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“So Where are We Now?” by Zen Gardner


Click on it and go read it Toot Sweet!


“It only gets weirder by the day. As the engineered ebola scare rolls out and ISIS supposedly closes in, the US and NATO are slipping into Syria as if no one is looking. Meanwhile, insane Israel is openly planning another Gaza massacre while the Ukrainian genocide continues. If that’s not enough, the economy is on the verge of collapsing, our food, air and water continue to be poisoned, our oceans and atmosphere are dying, communities are being fracked, and Fukushima continues to erupt while the massive Yellowstone caldera threatens to.

Talk about engineered overload!

Most people’s heads are spinning wildly and they’re trying to not think about this assault on their minds, hearts and senses. This is just the environment the manipulators want – an overloaded, stunned and compliant populace, ready to be swayed like limp seaweed in the tide of their polluted propaganda.

This is a very important time to be aware consciously and not engage this news and information without remaining as aware and emotionally detached as possible. Keep an eye on things but do not partake of the poison between the lines. It is usually easily identifiable for the awakened but when there’s an avalanche of wave after wave of sensational events and news we can lose perspective and unwittingly fall prey to their toxic designs and intentions”.

If you haven’t clicked on the link above and read this “on site”, then do it NOW!


Perspective. Plus, WE ALL need to clean out the toxic fumes that have accumulated, and “re-orient” ourselves.

Think about it?…

We’re surrounded by a maelstrom of engineered of body, soul & mind-pollution 24/7 — unless we take definitive personal steps to disassociate, hide out, unplug, and regenerate “out-of-range” from the bombardment.

WE actually need to sit back, chill-out, and think about WHO is sending all this “BAD VIBE” garbage our way?

It Ain't Pretty Folks!

It Ain’t Pretty Folks!

I actually snicker to myself when I think about evil entities like Hillary, Anderson Pooper sCooper, Insane McCain, “Nobel Peace Surprize” Obomber, and the host of other digital scream Tribe Members trying to tell me how I should believe their lies. I mean — looong ago these scum bums earned my complete derision, adamant disbelief, absolute loathing, and righteous anger! You too dear reader, must “pull-the-power-plug” on ALL THOSE who are criminally anti-human. It really is — “You’re either for em, or against em”. To just sit wherever you are and withhold your own personal intellectual and moral support from creatures such as these — means “YOU WIN!”. THIS, is humanity’s STARTING POINT!

When YOU CAN DO THIS — then, you have established your own personal Freedom of Your Own Mind, and Made a Choice “Not to Buy, and Not to Play”. This IS That Most Important Personal Freedom which is each of Ours alone to OWN. It is Our Choice to either Give or Withhold Our “Permission” for others to act upon us, act on our behalf or for us, act upon others of our human family, creatures, or environment. To give consent or assent, or to literally and figuratively say “NO!”.

So…Have a laugh at these insane idiots expense. This ilk, that is ruining OUR world, fomenting and funding every God Forsaken travesty and tragedy we see going on around us, DESERVES OUR reproach, our “click-of-the-tongues”, our “wag-or-heads”, our complete and utter SCORN! They’re FREAKING CRIMINALS if you haven’t made note of it, and compared their actions to any moral laws that will always remain Universal.

So go ahead! FEEL your righteous anger Burn. Laugh in scorn. Point, Puke, and ROTFLYAO at these puppets because their Show cannot go on. It cannot continue to roll from town to town. Their Big Top has got to come down. Because They have gone too far. Far beyond the bounds of belief required to keep humanity in thrall. Their entire Circus, the entire facade, their memes and momentum can be seen to be falling down around their ankles at every turn at the podium. That’s why I snicker and point, guffaw and tsk tsk. Because They are so hideous and ugly, and NAKED, and — They Know it Not



  1. Another great piece on the same subject by Zen Gardner:

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