Posted by: boomerangcomesback | October 2, 2014

Do Your Police “Make the Grade”?

Depending on your sense of humor (at this particular time in the “continuum”), and your associations to certain branches of “Public Servants”…this ‘story’ may peak your interest. Its pretty much guaranteed to elicit an emotional response of some kind. That’s your department. Don’t click on the link below, read the story, or watch the video if you can’t stomach irony and satire. And REALITY!

“US Court Says it’s Okay for Police Departments to Refuse to Hire Someone who is Too Smart”


Go Here for the STORY and the “Live” embedded links:

CAVEAT — Don’t Watch This with a Police Officer:

Why on Earth would anyone ever think that this is a good idea?

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  1. occu-pi chicagoland
    Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized “Cop Watch” Groups Across the US

    “Across the nation, local police departments are responding to organized cop watching patrols by targeting perceived leaders, making arrests, threatening arrests, yanking cameras out of hands and even labeling particular groups “domestic extremist” organizations and part of the sovereign citizens movement – the activities of which the FBI classifies as domestic terrorism.”

    From OCCU-PI to HONG KONG, the coto-eye can see how the psy-ops run.

    Cameron, Sunstein, and a host of other narrators have been depositing this repetitive mindset. Conspiracy is terror.

    The merging of eye-sis to the extremist has run from Kent State to Ferguson. The mindset is clear. FEAR! Go back to Howard Beale, the rant from NETWORK and let the “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore” to the present 911 Truth movement and you will see the transformation from the DSM-V to mental illness and psychotic behaviour. These movements just accelerate and reinforce the Orwellian concept of re-education, incarceration and Police State.

    Therefore the vortex works in reverse from the standpoint of law enforcement. It requires the dumbed-down, imbecile type trolls and petty power trippers to help and assist the strategy that bring the clash of these two forces and an ultimate synthesis. INGSOC.

    +1,4,7 to the -2,5,8 .

    Watch the boots on the ground and cannon fodder for the next landing in the Africom and Centcom theatres. It will be the same. Only idiots and killers wanted.
    TIN SOLDIERS are DRONES and BOMBERS.and then they come home to POLICE. or be POLICED. What a perfect paradigm.

    WORLD ORDER-SHARIA LAW “ready the 30,000 guillotines” 🙂 Ha Ha! Just fake a dozen B-headings and a few e-Bolas.

    PSYOP rule 6. “Give the people what they want” iPhone, Taco Bell and Safety

    We are on our own

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