Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 10, 2014

WHO is Behind the Spread of Ebola? and other crises…


What do WE think WE know?

The supposed Ebola outbreak occurred in a tiny corner of a small African nation. It was isolated. It could have been quarantined and boxed in, made to die out out because no traveling vectors could transport it beyond the wall of isolation that should have been built around it.

What has happened?

For some inexplicable/nefarious reason(s) infected “carriers” of this supposed killer Ebola virus have been put on planes and ferried to outlying countries. Does this make any sense at all? Now, various nations have a supposed/possible epidemic on their hands.

An Obvious answer for the rapid movement of the supposed Ebola virus is “It Has Gone Airborne!”…meaning Via Airplanes. It didn’t get its own wings. Is it not being Chauffeured right into countries and populations that it could never get to otherwise?

You might read this short piece as an introduction to the history of this mess, and ask yourself if there are any similarities to other recent disasters (of various stripes) that raised questions about origin, strategic planning, administration by “authorities”, and other Obvious Questions most people should ask?

Yet, there is a Back Story to this entire charade/escapade that you will not see on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other propaganda MSM outlets. Where can you find this supremely important information that will help you and your family, Americans, and others around the world, FIGURE OUT WHAT’S GOING DOWN?

I suggest you read and follow various alternative websites (DAILY, as they UPDATE what THEY KNOW), consider, and attempt to form an opinion and game plan for the Agendas that will be coming your way. They are already unfolding!

Here’s a couple. Readers can add their own in the comments section, as the World-Wide Population is NOT getting pure Truth or information. We know this for a fact, as we’ve been listening to liars now for years.

Scroll Down Daily to keep yourself Updated on Relevant Stories: (Scroll — He has covered in VIVID DETAIL the Ukraine obscenity (latest post), and further down, excellent questions regarding the testing protocols for Ebola)
>; one article you might pay attention to here is — that previewed an Outbreak such as Ebola.

Questions that should be asked?
Ask some of your own qualified questions in the comments section…

> Why would the USA continue to keep their borders open? Why do we fly “into the country” suspected Ebola cases, when commonsense says to keep this virus “out”?
> Why send 4000 U.S. Army soldiers INTO the heart of the infected area? Are they bio-experts, or test subjects as some have posited? Where will those that get sick/infected get shuttled to? We Know!
> What other supposed OPS are going on simultaneously? ISIS/ISIL also coming over the open borders?
> If WE line up the recent suspected False Flags, going back 5 years and come up to this date, what kind of picture resolves before our eyes?
> Ukraine/Kiev dropped off the radar momentarily, but it is back with some interesting developments, aided by guess who?; and

> Certain “elements”, people/groups are requesting Billions$ to combat this crisis, that initially was far, far away in a jungle on the African continent. Cui Bono? Who profits? Do WE believe that these “elements” are truly humanitarian-minded, or are working other Agendas?
> The entire VACCINE MEME has been attempted almost yearly in the U.S. and other countries EVERY YEAR for the last I don’t know how many years. And certain “parties” own stock, patents, and other means of profiting on large scale roll-outs of Vaccinations, infrastructures build outs to combat disease break outs such as the latest named Ebola. WE KNOW THIS — it is documented. Haven’t we seen this drama play out before us already in various formats? Where in the mix lie Monsanto, Big Pharma, and other globalist-run “dispensaries” of world-improving products?
> Let us NOT FORGET the Palestinian’s Plight, and exactly WHOM supports and funds the crimes against these captive peoples…A large contingent of Congress and even certain Presidential hopefuls have made their views public and they are documented.

Ultimately, WE MUST DECIDE “Who Can Be Trusted?” And it is here, that humanity’s futures reside. By now, WE should have a pretty good idea of whom cannot be trusted, who lies to us continuously?



  1. Don’t know what I can add to this rundown boomer that I have not said.

    Malaise – The Flying Economy
    Financial Collapse
    Malaysia Flt 370 and 17 (1+8=9)

    Either people need to spend and die or the economy collapses. Take your pick. If Obama doesn’t start the war, the false flags will accelerate. It appears to be the case. Don’t expect ebola to be the only bio-vector in this arsenal. In Poker terms
    the Blue Team is all in.

