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Benjamin Fulford’s Urgent Message to Humanity

The points made are actually quite factual and valid. We are watching in “real insane” time how current leaders are (mis)managing present problems around the world. What are we seeing? The same ole misery, murder, and mayhem. That’s what the status quo is handing humanity.

Watch this short video at:

Notice the insane war-mongering going on around the world, who is selling it on MSM channels, who is funding it overtly and covertly, who is inhibiting liberty by their actions and legislation, etc.

So…how fast would the insanity stop should some old men (and women), and their associates be arrested and removed from power?

Right quick I can imagine.


“House of Representatives approves Obama plan to arm Syrian rebels”
Vote passes 273-156

“Congress & Their License To Kill”





You Best Listen to this Fire Fighter!
“9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open”


Also SEE:


Examine some evidence from “Behind the Scenes”:



  1. Nice compilation. Please note my header and quoter were done last night. What this tells me is the frequencies are being picked up by you, me, Ben Fulford and many other voices who are ‘knowing the signs’

    My 11 signs are 811. I know many must be perplexed by my math and vortex but I cannot stress enough the number 811 because it is their number. Ours is triple 6 or 693 in vortex.

    Ben appears to unhinged over the last few years and I expect that he is targeted for certain.But the signs are there because they are pounding the lies hard.

    1. Market minipulation (absolutely bogus from DOW to Employment numbers)
    2. ISIS the antithesis to America
    3. eBola (trauma programming for an anthrax or more serious cocktail)
    4. Soviet rise (ColdWar Redux-MaGog prophesy)
    5. Disclosures (Strategy of Tension)
    6. “Boots” Reference (Military involvement.Foreign theater)
    7. Wild Card (ex. 911 disclosure-Limited Hangout)
    8. UK, Australia, Canadian, Australian beheadings and violence (bring the patriot and truth movement into the ISIS family)
    9. Large PM buys and Fortresses by the elites
    10. Continuity of Government buildup from plastic coffin liners/ammo to FEMA camps and exercises
    11. The mind Controlled idiot savant masses have never been so primed to play the fools

    Ben brings up the Canary La Palma Cumbre Vieja Volcano. It’s the perfect event I have researched in many articles

    Certainly it has entered my mind as the AFRICOM ebola event was started in Liberia and we have traitors in close proximity to the Canary Islands there.

    Whatever it is it is soon. I can feel it in my bones and hear it in my ears. I can see it coming on a sunny day like 911.

  2. “My 11 signs are 811.”~Puddy

    What then? Whatsit gonna be genius?
    A vague “prediction” is no prediction at all.

  3. I posted it already Rogue. I have explained Y2K=911 and 811 = ISIS in past posts.
    I expect a Cold War play with a hot war in ME. Syria and the Levant in the hands of Western Elites. A swift pandemic and MIC takeover of Africa and if the people here take to the streets after the Wallstreet Banksters who launder the profits of the fuckers, then we get the Natural Crisis like Cumbre Vieja Tsunami, Major quakes, Pandemic o f our own or some other major action to cover the crime and get the focus on the takeover.

    They need us until they don’t and that day is coming very soon in my theory and opinion. 811, a deception greater than 911..

    ISIS is 811

    • I agree that ISIS is a western intel fraud, what I don’t get is how 811 ties into it. Do you mean 8/11? Or is ISIS 811 in your numerological schemata?
      If it is 8/11 – a date, then be clear, and use 9/11 – a date, to be consistent.

      You know I am on top of the scam of the paradigm. I just don’t get the numbers game you play. It just seems like a game of hop-scotch to me.

      So, 8/11 is pretty damn soon dude – so you point what it is you meant when that day arrives. Ja?

      • My evolving theory is the vortex controls all creation. Here certainly in nature, Genetics and EM. 124578 triggered by 36 controlled by nine.

        For the criminals, the vortex works in their favor while we sit in 3D illusion in a base 10 world. The committee gives us 10 and they fool us with 11.

        911 was an event and program that started in 2000. The message clue was Y2K and the fear campaign. Always a false flag scare before the real event. 911 was 8 years 2000-2008.

        You can call it Bush’s Base ( e5 force vector)
        5 al-qaeda
        911 being WOT (5) versus WTO (5) during Clintons cycle (1992-2000)

        When Obama (5) entered it was 811 repeating the cycles of presidents going back to JFK. It will end in 2016. Change transform have just begun.

        obama 15 2 1 13 1
        Bush2 2 21 19 8
        Clinton 3 12 9 14 20 15 14
        Bush1 Reagan 2 21 19 8

        Reagan and Carter were 1’s

        All 4 presidents are 5

        The 3-9-6 by committee runs in 258 (-) to our 147 (+)





        —– When the shit hits the fan




        There are 216 series 36 combinations and 46656 sequences and they are all doable. We have yet to see the SHTF sequence. It works every time. When I see the 1,5,4,2,7,8 w/666 I will be ready. I have five laptops and 3 desktops running every day looking for the sequence.

