Posted by: Puddy Dunne | October 1, 2014

Decoding eBola, ISIS and Agenda 21


I ask readers who have not been members to connect the dots of Malaysia 370, 17 and the 777 Agenda 21 airliners and the ebola campaign.

The EUGENICS cradle was a product of Prince Bernhard and Bilderberg
“Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the organization’s first president. Prince Bernhard also happened to be one of the founders of the elite global think tank, the Bilderberg Group, which he co-founded in 1954; and he was previous to that, a member of the Nazi Party and an SS officer.[15] Sir Julian Huxley also happened to be the first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). In 1946, Huxley wrote a paper titled, “UNESCO: It’s Purpose and its Philosophy.” In it, he wrote that the general focus of UNESCO:”

Read Jersey Girls piece:


2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony








The Bilderbergers PTB by Committee have set the stage for Bluebeam. The largest PSy-op and Agenda to ever hit the airwaves. The EVAN Network should go into high gear. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Why was the malaysian plane shot down before getting into Russian airspace. Flight 17 left Prince Bernhard [Amsterdam] for Kuala Lumpur?

Weapon of Mass Destruction? Carrying ebola? Patent theft?

2. Why is Flight 370 Missing? Why is Malaysia and Prince Crown Medical Research Centre working with the US Patented virus?

Hmmmm.  Same as above? Yet to be used as WMD?   Carrying a whistleblower?

3. Why the Patent?

CONTROL! You can’t sell the computer without the software. You cant write the program without the language. You can’t make the antidote without the virus. Read and figure out how Patents Attack!


4. How does Gates Foundation and other eugenics based foundations benefit?

5. How does a patented virus turn into monopoly?

6. How does “wag the dog” work??

The Tax Free foundations provide protection from taxes but also criminal scrutiny and accountability to the power elite upon which they are based. This is the firewall.

If you have a patent, you have exclusivity. If you have a foundation you have protection. The firewalls in ebola are there with CDC, DC and C (committee) GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and the other PhRMA eugenicist entities run under the foundation and firewall protection. They also benefit from the MICC (military Industrial Congressional Complex) Once the work is being done under the GOVT ‘National Security’
firewall, they have assurances of protection. There are no delineations or demarcation in this process

Along with staged theatre for the masses, comes similarly published fines incurred by these corporations. They are mere financial “slaps on wrists” as far as severity. It’s only for show if 100 million is fined on a boom that secured a billion dollars. Just a cost of doing business.


7. I’m not a conspiracy theorist so how do I believe it?

Read it and watch it.
Figure it out!

8. Cui Bono?

The moneychangers, the eugenicists, the corporations, the Media Salesmen, the stockholders, the death merchants. They can all win in a scheme to raise Obamacare to the level fitting a plague. Let the non-believers go on thinking it does not all interconnect to an international takeover of all human beings.

We may differ on how ISIS-eBola plays out but can we not see how the events and entities in this elite are aligned? Can you not see how they are always aligned to receive the benefits at the right time.

There is no doubt in my mind that the two Malaysian airliner stories are part of the ISIS and eBola events and they, themselves are interconnected. The Islam religion is all about “obtaining knowledge” throughout life. “Be wise as Serpents” should be our rule of thumb. The rest is just a matter of following their tracks.

Eugenics was born in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Malaysia is a center for biological sciences and then there was this I posted in the Big Blue Omnibus – DARPA’s BLUE ANGEL


Kaiser Family Foundation

The U.S. Government & Global Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response

The U.S. Government Response
The U.S. government (USG) has taken a number of steps since 1990 to address the threat posed by EIDs. Key U.S. policy milestones include: a 1997 Presidential Directive on emerging diseases that called for greater interagency support for national and global EID efforts, strong U.S. engagement in and support for revising and strengthening the IHRs (especially following the 2003 SARS outbreak), and new U.S. national strategies on health security and countering biological threats, both released in 2009.10 Most recently, in February 2014, the USG announced a new “Global Health Security Agenda,” a five-year (2014-2018)effort to accelerate progress toward a world “safe and secure from infectious disease threats,” undertaken in partnership with other governments, multilateral institutions, and public and private sector stakeholders.11

Structure and Approach
Multiple USG agencies support activities to prevent, prepare for, detect, and respond to EIDs, including: the Departments of State (global health diplomacy related to EIDs and technical assistance and capacity building for biosecurity), Agriculture (animal health and food safety capacity-building efforts as well as disease surveillance and research), and Energy (EID research and development) as well as the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Defense (DoD), and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which are described below. (cont)

I asked back then why the Department of Energy was so involved with EID Emerging Infectious Disease program?  We can research their own documentation and website and come up with some theory.  The DoD is a no brainer. The military takes control over all possible weapons for defensive research but now we know they are in the offensive business as well.

