Posted by: boomerangcomesback | September 26, 2014

The “Toxic Greed” Virus CrISIS Still Exploding

While reading the recent post by Dog Poet at
I clicked on the hot link to the article below.

The article highlights quite a number of the loathsome class of incestuous Greedmeisters and Gatekeepers, all of whom belong in jail or worse, yet are still walking free…?

Check out these vermin!

“AIG shareholders sue government claiming their $182 bn bailout wasn’t favorable enough”

Seeing that I had just read this sad, yet realistic piece on “barely surviving” on $125K/yr in America
“Doing well at $125K but still losing sleep about money: This Texas family has a substantial income and doesn’t splurge on extras but still finds there’s little left at the end of the month”.–doing-well-at-dollar125k-but-still-losing-sleep-about-money

— I’m led to do some contemplating and comparing of “values” and “justice” ’round here. Puddy, your last thread about Eric “The Placeholder” and his timely resignation should be read in context with this thread.



  1. There cannot be much doubt to the science behind the timely resignation of Holder. Though the propaganda pieces regarding it will cover the spectrum from “health” to “race” it will certainly exclude the court rulings on the documents regarding GUNWALKER, fast & furious. There should be a checklist from Exec privy by Barry Soetoro, contempt charges, fast and furious withholding of documents, IRS efforts to conceal info and stalling on Lois Lerner as well as what they see coming in the fight to obtain information on Obsidian and Sandy Hook.

    The WH, Chicago crime syndicate (like the Bushwhackers) use this technique very well as seen with Geithner and Summers. How any idiot, regardless of political persuasion could not understand this move.

    This buys time until Obama can complete his deadline and tasks given by the IMF FED UN axis and at the end just issue pardons worthy of Clinton/Marc Rich. Whoever comes in to fill the shoes of the most felonious Attorney General in history will have to play-reset-play and then run as much interference.

    This also allows deniability, un-connection and cover for Soetoro. Holder may take the hit but he’ll find a cushy-landing somewhere, write a book (get Oprasized) hit the lecture circuit and wait for pardon and his medal of freedom for remaining free longer than any other criminal east of the potomac.

    RACE? HEALTH? The bankers are running DC like a plantation. I don’t care what the race card says. The Clinton-Bush crime syndicate were no different. It was a plantation with them as well even though they were palefaces. This COTO nailed this at the very beginning on OPED Spews. Obama would stop the plantation from getting called a spade because he was born in Africa. The fringe benefits of Soetoro-Holder would be their ability to push the envelope of criminality thus forcing the “oversight” into -political correctness prison-

    Other benefits were the great divide and conquer and actually creating a race-war environment as well to play cover and boy did they.. Sharpton, the SPLC and the rest of the race baiter joo funded khazars have had a field day. Holder said when it came to race, Americans were cowards. Not this American.

    Every black American should be out for blood against these two who have set back relations fifty years. LBJ, the racist would be smiling if he weren’t in hell. One day soon I’ll be in front of a guillotine or firing squad for this thought crime. I can’t wait.

    Patrick Henry

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