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Agenda 21 from cradle to grave





Noam Chomsky | Owl of Minerva’s View: ISIS and Our Times

Eighty years ago, Martin Heidegger extolled Nazi Germany as providing the best hope for rescuing the glorious civilization of the Greeks from the barbarians of the East and West. Today, German bankers are crushing Greece under an economic regime designed to maintain their wealth and power.

The likely end of the era of civilization is foreshadowed in a new draft report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the generally conservative monitor of what is happening to the physical world.

The report concludes that increasing greenhouse gas emissions risk “severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems” over the coming decades. The world is nearing the temperature when loss of the vast ice sheet over Greenland will be unstoppable. Along with melting Antarctic ice, that could raise sea levels to inundate major cities as well as coastal plains.

The era of civilization coincides closely with the geological epoch of the Holocene, beginning over 11,000 years ago. The previous Pleistocene epoch lasted 2.5 million years. Scientists now suggest that a new epoch began about 250 years ago, the Anthropocene, the period when human activity has had a dramatic impact on the physical world. The rate of change of geological epochs is hard to ignore.


ISIS – 811 – Agenda 21 – SKYFALL

Isis —The Dark Force of our time!!! የ8 ዓመት ሕፃን = 38 919 919

Let’s cut through the crap that there is not a single mindset among the thousand points of light. We can stop looking for the boogieman in a race, religion, state or single entity and see a group effort and compartmentalized circuit that works autonomously globally.

ISIS? Why not IW or IWL?


From the RIIA, Chatham House, City of London, Tavistock Institute comes the OWL, a One World Laboratory

There is a need to focus solely on Agenda 21 and the relationship of your Slavery to rulers of the realm.  Freedom comes when you can separate the two. The war is an internal one and ISIS is no threat if you will learn the strategies.  We can kill the Master and thusly, kill the slave.

Chomsky needs a refresher in my opinion and clearly is a slave. At least he links the two as Master & Slave




ISIS?      No, CRISIS and Actors



CRISIS?  No, ISIS and Liars







  1. Hi Mister M. Great to hear you on Alex Jones today. He flashed our little Blog. Make sure you get me the info on your new portal. Send it to

    Be safe out there Michael.

  2. Time for the refresher on Hegel and the dialectic?,G.W.F/Hegel,_G.W.F._-_The_Phenomenology_Of_Mind.pdf

    Control all the Energy (including yours)

    ISIS & Oil, like Allah & God

    Carbon is for the elites (including yours)

  3. BTW, the cradle is the Levant and Fertile Crescent. The cradle for the WOT is Mecca and the grave is science and religion by the free radicals. To not have some knowledge of the Qur’an. one may miss the connection pf the technology that will enslave us from cradle to grave.

    It’s not too hard to see the transition of the PTB and the kowtowing to ISlam while ignoring or abetting other persecution sectors. Science and Islam are one and it plays into the false paradigm and prophesy by committee and their WMD technology.

    It also plays into the meme on bin-laden and global warming


    This is the Agenda for 2015 and we can expect the most active HAARP assaults and solar cycle activity which they will underplay in Lieu of AGW and Human Depopulation.

    The boys at NASA NOAA NIST and the NAVY will be dealing the data in their favor. The cards are marked.

  5. Here is a map that predicts this winter will be a bad one. How much of this could be attributed to HAARP? We already have stores of food and an Aquarain water filter, and we’re saving up to put a wood stove in before winter comes. It is good to be prepared for emergencies (even the man-made ones!)
    Is there any validity to this, or is it just another way to scare people? We’ll find out either way soon enough……

    • I just realized this is not a real story! Will have to tell the person who sent it to me. Still, the message to be prepared is a good one!

      • I liked the info in that piece. I don’t know where you are NA but the precip levels from the current models tells you COLD. WET. CONSTANT.

        HAARP and the Associated NAVY ionospheric scalar heaters have been constantly f-king with the jet stream and elNino laNINA. They operate from

        Pacific – Malaysia to Indian Ocean – Diego Garcia
        And they experiment in Arctic and Antarctic

        The Cold War gave us the introduction of “the super weapon” by Nakita Khrushchev. When the West declared Mutually Assured Destruction, the UN was signing the ENMOD treaty of 1976. There is the Elephant in the Room

        Of course these are redacted and incomplete but WjkiLeaks has additional info / cable and emails which are redacted/incomplete as well. The end of the cold war was the beginning of joint operations for the UN and affiliates to use the technologies from Tesla to Pucharich to the NAZI paperclips from NASA, the committee has had the men with the right stuff developing this technology for fifty years or more.

        We the sheep see only a miniscule of the technology advancement they possess. It’s sad when the masses line up for the iPhone6 thinking they are getting some cutting edge miracle of science and technology for their use when the reality Apple surveillance system and iCLOUD monitoring will soon be implantable. Wait til you see the lamb lines for that one.

    • I’ve read the info on cycles and we are peaking the cooling one right now. I predicted the worst in some years. Unusually cool summer and more precipitation.

      What does the chemtrail global dimming ENMOD tell you? As you cool the terra firma, oceans etc, for extended periods of time you will get phenom along with the major factors of climatic cycles that I believe change every thirty years more or less.

      Find the historic almanac info and see the last cooling cycle from the late eighties after the warming cycle of the sixties. When scientists predicted the ICE AGE in the seventies, the committee began the propaganda and data manipulations to turn the thinking around. They were successful.

      Logic says that they now had to make it happen so I ask you to look at the steady and enormous amount of Chemtrailing that happened from the nineties to date. All SKYFALL watchers will tell you that the aerosol spraying went into high gear and what were beta tests went into hyperdrive during the last Twenty years.

      YES climate change is MAN MADE! And we know the criminal men who are causing it..

      “Some Men Are Coming To Kill Us. We’re Going To Kill Them First” – Skyfall

      NASA, NIST, NATO, NOAA, NAVY = NWO in a petri dish

  6. What Y2K was for 911 is the Same for ISIS and 811 (or 911-2) I know now that the 2016 October date is the furthest point from the event and we can see it anytime sooner than that. All your prepping will payoff.

    2012 and Mayan psyop was the Y2K for ClimateGate as well. It suggests the major event scenario to me. No later than 2026. Somewhere in the dark servers buried under Denver is a software/softkill model with graphs and algorithms predictive models for a host of wargaming scenarios. I am sure the ENMOD weather and biothreat models exist there as well. At this point IMO, you snooze you lose.

    I still see the Africom holds the key to the CUMBRE VIEJA VOLCANO Palma Canary Islands Tsunami scenario. Watch the eBOLA maps and when the contagion is confirmed out of control, then watch for earthquakes and volcanic activity.

    4.1.1 Artificial intelligence (aka Colossus. )
    4.1.2 Nanotechnology ((Bluebeam))
    4.1.3 Biotechnology ((VIRAL))
    4.1.4 Warfare and mass destruction (WWIII)
    4.1.5 Global warming (EISCAT, HAARP, ISS)
    4.1.6 Ecological disaster (ENMOD)
    4.1.7 World population and agricultural crisis (AGENDA 21)
    4.1.8 Experimental technology accident (GMO)

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