves etc. are are scientific psyops big honchos and algorithm creators of the pogrom.


    Fiscal eBola is real. The virus is real, the program is real, the public are players and they don’t even know it. If they have never heard of eBola or watch the news, they are still a player. Is COTO going to play? When they come out with Hunger Games video game, I plan on eating.

    Lone Wolf – Typhoid Mary (remember the AIDS in the early eighties, psy-ops that people were intentionally infecting others) One helluva suicide bomber right. Is that the message of Duncan? Probably. I said it before and now again. It’s amazing what they can do with a few actors, a fiat media and a printing press.

    • Being a trusting fool all my life, always, rightly or wrongly, believing that good always defeats evil, it’s a wonder I have lived this long. And seeing that I have, through no fault of my own, as a matter of recourse come to the conclusion that I’m either extremely lucky, or God really does look after drunks and fools. Or both.

      I have also grown extremely suspicious of EVERYTHING.

      I don’t get drunk anymore. (although there is good call for it now) Luck, it seems has run-out, and indeed if we are to be saved from man’s latest round of folly, we’re going to need God Himself to reappear, because God knows we have purely done fucked it up.

      I’m seriously thinking about getting out of dodge. And time is short. Real short. But like the idiot I am I’ve been watching this coming train-wreck for over 50-years and STILL I’m not ready.

      When I’m on the streets now it’s as though I’m in the looking glass, watching all these players go by all playing their parts, only not knowing that the parts that they are playing is not them.

      I see innocent, beautiful people that have not a clue as to the horror that’s about to befall them and a sadness cloaks over me. Babies. All these people with children. I’m out there and I can hardly be around it anymore and keep my composure. I want to be “Smack-Down Man” and just walk-up to them and slap some sense into them before it’s too late.

      But it is too late. The cretins script is moving along and we’re about to enter Hell.

      All that is needed is for pockets of outbreaks to appear, which will happen, and the panic will explode. The economy will be the first thing to shut-down. Riots, gangs taking over where Martial Law isn’t being enforced. Just all hell is going to break loose.

      Do I believe the Good Guys will win? You have to believe that. Will it be Heaven on Earth? If there’s anything left.

      I need to get out of the city. Find a hole. Dig it deeper. Jump in and not come-out for about 3-years.

      (On another note; Patrick would you email me, I have something to discuss on a technical vain.)

      • Good does win out over evil. If not there would be no universe, no people, nothing. As long as we procreate, we win. The internal struggle individually is where heaven and hell fight.

        The road to hell is paved with good intentions is true as well. It ultimately is atom and evil. If they don’t coexist each will die. One cannot exist without the other. Does that grok?

        I think you should power up on the knowledge and remember that COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS is your brainstorm and what you know should power you up. Good wins over evil and when you stare at it in the face, evil trembles. Take solace in the fact that evil will never decode the GOD Particle, though they may play the game of thrones and hollywood it up as if they have broken it.

        Never have we had a better grasp on the agenda and minions. The showdown that is ahead in the coming days will be a theater and production that will boggle the mind and empower the righteous and the positive forces. HEAVEN and HELL are both here, right now. Its only a matter of the mind and time space that they exist on the same plane/dimension while not fully seen or experienced. Thats the Zero Point as I have discussed in the past.

        * i don’t know if I have the updated email for you. you changed it. i am at send me the current address and i will email back or call or whatever you need. thanks.

      • Nah, M. I think this Ebola thing is going to fizzle out. Nigeria has already been declared “Ebola-Free”. So, other nations will follow their model. “Isolate” this thing wherever it pops up and quarantine it like what should have been done from the beginning.

        I believe there’s enough “informed” folks out there who do speak up, read, comment, and write about every False Flag; that it somehow makes up for the vast herd’s ignorance. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions in America alone now KNOW to blame “the authorities”, for flying IN Ebola to this continent. They can’t hide this fact! So, they will not get off the hook on this one (like many others), and in fact may very well be put on the meat hooks for their insane actions, and in fact inactions.

        Now, we do have Vampires like Cheney positing in the MSMnews about the “next” “event” which he promises will be Bigger & Badder than 9/11! Well, “he should know” considering the integral part he played in 9/11. He ordered the the Air Force stand down, and was in-the-bunker with witness, Norman Mineta, directing the part of the show under his auspices. Let’s just say his proximity to the “crime”, and actions noted scream out for an exceedingly high “Suspicion Rating”.

        So now, he’s been talking about “the next big one”. If we knew what companies he is holding stock in, that might provide an idea to the type of event he seems so sure is going to happen.

        Anyways M, its going to be interesting isn’t it? But, we must consider that humanity around the world, and Americans in massively larger numbers are “ON IT!” now versus when 9/11 was put into play. Plus, WE ARE WAY MORE PISSED OFF now, and with good reasons, than formerly. The “Blame it on the brown people, they’re ‘terrorists’ meme” isn’t going to stand up to scrutiny any longer.

        As WE AMERICANS consider the untold Billions & in fact Trillions of dollars spent on WAR and enriching the MIC, WE take note of the massive “Hit” upon the financial infrastructure of folks in America. The ONLY place to put blame for this waste is onto the backs of the policy-makers, their place-holders (like Eric Holder, Pelosi, Bernanke, and all the other Con men and women lounging in high places), and their pals in & out of the Beltway, Wall Street, etc.

  5. Just found you on Infowars — ; Great to see your efforts gain wider publicity, M! Congrats and all that. Keep up the streetwise work, one person at a time, or a whole group. Good on you!

  6. Many (who have tossed their TV’s) might have missed the “timely” (sic — to say the least) episode, “The Front” on the show “Blacklist” last evening. It would be interesting to find out when the script for this episode was written?

    I’ve provided a link at the bottom of this comment where you can watch it on HULU. You’ll swear this episode was inspired by the recent Ebola scare, and cobbled together for this showing. But, then again, perhaps this is another one of those “coincidental” occurrences…? Anyways, creepy with fine acting by Spader who is rather over-the-top with his character.

    On tonight’s episode of The Blacklist (NBC, 10/9c), Red and the FBI try to stop the spread of a highly contagious virus — but might it be too late for Liz?

    Ratings & demographics for The Blacklist Monday night – it led it’s time slot:

    WATCH the episode “The Front” on HULU here at —

  7. Classic cretin double-speak here:

    Then there’s this:

    Maybe this is why he was MIA at the first 2 meetings over the weekend as alt-news noted?

    The question is asked — — “What does Ron Klain know about Ebola?”. Oops!
    This “explanation” is hilarious in its waffling aspect regarding Klain. Then, Note the incredible LYING anti-factual seque to the “resilient economic job growth” that is nowhere to be found in the USA. HAHAHA! What a Klown!

    Ron Klain on “Over Population”:

    Had enough of these stooges?!

  8. WOW M! I just went over to the piece on infowars to read the comments of what folks were saying — and the Trolls are out Big Time! They’re posting massive amounts of utter juvenile nonsense just to F-up the thread. Musta hit a nerve or something buddy?!

    • Yeah. I just got home from watching “Kill the Messenger,” and BAM! I’ve gone viral!

      I should have been filming shit before this, but it’s finding a cameraman that’s been the problem.

  9. Whoa! Read this inflammatory piece by Paul Craig Roberts, He is calling out the perps behind the Ebola outbreak — .

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