The Department of Energy DoE website  is accessible and offers much insight to their research on a host of biological and energy based studies. My point is that the work is consistent with Project Bluebeam and the Agenda 21 eugenics program is one that applies not only the biological (pandemic/infectious diseases) research but the energy effects of radiation (Fukushima) and electromagnetic (EMR) on the cellular processes in regards to reproduction, brain sciences and cellular disease pathologies.  I assert that this is a program that would allow the type of WMD that would give the STAKEHOLDERS all the power, wealth and goals for a depopulated and controllable planet.

I propose that the  programs are research in nature but are part of a pogrom project and that it requires the control over every vector of delivery into the masses.

1. Brain Science (physics)
2. Biology (Cellular, chemtrails, GMO, Environmental, radiation)
3. Chemical (PhRMA, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Additives, Adjuvants, Metals)
4. Psychological (EMR, RF Radio Frequency, Media Propaganda, Psychotronics, Psychotropics, hypnosis, mind control
5. Management-Funding (patent, banking, surveillance, eugenics, sterilization)

This is a structure far more elaborate than any of us can imagine or believe possible, but if you have spent thirty years reading incessantly and reading more of their material than that of the alternate conspiracy front, then you would see that they are literally telling you what is happening.  It’s not by accident that the Simpsons or Family Guy predict events before they happen when anyone can do it.   Who reading this did not expect eBola to land in the USA?



A simple formula of MSM, Foundation watch, Corporate Watch and Financial news can tell you most of it.  The real part of the decoding comes when you connect seemingly separate events and news and match them to the proper END GAME.  They fit like fingers in a glove and the black hand of ISIS is the Secret Global Government.  The Bilderberg Group , Prince Bernhard, Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200, Huxley’s, Club of Rome, Sierra Club,  Iron Mountain Report iceberg will remain under the waterline for most sheeple but the ability to decode the procession now is clearly above the waterline and this Titanic event is on a collision course.

I have been monitoring local emergency services and police by decoding digital transmissions and all day long I hear reports of shortness of breath, respiratory distress (cant breathe) 47 year old woman has headache and nose her nose is bleeding profusely, child collapses at school and a host of other emergencies calls that seem to mirror what we would expect in a pandemic symptom rundown.


How the Black Swan arrives in the US, is the Phoenix. It is from the ashes of our cremated bodies they will build a NEW WORLD ORDER.  A Huxley Brave New World where those selected to survive will have to carry on with the knowledge of a universal conspiracy with intention and willingness to kill  81.1 or 91.1 percent of the 7.11 billion inhabitants.




  1. Excellent rundown Puddy. The masses should see the “writing on the wall” via the MSM, and the entire host of entities involved in creating and managing the scripted “chaos”. To not see the conspiratorial nature of recent history on up to today, one must be intentionally blind. Just reading MSM headlines on news stories would paint a vivid picture of the “trends”. Yes, trend analysis would display the Obvious. The “timing” of scripted events is also key to nailing the criminality to the criminals. “Happenstance” and coincidence cannot be sloughed off as an explanation. What are the Odds? Impossible of course.

    • Thanks Boom. Yes the trends are the key. We can wait to see the progression of Vaccine hype and the Hong Kong trends. If the financial trend up in NYSE and war front I suspect the need to further the ebola campaign will be necessary. I am still waiting for the big news on ebola vax trials and the everything vaccine for H1N1 Orthomyxovirus and retroviruses to further knock the immune systems to all time lows and allow simple rhinoviruses to kill us. It’s all about the proteins.