    One thing we can watch is the Senate swing. If it takes a sharp right we will be at war. If not we will get the depression & malaise. Either way Agenda 21 will continue, either with forced Vax or forced detainment (or both)

    The dossiers we all have in Googleplex NSA, clearly now have been graded for red, blue or yellow. Watch your mailbox! You could be winner!


    Let’s cut through the Matrix ONCE and for ALL TIME!

    Don’t like the CAPS?

    DEATH & TAXES!!!!
    What you are, YOU DIDN’T DO THAT!!! (your lord and savior made that happen)

    What differentiates DEATH & TAXES is ASSET/LIABILITY and PROFIT & LOSS and you can track the credit swaps, derivatives, stock prices and commodities down to your GPS and what you and your stuff represents in VALUE.

    Obamacare is a TAX
    eBola is DEATH
    Agenda 21 is the EXCHANGE

    If you cannot take this ONE example and put it into the construct of your ENVIRONMENT and determine the CLIMATE you are lost.

    The BANKS are converting ASSETS from human based derivatives to Environmental FUTURES and non CARBON based commodities. The TRADERS are converting the HUMAN Debits to CARBON credits.

    CO2 is YOU. Not fossil fuels. They will be burning the PETRO long after our LIQUIDATION.

    6 -9 -3 – DEATH is for PROFIT. And RISK is for RATE. Whatever it takes, they are coming FAST & FURIOUS! The means and strategies are simple. Every PORTFOLIO counts and every death PAYS OFF.


    The Gatekeepers, (Mil Ind Complex, Regulators like the CDC, FDA, DoD, NSA, ATF, EPA, SEC, ETC are on the ticker. Running interference and protecting the MARKET pays DIVIDENDS.

    THE RULES OF THE MARKET are simple. Never expose the GAME, never break the rules. LAWS are no longer of any concern. NEVER AGAIN!!

    Please view this Corbett Report from GENEVA and CERN CENTRAL. The Swiss are and always will be leading the game followed by the rest of the EU and Global Players.

    Force yourself to understand AGENDA 21 and the SKIN GAME!

    ***************DEATH & TAXES*******************

  3. Those are some hideous creatures pictured in the Header. One must ask themselves how it is that humanity does not revolt? Scared? Fearful? Of What I might ask? Considering the scripted horrors being run by the elites, can it get any worse?

    One HOPE We can hold onto is that soon enough humanity will realize they’ve been pushed past the point of “fight or flight”, and that OUR survival and world is at stake. There’s nowhere to run now. There’s nothing to lose… It is time to Fight — and this means many things.

    Note the linkages the guy discussed in this article has (Council on Foreign Relations member — Philip Lader). It takes a nano-second to decide this is a BAD GUY, and he should be immediately arrested, investigated, and his plug pulled, decommissioning his Dark Works. Doing Nothing, Saying Nothing is giving one’s assent that these creatures can keep creeping along their slime trails destroying Creation.

  4. How is it humanity doesn’t revolt?
    Most are brainwashed, dumbed-down, oblivious, ignorant, poisoned, careless followers. Unable to think critically or independently, and easily manipulated. Prey animals who are unaware and like to keep it that way. The truth is too harsh, painful, outrageous, inconvenient.

    • Strategy is everything. Timing is strategy. War is strategy in World Order.

      WestPoint lessons from Gen. Sun Tzu to Gen.Robert E. Lee,

      Every war begins with the divided nation. The three fronts are the internal war(mind) the civil war(divide and conquer) and then the coup(takeover)

      The Master strategists can create the maximum motion using the least force when they control the energy. We have to use the same strategy to win. But as you so well pointed out NA, the sector you point to is the one that presents our most difficult obstacle. I’d rather fight the knowing than the ignorant. They provide most of the energy for our opposition.

  5. Sorry you had to make that observable statement NA. That only a small segment of humanity is required to throw a wrench into the Evil Machinery, to pull-back-the-curtain on the wizards, to work the levers of attrition against a much smaller force — these realities are a cause for Hope.

    Puddy might also put George Soros behind the creatures in the Header pic, and Zbigniew Brisket too…

    • Looking at your response below, PD, “I Know, I Know”. These shylocks are Bagmen, but, I still believe they should be defanged. Humanity leaving refuse like Kissinger and his Viet-era crowd around is absolutely unconscionable — along with all the other vermin we can readily name.

      Might as well start somewhere, unless we’ve got the multi-headed Medusa snake writhing in front of us.

