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Nancy Lanza ALIVE! The Most CENSORED Sandy Hook Video Online

For more information:

Video And Investigation by The PaulStal Service…

Also watch this video censored from yotuube: ‘The Anne Haddad – Kaitlin Roig Connection’…

Investigation post by the paulstal service…

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

– See more at:


The above videos have already been removed. May be gone soon.

Annie Haddad. Hwbrew for Smith The Blacksmith



  1. video has been removed…….so much for seeing it. lol

    • Wow that one was two days old. The NSA is slipping.

      Keep an eye out for it as it appears over and over. You can google Annie Haddad and get some transcript.

    • This one is gone as well now.

  2. Ha! I watched this video last night, but fell asleep halfway through (it was late!) This morning, I decided to finish it, and lo and behold, it is gone. Thanks for the new link. What could be so terrible that Youtube yanked the original? I know the REAL reason, but what is their fake cover reason? The fake reason intended for the general herd?

    I have a theory, that there are certain elite families (like the Greenbergs) who operate outside of the general population. These people have been involved behind the scenes for generations, and it is a lifestyle, not just a weird job. Maybe one purpose is to participate in false flags. There are a lot of acting families who are in on it, and they would never dream of telling their secret to us “lower class” people, the people who actually believe the hoaxes. If they have an agenda, and are lying to the public to further that agenda, then they would never tell. Newtown was set up years ago for this hoax, and the people who participated are just doing their job. They wouldn’t tell because they operate above and outside of the general population. *Just my theory, and I would love to hear what everyone else thinks! Anything is possible!*

    While we’re at it, why did some of the kids perform at the Superbowl? I really do think some of those kids were Sandy Hook “victims”, but a little older. If it’s true, then why? Do they like rubbing it in our faces, bragging about how they can get away with it in front of a sleeping world?

    • I think you are correct NA. The keyword is ‘globalist’ elites. Not the kingpins like AIG’s Maurice Greenberg but his lesser family, in-laws and lesser operatives. NY Mayor Bloomberg is another. This is clearly evident in the PHELPS – SEXTONS and the POZNER characters. There is no doubt they have many aliases but the faces don’t lie.

      Like the US crisis actors in the GIFFORDS fraud, AURORA, SANDY HOOK and BOSTON HOAXES, the players sometimes return for extended engagements.

      So true is the international FAKE JOO KHAZAR players as cr-ISIS actors. Another classic case is Gadahn AL-CIAda Mossad agent. The ISIS actors are a lesser threat than ebola which is being managed well. I realize now this is a work in process.

      The Africom Conjob is a Gladio operation with the stay behind actors that were used in the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya staged event. The actors are likely involved in further stagings to come. But the e-Bola cola event is being managed and they always have options and multiple opportunities.

      What the CDC WHO and Gates-keepers can do with this event is;

      1. TTake the steam out of the CDC Thompson whistleblower on vaccines and Autism disclosure

      2. Curb the Benghazi investigation and set up new shop in Liberia (which has been a US staging center for quite awhile) They intend to ramp up Africom.

      3. The AFRICOM agenda itself the largest potential swindle and theft of sovereign nations ever.

      4. Set the stage for the US cr-ISIS over the southern border or by Skyfall UFO drones. Malaysian operatives are unencumbered to move about without very much notice.

      5. TRUTH in advertising: FOX NEWS AFRICOM US to send 3000 troops to Liberia

      The headline reads: Department of Defense’s number one priority is combating Ebola.

      Like ISIS itself created by the Globalists and minions the ebola is the same and the ability to get limited but special forces in Africa under false flag is clear.

      There is a reason that Obama won’t put boots on the ground in Iraq. Because “boots” are enlisted soldiers and whistleblowers. He keenly uses only operatives in limited numbers as to maintain “Global(ist) Security” while giving Americans the illusion he gives a flying F-ck about infantry.

      These dialectics are becoming so obvious that it is very difficult for me to see how sheeple can still be buying any of it. The left-right has never been so synchronized while appearing to be so partisan.

      The globalists made ISIS and eBola like every other boogeyman and it surely keeps the war economy thriving while the people go deeper in debt.

      Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis to perfection: 6-9-3-3-9-6-6-9-3-……n

      • P>S> – I forgot to include 6 in my haste

        6. Create a vaccination Ponzi and sterilize and create future cancer patients and mind control zombies. (should they decide to go universal on the ebola spreading campaign)

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    Now you can save video files of anything you care to and have them offline. Is my plan when funding comes in, to do an entire library of how to videos ………might even do the music videos or whatever, but the point is, that is how the experts make it look hard when it is simple.
    Yes there are more difficult methods, but this is the most simple and easy to use.

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