    • Neuroscientists were over the moon in April 2013 when President Barack Obama announced a bold new initiative to study the human brain in action. But in their heady excitement, some researchers may have forgotten to check the math in their first proposals, physicists say. This week, a group of physicists, engineers, and neuroscientists are meeting in Arlington, Virginia, to discuss which ideas are likely to succeed and which may fall flat.

  2. Additional incriminating evidence for readers, is to see WHO are the players (still) on the current teams.

    Someone with a little time could put together a fascinating montage of criminals who have been and are still operating and directing the treasonous Agendas…

    Kissinger, McNamara, Bush, Sr., Cheney, quite a number of names from PNAC signers, Chertoff, etc. Titling them under their various areas would also be helpful — finance/banking, MIC, political, Agencies, religion, corporate, education, Media, etc.

    Many individuals from past Ops have been involved in recent Ops, and their names pop up at interesting times.

    • I guarantee we have covered most of them here since we started so many years ago. But a database of criminals would be a great idea because like I said they are all connected.

  3. I’m not up on the goings-on, ’cause there’s so much going on (LOL/sic). However, Kirwan illuminates some Keystone Kops-like shenanigans at the highest levels —

    The professionalism in the halls-of-power seems to be wearing their pants at half-mast?! We can imagine Big iSIS Napolitano being just as tomfoolery buffoonish in her own sphere when called to task. That “somebodies” are touting “it” for the next Sec.of State position calls for a Laugh Riot!

    Hmmm… Laugh Riots? Perhaps, the next flash mob asymmetrical warfare method to combat the Bad Guys?

    • LOL. Boomer. Half – mast 🙂 Love it.

      Great piece by Kirwan. I think the recent jumper and driver were staged. The warning to Obama from the Koch warmongers to attack Syria-Russia to get the final war started? Hmmmm…Tarplay thinks so. I think it’s possible but not to start the war.

      I think it was the Committee who wants Obama to press on at a faster rate to get the Carbon Credits (us) on the UN Commodities index. The Chicago Gang mob boss Rahm Emanuel is slacking as well. The IMF/World Bank are teetering on the brink. While the BRICS are being laid for a new petro-currency, the masters of disaster are waiting to play the trump card. (BTW, I love the illustration on that article-excellent)

      CARBON CARBONITE CARBOHYDRATE…..CARBOMB! Time for the financial and food shortages. I wonder why the PTB want to bomb Syria’s grain storage?????? Hmmmm. Could it be ….SATAN? Me thinks so.


      The Dunne theory is incompetence is the rouse they use all the time to cover the real sly crimes. There is a double cross in the game within the game and I think Obama will be trumped. It ‘s still a mystery whether it for an October surprise or event to propel Team Red over the massive blue wave expectation but it appears the blue wave would have to include something more than just the Oklahoma Headless Sleep hollow hoax. Happy Holloween!?

      COTOFOLK know the history of the SS. Revenuers and counterfeiters fighters for the CROWN LONDON. When they later came into power to protect the Criminal in Chief, it was merely an extension of “Licence to Kill” and they can kill to protect the prex or they can kill the prez if ordered by the crown committee. So goes JFK and the French Connection Norman-Saxon and the vatican assassins.

      The real conspiracy theory says all SS attached to the PREZ are trained in Alabama- Crimson Tide and MK-Ultra and are delta and theta manchurian triggers. All they need is the telefon call. These days it’s most likely a chip in temple.

      “The woods are lovely, dark and deep,. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep,. And miles to go before I sleep” – real Frosty characters…



    Spearhead East: NATO Deputy Military Commander In Hungary
    U.S., NATO Continue Large-Scale War Games In Poland
    Maxim Gorky: Only time to train cannon fodder, not soldiers
    U.S., NATO Troops To Remain In Afghanistan Indefinitely
    Slovakia: NATO Hosts Multinational Air Combat Exercises
    Ukraine: Video Of U.S.-NATO Military Exercise
    NATO Launches Military Exercises In Latvia


    Oh great lucifer…grant us your blessings on this sacrifice as we march toward Moscow.

  5. DECODING: Saul Alinsky 6^6 Steve Wynn

    Steve Wynn: I’m ‘more scared’ about US than China

    …the sixth rule is: A good tactic is one that YOUR people enjoy. – rules for radicals

  6. BUSH 6^6 OBAMA
    (rule 6 applies)

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