  6. The Headers in the Header were just minions, administrators. The Committee of nine is six to the third power. Certainly Sion has a membership. Soros and Zbig with all their power are still just administrators.

    The Identity of the nine remain elusive in the firewall.


    Somebody Blew Up America
    by Amiri Baraka October 7, 1934 – January 9, 2014

    They say its some terrorist,
    some barbaric
    A Rab,
    in Afghanistan
    It wasn’t our American terrorists
    It wasn’t the Klan or the Skin heads
    Or the them that blows up nigger
    Churches, or reincarnates us on Death Row
    It wasn’t Trent Lott
    Or David Duke or Giuliani
    Or Schundler, Helms retiring

    It wasn’t
    The gonorrhea in costume
    The white sheet diseases
    That have murdered black people
    Terrorized reason and sanity
    Most of humanity, as they pleases

    They say (who say?)
    Who do the saying
    Who is them paying
    Who tell the lies
    Who in disguise
    Who had the slaves
    Who got the bux out the Bucks

    Who got fat from plantations
    Who genocided Indians
    Tried to waste the Black nation

    Who live on Wall Street
    The first plantation
    Who cut your nuts off
    Who rape your ma
    Who lynched your pa

    Who got the tar, who got the feathers
    Who had the match, who set the fires
    Who killed and hired
    Who say they God & still be the Devil

    Who the biggest only
    Who the most goodest
    Who do Jesus resemble

    Who created everything
    Who the smartest
    Who the greatest
    Who the richest
    Who say you ugly and they the goodlookingest

    Who define art
    Who define science

    Who made the bombs
    Who made the guns

    Who bought the slaves, who sold them

    Who called you them names
    Who say Dahmer wasn’t insane

    Who? Who? Who?

    Who stole Puerto Rico
    Who stole the Indies, the Philipines, Manhattan
    Australia & The Hebrides
    Who forced opium on the Chinese

    Who own them buildings
    Who got the money
    Who think you funny
    Who locked you up
    Who own the papers

    Who owned the slave ship

    Who run the army

    Who the fake president
    Who the ruler
    Who the banker

    Who? Who? Who?

    Who own the mine
    Who twist your mind
    Who got bread
    Who need peace
    Who you think need war

    Who own the oil
    Who do no toil
    Who own the soil
    Who is not a nigger
    Who is so great ain’t nobody bigger

    Who own this city

    Who own the air
    Who own the water

    Who own your crib
    Who rob and steal and cheat and murder
    and make lies the truth
    Who call you uncouth

    Who live in the biggest house
    Who do the biggest crime
    Who go on vacation anytime

    Who killed the most niggers
    Who killed the most Jews
    Who killed the most Italians
    Who killed the most Irish
    Who killed the most Africans
    Who killed the most Japanese
    Who killed the most Latinos

    Who? Who? Who?

    Who own the ocean
    Who own the airplanes
    Who own the malls
    Who own television
    Who own radio

    Who own what ain’t even known to be owned
    Who own the owners that ain’t the real owners

    Who own the suburbs
    Who suck the cities
    Who make the laws

    Who made Bush president
    Who believe the confederate flag need to be flying
    Who talk about democracy and be lying

    Who the Beast in Revelations
    Who 666
    Who know who decide
    Jesus get crucified

    Who the Devil on the real side
    Who got rich from Armenian genocide

    Who the biggest terrorist
    Who change the bible
    Who killed the most people
    Who do the most evil
    Who don’t worry about survival

    Who have the colonies
    Who stole the most land
    Who rule the world
    Who say they good but only do evil
    Who the biggest executioner

    Who? Who? Who?

    Who own the oil
    Who want more oil
    Who told you what you think that later you find out a lie

    Who? Who? Who?

    Who found Bin Laden, maybe they Satan
    Who pay the CIA,
    Who knew the bomb was gonna blow
    Who know why the terrorists
    Learned to fly in Florida, San Diego

    Who know why Five Israelis was filming the explosion
    And cracking they sides at the notion

    Who need fossil fuel when the sun ain’t goin’ nowhere

    Who make the credit cards
    Who get the biggest tax cut
    Who walked out of the Conference
    Against Racism
    Who killed Malcolm, Kennedy & his Brother
    Who killed Dr King, Who would want such a thing?
    Are they linked to the murder of Lincoln?