        I also run 5 SDR Software defined Radios and Spectrum analyzer

        It will be broadcast on Satellite microwave, UHF. ELF Print, Media and in living color.wnen it happens and I am recording all of it on terabyte server storage. For history’s sake.

      • Watch who call it ISIS and those who call it ISIL or IS. It tells you the players and what team. Red or Blue.

  4. I appreciate the Rudy Dent interview on YouTube Boomer, and important clip there. Thanks.


    • Here’s one for you Pudster…

      • Thanks. Here’s one back at ya.

  6. World Bank: Economic Impact Of Ebola Outbreak Could Be ‘Catastrophic’

    Decode: Assets economically are Africans ‘Catastrophic’ yes but monetarily a boon for committee



    Judicial Watch – Federal law enforcement sources in El Paso say that a United States congressman called their office to prohibit contact with Judicial Watch in the aftermath of a disturbing story confirming that Islamic terrorists are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

    811 is Fast & Furious “FORWARD”

    March 2011

  7. No ‘Free Scotch’ as predicted. Scots vote no independence



    Is It Wise For Obama To Send Thousands Of U.S. Troops Into The Ebola Death Zone? Keyword CAR

    Wise as an OWL in One World Levant of Sharia World Order. Africa after ebola will be prime for ISIS and NWO. You know the Committee loves the Saudi styles


  8. Numerology

    Not to be confused with number theory.
    Numerology is any belief in divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding events. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. Numerology and numerological divination by systems such as isopsephy were popular among early mathematicians, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics or pseudoscience by modern scientists.[1][2][3]

    Today, numerology is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts and voodoo rituals.[4]


    Gas`tro`man´cy. n. 1. (Antiq.) A kind of divination, by means of words seemingly uttered from the stomach. gastromancy. 2. divination by the taste of ones burps or the flavor of ones farts. 3. gut feelings.

    Numerology iss boolcheat.

    • boolean is true and false. So is numerolgy both true and false..
      boolcheat from the gut, stinks but boolean from the ancient mummified turds is art & science today.

    • “Numerology iss boolcheat.”
      That’s what they want you to think! 😉 (wink)

      • Not so NeverAlways,

        Actually, “what they want you to think,” are such distractions and alleyways such as numerology, astrology, and other woowoo, to disrupt your cognitive cohesion.

        A rational real world analysis is essential as long as we are meat-beings in the time-space-continuum. Otherwise we revisit the conundrum of ‘the Tower of Babel” – metaphorically speaking.

        If you believe in ghosts and spooks and mystical beings, that is fine. But it has no use in a rational study of the sociopolitical, other than an as illustration of ‘irrationality’.

    • Look Puddy, COTO is your blog, and you can say anything you want here. But that is also why I am COTO NO MORE.

      I have separated myself for the most part because of the superstitious bullshit that goes down as “analysis” here. There is rational analysis that gets to the bottom of the false paradigm propagated by the Public Relations Regime that isn’t tainted by such medieval superstitious junk as is slipped into the party punch here.

      You know I have as harsh a critique of ‘Scientism’ and the ‘Technocratic Society’ as any put forth here.

      The only worth to ‘Numerology’ is in understanding that it is used as a PSYOP by the Cults of Intelligence and social engineers at the heart of modern political power. If it is THAT which is the point you are trying to make here, you are failing by a lack of clarity.

      It is rare for me to drop in here with such critiques, and it can be even more rare if you wish.


      • Maybe numbers just ain’t your “thang”?

        Your comments are worth what they’re worth. Just like everybody else. That’s decided by every individual who reads and considers. No more, no less. You can critique or bolster or bluster. Hopefully it is thought-provoking.

        You have your areas of expertise, and other folks their own. Also, some people have experience and expertise in things that may very well blow your beliefs or “rational” investigations out the window. So what? Its only “personal” in that “knowing” isn’t always empirically/scientifically substantiated, and the person “knowing” something that stands in stark contrast to you or my understanding doesn’t undermine necessarily. It is simply understood differently by one, or not understood at all by the other…if you get my drift. Frame-of-reference or paradigm I suppose. Not everything is black and white, to me at least.

        • Again Boomer, it is not ‘numbers’ that aren’t my thing – it is superstitious twaddle.

