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I was reading around as usual, and came across perhaps the best explanation yet regarding EBOLA, “The CrISIS” — and how it might affect YOUR LIFE. I SUGGEST YOU READ THIS “TRUTH BOMB!!!” BELOW:

I stumbled upon this while reading “this” story, and the links at the bottom of the piece:
. “Governments seize colloidal silver being used to treat Ebola patients, says advocate. Authorities block small shipment of nanosilver three times”. Why would they do that?

Why might this information be important? Because it provides PERSPECTIVE! It is patently Obvious that the MSM front and those behind them are trying to sell Americans a particular perspective. And it appears to be based upon the most common basis and familiar basic reasons we’ve come to know and loathe — FEAR & PROFITS. Fear & Profits for the corpserations = Control. It has a particular Smell to it.

I got to the TRUTH BOMB as I’m calling it, and other information, from reading Dog Poet’s thread — where he links to this information.

With 24/7 MSM rantings and propaganda, and Infowars pretty much covered up with Ebola “stories”, and the bizarre “mis-handling” of the supposed first U.S. State-side Ebola victim’s spewings in Dallas — WELL? Is this Ebola “Thing” starting to look curiouser, and more curiouser like another False Flag CONSPIRACY?

You have read about the history of this “OUTBREAK” in Sierra Leone, right? And, the continuing controversy of the origins and handling of this unfortunate calamity all-of-a-sudden threatening the entire world?! Well, good then. You should be well on your way to forming and educated opinion of the governments involved, the agencies tasked with “protecting humanity”, and they are ALL performing on this matter. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” should be ringing in your ears…

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” ~ Rahm Emanuel



  1. Since the Anthrax scam and Bruce Ivins event, the mission creep of vaccines has been substantial. The Phrma complex has been going crazy on Patents, Research and Development.

    It’s not just NWO (need, warrant and opportunity) but mending fences. The data is in and the facts appear to be a drastic reduction in sheeple to accept the alchemy of Mercury (and other clever adjuvants)

    I’m not going to rave about a colloidal silver salesmans information about the benefits of CS. It is overstated as are all Alex Jones’ _iodine.(9-6-3) Fufkushima bonanza.

    Where has the Fukushima event gone? To the land of the lost. So goes the eBola.

    The message and frequency are consistent with all. From Anthrax to SARS to H1N1 to Fukushima to eBola. It has cycled completely indicated by eBola(8) in the USA. Wag the Dog, the TRIAD complete!!



    Need to quell the CDC Whistleblowers, Autism, Sterilization , Cancer agents
    MMR vaccine, Papilloma vaccine, Flu Vaccines

    The program is a triad. 1. Mame 2. Sterilize 3. Kill
    In 811 vortex. it begins prenatal -birth/mame – Adult/Sterilize – Retired/Death

    Global Agenda-Depopulate-Depower-Disarm – AGW 21, Kissinger NMMS200, Rockefeller -Quiet Wars, UNESCO, Planned Parenthood, M.Sanger


    National Security, Earth Summit, IGY-2000, Global Warming – Crisis Management – “PEAK” BULLSHIT


    Asset Liquidation- ESTATES (National Statistics of AARP and wealth at time of death.. (TAX)

    Redistribution of Power- Increased power to Executive, Legislative and Judicial Centers by reduction in people power and constitutional power (energy drain)


    Unlimited opportunities to branch operations from the event .

    3-9-6, 6-9-3 – Any corresponding event to ISIS, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Libya. Any ENMOD event, Earthquakes, Storm, Tidal, Nuclear can deliver a crisis. The ultimate point is attack the six centers of power.

    Everything and I mean everything they do in Psyops, Triggered events, Stagings and Media mind control is targeted at these power centers. An attck on one or more, usually more because they “never waste the opportunities”

    There will never be an end to the world, just a series of transformations. Coto sees the outer transitions but we don’t know the inner. A changling is merely a “quiet event” like a misfolding protein, an miRNA change at nucleotide position 8–11, or another subtle introduction into the heterogeneity of our being. Obama is change and he represents many who have adapted to this transformation. I don’t expect many to understand my theory on the transformation but it is a well crafted and connected system of biologics, physics and chemistry that flows under the massive illusions of the outer world of our perception.

    The chemistry aspects of this program require vaccinations, indoctrination and electromagnetic radiation. If you are unwilling to comply with any, you are free.
    There is a transition from;

    1. Vaccination (traditional) to alternate vector inoculation
    2. iPad/Phone to implantable devise
    3. Brain change to indoctrination via EMR

    Go ahead and laugh now 🙂 Then think back to this video and see the techocracy articles talking about things for the future and know they are already here. The PTB have mastered the FIREWALL from exposing what leaps they made already.

