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Headless “Trojan Horse” Obama Galloping U.S. Over the Cliff

Its not really Obama doing “anything”. He is a puppet of course. He spent Saturday GOLFING — did you? Could YOU afford the time and green fees? Most cannot.


Today’s post provides a compendium of “Today’s Headlines 10-19-14” for readers to investigate in an efficient manner. You may also watch MSM outlets and compare information for “consistency”.

What are WE missing on this subject?

I will point to Puddy’s recent thread right below this one —

I believe he is SPOT ON highlighting the Left-Handed BIG MOVE by the Globalists for TPP/TAP to be rammed through while the sheep are watching the Right Hand deftly producing (1) Problem, (2) Reaction, (3) Solution. In other words, WE are watching CHAOS being created for Obvious reasons, while the BIG STEAL/DEAL is obscured by the smoke, blood, mirrors, and seeming incompetence. You can bet the script was written on this drama quite some time ago. We are seeing a multi-pronged attack on humanity across many countries, no doubt scripted, funded, and fomented by those who are in the driver’s seat to PROFIT from the misery.

James Kirwan is right on top of it and NAILS IT in his article for today — “The Exceptional Nation”

Judge Piro “Goes Off!”

Ebola ZOMBIE HOAX – ABC NEWS Richard Besser is former Director of CDC – BUSTED!

Ebola is now in America, contrary to what Obama told Americans a few weeks back. And what is possibly more frightening than the incompetence of Obama and his administration, including the head of the CDC, Dr.Thomas Frieden, is the fact that ISIS commanders have said in no uncertain words that they will send Jihadists who are infected with Ebola to America”.

Straight to the point: Liberian scientist nails Ebola cause (read and scroll down)

Ebola hoax and the feared bleeding symptom – possible causes

They are working hard to NOT enact a travel ban.

Another unqualified bizCzar installed for “Homeland” management / Including Ron Klain’s curriculum vitae (Excellent info here, and Obvious questions asked):

Obama goes golfing…

While 101st Airborne (sic) won’t get hazmat suits, “because they won’t need them”.

Also, National Guard troops get sent “out of U.S.” to Africa

A travel “Ban” is said to possibly makes things worse?

Obama giving 2,100 visa a week from Ebola Hot Zone:

CDC Director Tom Frieden has admitted that from 100 to 150 people from the Ebola region are entering the U.S. each day. He reported the figure to a congressional committee:

“Rep. Tim Murphy, a psychologist and founding member of the GOP Doctors Caucus, said the hysteria about Ebola reaching the epidemic level in the U.S. that President Obama is trying to calm is the result of people wanting answers and getting wrong information, which is typical in such situations”.
“So many of those assurances have been inaccurate,” the Pennsylvania lawmaker told Fox News. “What creates panic is when people are given information that is proven to be false.”

Murphy, as chairman of a House subcommittee on oversight and investigations, led a hearing last week on Ebola. He supports a proposed travel ban on West African countries that the administration opposes, saying some of its arguments are “absurd.” Murphy also said the so-called Ebola czar that the president appointed to oversee the federal response, Ron Klain, will not calm fears. “The American people are looking for knowledge and expertise,” he told Fox News. “He has none in these fields.”

‘Obama Seems To Want America Dead’

Obamanation’s Illegal Czars



  1. Thanks Boomer for the plug on Zebranomics. I think the info is of the most important material I have ever posted. It was Fiscal Ebola that dropped the DOW 811 points in a week. 811 million shares

    13.04 DROP PUTS DOW AT 811.26 –…/13.04-drop-puts-dow-at-811.26…The New York Times
    Feb 23, 1982 – The Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 13 points … report late Friday of a surprisingly large $3.1 billion drop in a key measure of the … Northwest Industries, after plunging 9 3/8 points last week, slumped 8 …

    Imagine the money shift in the week following the Psyop DUNCAN and NURSES (3) after the spike that occurred while the (3) Journalists were ISIS’d previously.
    Think about the wealth that was involved in this shift, 8%-10%

    With the entire GLOBAL TRADE PROFIT routes in Jeopardy, what nation will not agree to Kyoto with ENMOD or TPPIP with eBola vaccine and Global Dominance Big Brother detainment and eradication.

    What can we suppose will happen next?

    A larger event somewhere, a major climate event., ebola stage 2, a massive ISIS assault or all three? You have exposed the Czars, the Governors and future INGSOC council coming in this shift to a singular governing entity. Is Obama going to be the last President? I have said yes and there will be no 2016 election. Bold claim? Yeah, but it has real teeth now if ‘they’ raise the bar and stay on this roll.

    Good job on this connect the dots puzzle Boomer.

    • BTW Boomer.

      Fort Belvoir Golf Course sits on 38th Parallel (11) and home to National Guard infantry unit 29 (11) one of eight elements of the United States Army Reserve. The next major event will happen on the 38th parallel or on the I-35 corridor like Dallas, OK City Kansas City or Minneapolis.

      Fort Belvoir is the airwing for Congress. Imagine Obama killing a chunk of congress off in a false flag. How do think that would play out in making Barry King of the World?

      4 HOURS, 40 MINUTES! (8) Boomer, you and I know it takes only four hous to play 18. 40 minutes were spent on other matters or round about.

      Think NATIONAL GUUARD and look at the other Golfing locations he has played recently. East Coast to West Coast all on the 38th.


    “NAFTA Superhighway” controversy[edit]
    Further information: NAFTA superhighway

    Interstate 29 and Interstate 35. (811)
    The proposed Trans-Texas Corridor toll-road project includes one proposal (TTC-35) to primarily parallel I-35 from the Mexican border up to the Oklahoma border.[13] There are major disagreements as to what impact this parallel route would have on I-35 in terms of traffic, maintenance, and commerce.

    The Trans-Texas Corridor was first proposed by Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2002. It consists of a 1,200 foot (366 m) wide highway that also carries utilities such as electricity, petroleum and water as well as railway track and fiber-optic cables.[14] In July 2007, U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter successfully offered an amendment to House Resolution 3074, the FY2008 Transportation Appropriations Act, prohibiting the use of federal funds for Department of Transportation participation in the activities of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). Hunter stated that: “Unfortunately, very little is known about the NAFTA Super Highway. This amendment will provide Congress the opportunity to exercise oversight of the highway, which remains a subject of question and uncertainty, and ensure that our safety and security will not be compromised in order to promote the business interests of our neighbors.”[15] Fellow Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul brought the issue to mainstream prominence during the December 2007 CNN-YouTube GOP debate, where he rejected the concept and also called it the NAFTA Superhighway after the North American Free Trade Agreement and, like Hunter, framed it within the ultimate goal of creating a North American Union.

    In 2011, the Texas Legislature formally repealed its authority for the establishment and operation of the Trans-Texas Corridor. with the passage of HB 1201

    Ames Ankeny Ardmore Austin Burnsville Carrollton Cotulla Dallas Denton Des Moines Dilley Duluth Edmond El Dorado Emporia Faribault Farmers Branch Fort Worth Georgetown Kansas City Laredo Lenexa Lewisville Liberty Minneapolis Moore New Braunfels Norman Oklahoma City Olathe Overland Park Owatonna Pearsall San Antonio St. Paul Temple Urbandale Waco Waxahachie West Des Moines Wichita

  3. CAPSTONE 811 NLE National Level Exercise

  4. Another observation by Rappoport:

    Nice work pointing out the numbers in your 1st comment above, PD.

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