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Airing Out Ebola

So, WE gotta ask this OBVIOUS question — “If Extreme Lethal Danger is right outside my door, what should I do?”

XXX If your answer is, “Open the door and let it in!”, then you qualify for a position in the current maladministration. You would also be guilty of a murder, manslaughter, or some similar criminal charge for “importing” the harm that came to everyone within your previously “safe zone”. One would think. If you can proffer any type of defensive “explanation” that would stand up in a legitimate court for the above scenario, then Please speak up in the Comments section here. — Carries quite a few new headlines everyday on Ebola. Can be used as reference material when forming opinion on this issue.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Quote below from CDC chief in Dallas:

“We have to rethink the way we address Ebola infection control,” Frieden said, “because even a single infection is unacceptable.” –

Meanwhile, in the same article, we find the “chief of ?” meeting, talking, considering, consulting, and agreeing with “officials” that the “international community must redouble their resolve and commitment to stay the course and decisively address the Ebola crisis.”

To this strategy of decisive wankering, wilst America’s borders remain OPEN to illegals of all stripes and spots, and while flights continue to “import” additional infected victims and vectors into the “Homeland” at 500mph + from a land far, far away…, Americans can say, “Good Job, Brownie”.

A question of investigations being required for “criminal negligence” on the part of “officials” may gain traction should this Ebola Outbreak continue to expand in the “Republic of the Obvious”.

Link from NeverAlways recently posted in comments section of thread here:




    Mark these Obama quotes down and see if Actions match the rhetoric (don’t keep your hopes up):

    “President Obama told defense chiefs from some 20 countries on Tuesday that “the world as a whole is not doing enough” to contain the Ebola threat.

    He said the hemorrhagic fever, which has killed almost 4,500 in West Africa, must be stopped at its source.

    Obama added that the U.S. health care system is strong enough that an Ebola epidemic in the United States is highly unlikely”. From —

    Likely reason “Why?” Obama will not close the borders —

    Countries and Chart most likely for “Imported” Ebola by the end of October:
    “Keep in mind that this is the risk of a single imported case, not the risk of an outbreak. To get these projections, the MOBS Lab looked at air travel and commuting patterns originating in the affected region”.

    Relief – Common Sense spoken here in this article:

    Global Governments Worldwide Have Failed (Kirwan 10-14-14)

  2. O.K., so I see this piece at infowars —
    Obama Cancels Trips, Calls for Emergency Meeting on Ebola | Obama administration is apparently now taking Ebola seriously

    Then, just a few threads down, I see this — Memo: Ebola Exposed US Troops To Be Quarantined Near Washington DC / Any soldier exposed will immediately be brought back to US; UK will NOT bring back infected troops.

    Do you immediately see the “Problem” here?

    A key word meaning that these Obozos cannot seem to grasp (or are ignoring for nefarious reasons) is “Isolate”. We can simply watch and ascertain “seriousness” or “negligence”.

    • Oh, indeed. When I tell people that Obama and the CDC are saying that “banning flights would actually help spread Ebola,” they look at me like I’m crazy, and ask, “Why would say that?”

      I answer, “Because they think you’re too stupid to make them stop.”

      Blogging and telling people the report that India was indicting Bill Gates for murdering children, people immediately fall back to defending them by bringing-up the money he “donated.”

      God I hate to witness what’s coming.

  3. Well kiddies they’ve gone and done it. We all knew this was coming, and many of us predicted this scenario, because we were told by those that are doing this to us, what they would do. It was … obvious.

    And still I’m not ready. Been watching this unfold for most of my life and I’m a sitting-duck

    The panic is already spreading on the streets. You can see it in people’s eyes and voices. By the time the Nov. elections roll around the pandemic will keep voters from the polls, and by the 16′-elections we won’t have a country to vote for.

    I doubt I’ll around to see that, sitting-ducks don’t tend to make it that far, but if any of you live in the country, and wouldn’t mind a visitor, for say a year or two, who would bring his own food and other means of survival, please let me know.

    Otherwise … well … ahhh man … this is going to get real ugly. This really covers all the bases. Those that thought they could escape to South or Central America, still get wiped-out. Of course the economy now collapses. Unless you sell P-100-Masks. Riots and the inevitable Martial Law.

    The other day on the street I received an ominous warning from two people that identified themselves as lawyers for the DoJ, “too be extremely careful of what I say.”

    I should be out today, but now I’m wondering, what for? Why not just go get a $1,500 hooker, and enough drugs to put me into the next dimension with a smile of my face? I’m sure God would understand my transgression. God knows there are worse sins I’m guilty of. And I could always argue that sex and drugs are not sins. Just things I can’t afford.


    The NDAA and EO’s are in place. It’s time.


    As I stated in an earlier post on Fiscal Ebola it is time for Barry Soetoro to take the NDAA for a test drive. All that remains is whether it will be Martial Law Lite or a full blown recipe and takeover.

    All the resources, internet, bank accounts and forced labor and internment.????? He’s got the authority now.

    THINK about Y2K and then came 911. Now we had the 2012 Mayan psyop and it’s 2014. Eerily reminiscent.

    [In a new video released today by You Tuber copperheadrr1, we learn that on September 25th the man tasked with the upkeep of the Georgia Guidestones removed the mysterious new granite cube corner stone addition which reads 20 14. Curiously, the six-sided cube also has individual engravings on each of the other four sides which were not public facing.
    In addition to the 20 and 14 which were public facing, the heavy granite cube also contains the following engravings: MM, 16, 8, JAM
    So the “code” on the cube in its entirety reads: MM, 16, 20, 14, 8, JAM

    MM=2000 (number) in Roman numerals

    I see the dates Obama -2008 (8) -2016 (16)
    2014 (14)

    2020 completion date?

    I’ll have to look at this a little more

  5. Seems that the Chemical weapon US ISIS and alCIAda were using in Syria was found. Bush’s little secret stash.

    Turkey Saudi Emirates and Qatar , a coalition to start WWIII.


  7. 3-9-6

    Shock W.H.O. report: Ebola has 42-day incubation period, not 21 days!
    95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 1 to 21 days; 98% have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval. [1]

  8. hiya all,
    my choice site for less waffle/supposition/fearmongering n more data is..
    doc Niman who also runs recombinomics web page where MERS etc is tracked
    though the rhiza pages are tracking the MERS and the recent american outbreak of the ED68 as well

    was very pleased to see they didnt kill the dog in Dallas unlike the idiots in Spain with poor Excalibur did.

    breaking news is 4 cases of ebola in Ethiopia, in two different hospitals.

  9. Like I’ve said in this thread…

    “The doctor also slammed the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak.

    “The response of the American government has been patently absurd,” writes Davis. “Every protocol that has been put in place to prevent the spread of the disease has been ignored. Our borders remain open, infected patients are being brought into our hospitals, and no truly effective countermeasures have been erected to stem the tide of infectious risk.”

    Davis’ conclusion on the government’s handling of the Ebola crisis and the fact that a potentially successful cure for the virus was shut down by Ft. Detrick immediately before the outbreak in West Africa left him to draw a sobering conclusion.

    “I am left to conclude that America’s leadership is either guilty of gross misconduct, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence or worse – treason,” writes Davis, warning that the “crisis will undoubtedly spiral out of control” if the advice of incompetent public health authorities, the government and the media continues to be followed unquestionably”.

    Read this piece —

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