          As I also said, this site is for you folks to post anything you wish, twaddle or rational.

          And as I mentioned to NeverAlways, a common language is a must for successful communication. And during our tenure as physical beings in the space-time-continuum, the empirical is the only language that all can verify on their own, regardless of their own ‘spiritual’ leanings.

          An atheist, a Muslim, and Christian, or Hindu, can all agree with Newton’s Laws of Mechanics, while disagreeing with every other aspect of life. And those laws are indeed “black and white”.

          • I disagree. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. They are not given to those who cannot or would not appreciate. So, to some they would be as an unintelligible language, to others a revelation.

            Your judgement of twaddle is simply your opinion. Others may judge any of any others commentary as superstition or twaddle. Perhaps, a twaddle-free forum can be found, but that would be nigh impossible, because twaddle is subjective.

            It seems you offhandedly cast Puddy’s numbers flair and fare into a bucket of your choosing and throw it out the window…but I suspect you don’t understand much of it. That shouldn’t embarrass you, make you afraid of it, and cause you to cast aspersions upon a language you scarcely understand?

            Just let it sit there in its number-like silence, speaking volumes or nothing at all — to those who might grok the meanings. No need to Wham Bam, then seek to ascend the pedestal for your own recognition. Any communicator can see that for what it is.

            Whatever. Anyways, there are interesting things going on around as usual — which is what this thread was once about…

            • And that is a good example to why I am not into COTO anymore.

              All opinions are equal?

              Yes indeed all are entitled to their own opinion. But that doesn’t make all opinions of equal worth.

              I see you have a lack of appreciation for Context, Aspect, and Criteria. Which leaves an appeal to the lowest common denominator, a great leavening to mediocrity.

              • Wrong again in your analysis. That is not what I implied. You either get it or you don’t.

                There is no LCN here. That is just a slander on your part. As if you don’t frequent “low places” while attempting to stand upon other’s heads. I expect it is some kind of character “blind spot”.

  9. “The U.S. Has Already Completed Regime Change In Syria (1949), Iran (1953), Iraq (Twice), Afghanistan (Twice), Turkey, Libya and Other Oil-Rich Countries” —

    Ukraine? Same script by the bankers and their muscle men (U.S./Zionists). Can’t forget the Vatican lurking somewhere behind the curtains. Same “Show”, different year, new costumes and new players of the same old ilk.

    Noticing how The People, the cultures, the resources just get re-shuffled by the corporate war profiteer vampires. The nationalism/patriotism meme is worn out and as transparent as Hillary’s make-up, trying to hide the hag underneath. Sooner or later the crowd cannot ignore the pink elephant standing in the middle of the room.

    I started this thread with Fulford, and my first word was “Entertainment?”. Then, it just developed as things do when you read around. Couldn’t help myself.

    By the way — did anybody actually think there would be a clean Scotland vote? LOL!

    Other instances than this video are alleging fraud, so we’ll have to wait and see what floats to the surface.

    • If you scanned the googleplex correctly you got the scam and staged event results of FREE SCOTCH last night. I got it at 11:00 pm Eastern Standard – 0300 UTC

      311 Scots vote no 32 district….bla bla…

      just like the early frequencies of 911, bldg 2 (11)

      The MEDIA is disneyland and GOOGLE is Fantasyland. A mickey Mouse watch and you are good to go.

      • Perhaps Puddy, you have heard and read Corbett’s reports on the Scots Ref. and how it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans one way or the other; as it is framed as a ‘heads I win, tales you loose’ proposition at any rate. [a dialectic with a synthetic outcome one way or the other].

        • Thats why I called it a psyop. A totally irrelevant exercise other than data collection, energy theft, divide and conquer. I call it TRIAD (hegels dialectic) in functional design based on the vortex mathematical principle of Need-Warrant-Opportunity.

          They have taken it to new heights of sublimity and Twaddle and Superstition are tools of rhetoric for psuedoscience and history has shown that from Thales to Tesla, science became from numerology and mathematics

          Science was born from this twaddle. Newton and others faced the same force while opening new doors to knowledge. Psience is my interest. Science is yours.

          I quit 911 because the same witch trials and criterions gatekeeper pretend to have answers based upon context they have no means to prove. Though they use rhetoric and discourse to compel an argument, they do the same thing as the 911 committee when introduced to areas of Quatum Physics above their playgrade, they run to the sanctuary of their own discipline and rhetoricians.

          I like debate, but I won’t waste energy being on defence.