    Who invaded Grenada
    Who made money from apartheid
    Who keep the Irish a colony
    Who overthrow Chile and Nicaragua later

    Who killed David Sibeko, Chris Hani,
    the same ones who killed Biko, Cabral,
    Neruda, Allende, Che Guevara, Sandino,

    Who killed Kabila, the ones who wasted Lumumba, Mondlane,
    Betty Shabazz, Die, Princess Di, Ralph Featherstone,
    Little Bobby

    Who locked up Mandela, Dhoruba, Geronimo,
    Assata, Mumia, Garvey, Dashiell Hammett, Alphaeus Hutton

    Who killed Huey Newton, Fred Hampton,
    Medgar Evers, Mikey Smith, Walter Rodney,
    Was it the ones who tried to poison Fidel
    Who tried to keep the Vietnamese Oppressed

    Who put a price on Lenin’s head

    Who put the Jews in ovens,
    and who helped them do it
    Who said “America First”
    and ok’d the yellow stars

    Who killed Rosa Luxembourg, Liebneckt
    Who murdered the Rosenbergs
    And all the good people iced,
    tortured, assassinated, vanished

    Who got rich from Algeria, Libya, Haiti,
    Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, Lebanon,
    Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine,

    Who cut off peoples hands in the Congo
    Who invented Aids
    Who put the germs
    In the Indians’ blankets
    Who thought up “The Trail of Tears”

    Who blew up the Maine
    & started the Spanish American War
    Who got Sharon back in Power
    Who backed Batista, Hitler, Bilbo,
    Chiang kai Chek

    Who decided Affirmative Action had to go
    Reconstruction, The New Deal,
    The New Frontier, The Great Society,

    Who do Tom Ass Clarence Work for
    Who doo doo come out the Colon’s mouth
    Who know what kind of Skeeza is a Condoleeza
    Who pay Connelly to be a wooden negro
    Who give Genius Awards to Homo Locus

    Who overthrew Nkrumah, Bishop,
    Who poison Robeson,
    who try to put DuBois in Jail
    Who frame Rap Jamil al Amin, Who frame the Rosenbergs,
    The Scottsboro Boys,
    The Hollywood Ten

    Who set the Reichstag Fire

    Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
    Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers
    To stay home that day
    Why did Sharon stay away?

    Who? Who? Who?

    Explosion of Owl the newspaper say
    The devil face cd be seen

    Who make money from war
    Who make dough from fear and lies
    Who want the world like it is
    Who want the world to be ruled by imperialism and national
    oppression and terror violence, and hunger and poverty.

    Who is the ruler of Hell?
    Who is the most powerful

    Who you know ever
    Seen God?

    But everybody seen
    The Devil

    Like an Owl exploding
    In your life in your brain in your self
    Like an Owl who know the devil
    All night, all day if you listen, Like an Owl
    Exploding in fire. We hear the questions rise
    In terrible flame like the whistle of a crazy dog

    Like the acid vomit of the fire of Hell
    Who and Who and WHO who who
    Whoooo and Whooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Copyright (c) 2001 Amiri Baraka. All Rights Reserved.


    WHO, Whooo, Whooooooooooooooooooooooo?

    The OWL and ISIS knows

  7. Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely

    [We warned a week ago of the various possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America, and today we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US. Governor Dan Malloy has declared a Public Health Emergency in Connecticut, authorizing the “isolation of any individual reasonably believed to have been exposed to the Ebola virus.” Simply put, as we noted previously, the State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process – despite not one single case being found in CT. If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone.]

    Any shock that Connecticut was there first?

  8. “From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who got shots from the red cross”


    So, with a modicum of diligent reading on the subjects linked to above (recent CT history), can we assume this Malloy character is “informed” and making the CT Medical Martial Law move because he “cares” about his constituents, or his he “in” form? I recall other “helpful” administrators like Giuliani, Cuomo, Bloomberg, etc. Honest & Trustworthy are not words that would stick to them with any amount of Gorilla Glue.

  9. That is an excellent video Puddy!

    Wow, they are really hitting us hard from so many different angles. It will only get worse. People here and there are starting to question, but it is not enough. There is a new threat weekly, sometimes daily. It is like a snowball, and it’s growing in speed and scale.

    To those of you who have been aware for many years, I ask if this is normal? Or do you see a sharp increase in the assaults?

  10. Guys, did you know Ebola is Real?? Check this out–

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