    99% of these psyops are merely to deflect your attention off the norms of daily transformations of GMO, chemtrails, EMR cellular, GAMMA and PhRMA. The end of the world (as you know it)

  2. 8-11

    Who/what is ISIS?

    For us It’s ;

    (beyond PNAC)

    For them it’s;

    For the sheeple masses it’s the ongoing official story and narrative or for the severely disabled it’s a game, character or band.

    Which ultimately is genius. ISIS is everything and everything “is”.


    ISIS missed their train. So did Senators McCain and Graham

    HAJJ 2014

  4. They say “ebola” …I say “HIV”

    They “Kill the immune system and rake in the profits”

    We “Go broke, catch a cold and die!”

    “A genetic analysis of thousands of individual viruses has confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that HIV first emerged in Kinshasa, the capital of the Belgian Congo in about 1920 from where it spread via the colonial railway network to other parts of central Africa. – See more at:

    Netherlands to Malaysia – Africom to Malaise (ZAIRE the cradle)

  5. Readers will probably appreciate the historical examples of CDC propaganda highlighted here:

  6. Readers — Go to and read his latest expose’ on the supposed Ebola crISIS. Plug this info into your Propaganda Chopper and form an updated opinion.

  7. Great reading material. the world is so fucked up. no wonder I’m in a depressed state. can’t even smile pretty any more. it hurts to think.

  8. The clever and ingenious aspects are the timing and targeting. The eBola enterprise was delivered on the moment of prime impact. I read news from AFRICOM everyday for twenty years and know when this ebola event actually started. The dates of Malaysia-gate and ISIS are as ancient as bin-laden (Tim Osman) going back prior to Gary Webb.

    These fabrications, program MK events and campaigns always come on the heels of a leftist regime CIC and the “wars on” come on the Right regimes. A vortex sequence, so easy to confirm since the internet has documented it so well.

    Flu season will have a whole new, brand new, shiny veneer and all the latest appointments. People will have to start weighing the risk of cancer later for survival now, Alzheimers later for safety now, Autism later. for Prenatal protection now.


    ISIS says eBola thins the herd to manageable numbers LD-50 variant is effective to 50-90%. It follows Kissinger NMMS 200 reduction model (1974)

    It’s transmission vectors target birthing couple (bodily fluids) bonus killing of three or more it follows Gates Guidelines

    It requires cremating all the evidence. It requires changing/eliminating cultural and religious traditions. It requires the same loss of freedoms that we have here with the WOT programme.

    Timing for vaccination mandates and travel restriction, world authority police state (UN Peacekeepers) will become universally accepted as Obama continues to shift sovereign power to the WHO-UNESCO, Carbon Banks and EU-gene-X Human Asset Derivative and Carbon Liquidators.

    Romney’s Massachusetts model of MITTCARE goes Federal with OBAMACARE and now it goes Universal in UNFPA WHO initiative.

    One agenda, conform or die!

    1974 – Just follow the numbers Kissinger nmms 200


    The Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI). In 1974, with the help of UNICEF, UNDP, national donor agencies, and voluntary agencies, WHO initiated the Expanded Programme on Immunization, with the goal of providing immunizations for all children of the world by 1990.

    In 1993, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank, and the Rockefeller Foundation founded the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI). The Initiative undertook the research and development of a heat-stable oral poliomyelitis vaccine, a single-dose tetanus toxoid vaccine, and an improved measles vaccine which could be given earlier in life. In 1994, the EPI and the Children’s Vaccine Initiative were merged into the Global Programme for Vaccines and Immunization (GPV) , which also took over the activities of the WHO/UNDP Programme for Vaccine Development. The GPV was established to sustain the accomplishments of the EPI and the CVI, to achieve the goals for immunization and disease control set by the World Health Assembly and the World Summit for Children, and to add new and improved vaccines as they become available.

    Read more:

  9. The NSA and ISIS hackers are going into high gear for massive Banking, Health and Profile compilation data-mining. Just like ISIS-eBola, the composition of the programme is the same.

    Create the ISIS hAckers, steal the information, disconnect NSA and UN to the scheme and then lie when you get caught. If you make people think they are in danger from ISIS Hackers, then they don’t mind the Authorities groping their crotch and rummaging their private data.


    Tidbits here;

    Seminar on Statistical Data Collection
    (Geneva, Switzerland, 25-27 September 2013)




    Expect to see more of these. TARGET, JPMORGAN, EPSILON, HEARTLAND events. Same kind of ISIS dialectic. Create the threat (steal the data) Create the solution, (THE NET-backdoor) and collect the Profits and data.

    Ho-hum I say to the googleplex. Please invent a new and more clever TRIAD. These are starting to get just plain boring…


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