        • “Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”~Thomas Henry Huxley

          “What do ghosts, UFOs, ESP, and places like the Bermuda Triangle have to do with quantum physics and string theories? How can explanations of paranormal phenomena coexist alongside of the latest scientific theories and be supported by them? The answer to the first question, it turns out, is a LOT, and the answer to the second one is “Quite well, thank you very much!” In her book PSIence, Marie D. Jones explores and encapsulates those paranormal phenomena (and many more) then goes on to describe in terms easily understood by laymen several of the current prevailing theories about quantum physics, the Big Bang, the Zero Point Field (ZPF), and the possibility that there is not one universe, but rather are multiverses that coexist side-by-side.”~Marie D. Jones

          If one is to delve into PSIence, then one should follow it to is only possible conclusion: [1≡∞]

          “multiverses that coexist side-by-side” ultimately add up to ONE THING, the Universe: The Infinite NOW.

          And what this ultimately means is you are what you believe, you make it up as you go and ANYTHING goes. But this revelation does you no good in the Time-Space-Continuum of the meat-life. You are here Now of your own accord. It is material existence. We have agreed on the physical rules of this existence.

          Paradox divides the whole, there is only one which cannot be divided.

          Life in time, as a physical being is Paradox.

          • I didn’t quite 9/11, because it happened on Earth, where physics defines a reality that can be discussed in context.

            The WTC blew up do to specific signature causes, not by a multitude of causes defined by personal theologies, be they ‘religious’ or ‘scientific’. You might as well claim NIST is as correct as anyone else if you are going to play to voodoo science.

          • Complete Crock, to those who hold other beliefs substantiated by The Creator. He who Created Science.

            “Anything Goes”, “Do as thou wilt” are Luciferian doctrines sold by certain “associates” over millenia.

            • Oh the fucking devil and demons and that shit again aye Boomer?
              The Jesus and Mary Chains? Hahahahahaha….
              They lock you up and throw away the Key.

            • Hey don’t pee your pants Boomer. Everybody has a right to their own opinions according to your rap – right?
              But that is only so long as they don’t knock YOUR opinions..?
              am I getting that straight?

              Just as long as it’s all kissy kissy – no disputes play-nice nanny bullshit?

  10. For the sake of repeating things, the NIST NASA NATO NAVY NSA have one thing in common. Deniability.

    If you think about it , it should be elementary that when committing a crime you would like to commit it in a way that allows for many suspects. So use a white van.
    I’m not a detective but play one on TV and I’d make sure the 911 evidence showed signs of 11 different and possible suspects. From boxcutters to DEW, the evidence trail was dropped like clean passports to lead the truthers in six ways of separation. 911 was the nine (PTB) but the 11 is beyond solving IMO. -less torture-

    • I don’t have a TV but I am a detective and know forensic analysis.

  11. The very first thing to consider when one reads or hears the title of the manuscript known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is that this protocol has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism but to cloak itself from what it is in naked relief underneath – psychopathic lust for political power. It is a grimoire of megalomania, the authors are worshipers of mammon, and they hold themselves up as gods. The combination is a mix of breed and creed, neither Jewish, Christian, Muslim or any other religious faith. Even attempts to characterize them as literal ‘Satanists’ is a misconception, they care nothing for anything but power and the wealth it brings. They are immoral, so Christians consider them ‘Satan Worshipers’. It is the Christians who believe in Satan, not this power elite. So they leak out fraudulent garbage to further the myths and hang up researchers in endless details of fantastical intrigue – the stuff of comic books.

    The most predictable thing results in this; hangers on, wannabe’s and charlatans take up such nonsense and propagate it to appear important. And those who are successful to a point to get noticed and receive promotion and often financing from the mid level oligarchy that understands the importance of PR, and propaganda in perception manipulation. It is a veritable industry and the symbolism is cleverly used in logos and advertising to further the mythology. Everybody climbs aboard because it is hip, cool, “fraught with meaning.” Art directors, movie execs, science fiction authors, comic artists, fashion designers, and wanna be vampires, parade the charade.

    And the Elite laugh all their way to their banks and estates. Some of this iconography is even done in fine arts, and the Elites may own and promote these tools as well. Some of the blue blood youth of these Elites may see it as a romantic persona for a time – until they are tapped for responsibilities. The “All Seeing Eye of Horus” is put on the shelf and real business is attended to.

    Another thing to remember that much of this symbolism is secular and has meant different things to different philosophies throughout the centuries. The Romantic period of art, and sculpture, and architecture adopted many symbols and myths from classical Egyptian and Roman motifs, as an appreciation of technique and craft as well as subject. The fanatical “Christian” view of all of this as having to do with the devil is again, psychological projection on their part. The artists and philosophers of that era related to an entirely different paradigm, one breaking the trail for an expression of their ideals of Liberty, Justice, and Reason.

