Posted by: CasaZaza | September 11, 2014

I’m a Truther

It is no small measure of the sickness in our society wherein being called a “truther” is considered an insult – after all, if you are not a Truther then what are you – A Liar?

Special thanks to DeepSpace for appearing in this video.



  1. Bravo, Casazaza! I don’t watch many videos, but I’m glad I made an exception today!

  2. I have a new favorite song. Great. Fantastic frequencies. Truth with a touch of Dylan and a beautiful jazzy melody. I love it. This needs to go viral. Bravo, you artist, you truther, you coto!!!


    • I’ve been called worse – and thanks

      • I sent the u-toob link to infowars and told them to play it in-between IODINE sales. Hope you don’t mind that.

        • Certainly not – appreciated

  3. Really Great Casazaza! Hard hitting — like The Truth. A terrific “Poke in the Eye” to the lizards.

  4. Dutch Sinse dredged up this video about the molten steel of the WTC bldgs 8 weeks after…

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