Posted by: Mr. M | September 11, 2014

Hey mist-a’ you maybe got some work for me?




    The events, explained by people familiar with the company’s computer networks, help answer a question looming over Home Depot’s revelation this week that hackers had penetrated its U.S. and Canadian stores for as long as four months: How could this happen so soon after the breach at Target, which shocked the industry and contributed to the ouster of its chief executive.

    “The sort of poisonous atmosphere is not just rhetorical. We are looking at an increase in Hispanic-targeted violence. The Bureau of Justice statistics reports hate crimes against Hispanics more than tripled from 2011 to 2012 and in part, because of increased tensions around the immigration reform debate and immigration in general.

    Home Depot has entered into an agreement with La Raza (the racist Hispanic organization) to provide more jobs for Hispanics. This is going beyond hiring more Hispanics in Hispanic neighborhoods or more African-Americans in African-American neighborhoods. That is logical and good business sense. The Home Depot corporate PR releases are parroted by the business news that jabber about an increasing Hispanic market. Of course, what they don’t say that most of this increase is illegal criminals in violation of U.S. Law. Oh, never mind, they are all customers.

    La Raza (For the Race everything, for everyone else, nothing) is more candid about Home Depot hiring illegals in violation of U.S. law. “In launching this new partnership with Home Depot, it will be a sign that our folks are not just waiting in the parking lot but are actually working inside the stores,” said Tom Espinoza, president and chief executive of La Raza Development Fund.

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