    These Ideals themselves were then co-opted by the powers that be, the chic and popular thing of the day, and it’s rhetoric taken and spun for their own means. And as this movement in the minds of men, educated in greater numbers than any generation yet began to discover that Liberty was the rightful and natural state of the human being, the Elites became more determined to steal their thunder, and this is where and when the of the penning of the most referenced form of these Protocols, which had been around evolving through the ages, took shape this is the version penned by Weishaupt, the Illuminati version. This version evolved further with reference to technological advances by the early 1900s.

    • I never refer to Satan except in Saturnia and the same Greek type analysis. Luciferianism and so called illumination (ati) is not superstition not twaddle. but a codex, a base for all alchemical knowledge of the psychopathic arts.
      Numerology intersects the psi fiction and sci fact. Like the piano it takes 3, 8, 11, 24, 36 and 88 to play in any religion or race. It’s in the garden of good and evil the compositions are composed but the numbers are the same, Just in the sequences are the intent discerned I understand the numeric double entendre.

    • Then we are divided merely by our choice of metaphors…

      • That’s true. If we termed it in numbers, we’d have less division. MIT psycholinguistics. O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? Easy when you know the code.

        ‘It’s in the game.’

        • It is well to remember this Taoist adage: “Like is not”.

          It has to do with the recognition that all human language is metaphor.

          An example; A picture of a horse is not a horse. It is a picture first and foremost. It has ‘aspects’ of a horse, and is symbolic of the idea of “horse” and yet, it is NOT a horse.

          All symbology is the same, even numbers. Like is NOT.

          • -1 is not 1 though it plays one in the vortex. LIKE is NOT but is.

            When they say day, they use night. When they say ENERGY they mean YOUR bodily fluids. Observe the doublespeak, double entendre , codex, numbers. Hold it to the mirror, squinting a bit, observe the periphery. Learn the lexicon, dissect the keywords, MEDIA buzz phrases, and jot the numbers down and decode.

            It’s a game of thrones, drones, cones and homophones.

  12. “All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?”

    • “All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control…”~lawfulpath source

      This is too broad and general a statement to take seriously.

      Do we doubt that the elite’s, the “powers that be” take knowledge as a means for control?

      Of course not.

      But what of our own personal quest for knowledge? Is this not a beneficent path for the individual who wishes to remain free and sane?

      盟, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” is not startling new information for most researchers. It may have it’s place for consideration; but personally I don not consider it an unimpeachable “Bible”. Like all information, discernment is paramount in imbibing such materials.

      That said, I encourage the readership to read the document while keeping a skeptical eye to what is within.

    • “Caution: A woman’s impulsive anger can override her fear. An irate woman’s power must never be underestimated, and her power over a pussy-whipped husband must likewise never be underestimated. It got women the vote in 1920.”~”Silent Weapons” – TM-SW7905.1

      Does this read like a military technical manual to you?
      Maybe in a Peter Sellers script.
      Not in the real military … grin.

  13. Silent Weapons for Quite Wars:

    At least 3 possibilities exist as to the validity of ‘Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1′:

    [1.] The document was uncovered quite by accident on July 7, 1986 when an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased a surplus IBM copier for scrap parts at a sale, and discovered inside details of a plan.

    [2.] The document was leaked by some insider with access to top secret documents, and the cover-story above was fabricated to obfuscate the truth of it’s release.

    [3.] The document is the result of the imagination of an outside researcher who has put together a plausible construction. Such constructions are quite common in the community of researchers, whether presented as original research, or presented as a covert ‘discovery’. The Iron Mountain Report, is very much in the same category as the document under discussion.

    • Being as familiar as I am with the topic of social engineering, I would say that the third [3.] option above is the most likely, given the gist of this paper is more of an Exposé than a military manual.

  14. What is “deviance” in a Psychopathic Society?

    To a certain extent ‘deviance’ can be said to be rebellion and resistance by the sane.

  15. Pretty interesting discussion if you have the time…covers a lot of intrigue, what’s went on, and going on.

    “Rafapal: Iraqi Dinar reset; Fed dollar out, US Treasury Dollar & BRICS in; Collateral Gold coming”:

  16. This discussion provides some thought-provoking analysis on “The Game” being played by the elites:

    • This one nails it Boomer.

      As I have been espousing for some time now; there are no ‘independent nations’ – it is simply theater. All is a production of Casting Central in the real paradigm of ‘Interdependence’ – The New World Order of the International Banking Cartel.

      It will continue as a global strategy of tension perpetually now; just like the plot aspect of Orwell’s 1984.

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