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“THEY” Blew it When “THEY” Believed “THEY” Could Hide THE TRUTH!

When it ALL Comes Down

“IMPLOSION” — When it ALL Comes Down

“The following letter was sent out by the 9/11 Truth Movement USA to websites and blogs, alternative news platforms and mainstream media outlets across America. They have been expressing an urgent need to expose the 9/11 false flag operation once and for all so that the nation can get back on the right track.

We feel the same urgency in this matter. Hence, we post the contents of the letter below.

Hello 9/11 TRUTHER,

The following article on 9/11 has been described as “the most definitive piece”
on the 9/11 False Flag Operation. We think you may agree and trust that you
will disseminate it to help the Truth Movement advance this urgent cause”.

9/11 False Flag Operation: HUGE Tipping Point As State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Exposed




  1. I feel as if I am on a roll again Boomer. Posting the rash of OK earthquakes on Aug 16th deposing the LA earthquake was one. The next was the MH airliners and the possibility of it being the MH17 staged down flight over Ukraine.

    After the STATE SPONSORED leak of ISIS MI6 or alCIAda hinting to the US attack of Vegas it is clear that we will get another assault very soon. After the unprecedented revelation of Mercury MMR vaccines and Thompson whistleblower, 911 has to be revealed.

    To what end, I have no clue but to what degree they are willing to go to make Putin, Assad or Iran a scapegoat would collapse the progress that the truth movement has built. There may be no choice for them. They may have to start WWIII or HAARP the Madrid or Andreas to divert the flood of reality that the ISIS and Benghazi and the Autism CDC exposure, IRS scandal, Fast & Furious-Gunwalker.has brought to light.

    The Libya and Syria events were so obvious and the truth behind Benghazi are so exposed that even the Pentagon has said they have to admit to arming the STATE SPONSORED Gladio groups as if it wasn’t by design but an honest mistake. I see rats scurrying and bailing like crazy now looking for cover. Something has to blow and it has to happen soon.

    The saddest thing is that I see less and less comments and action here from visitors and see less and less real spreading of the info from other bloggers and investigators. That tells me that apathy, indifference or obliviousness is winning and the quiet war is taking a heavy toll on citizens. It’s sad.

    I expect no comments tonight and Denver/Indianapolis preseason will win out over reading the article and offering some input.

    • That commenters and interaction are fewer is not our problem. I believe that people are pressed and struggling just to make ends meet on the home front — equaling less time to read, reflect, and interact.

      People may forget that each one is “a voice” crying out, a human being saying “No” to tyranny and exploitation, an individual of amazing uniqueness and power, that when combined with “other” human beings becomes a tidal wave that cannot be stopped nor diverted — washing away the garbage that has been constructed to imprison and destroy human liberty and individual freedom.

      There is no giving in to the slavers. That is No Way to live. How much longer can the Bushes, Clintons, Obama’s and all their crews continue to lie with impunity and ruin the lives of millions? How much longer can a corrupt congress exist without retaliation and abject rejection by Americans? How much longer can any of the incredible corruption and malignancy we see everywhere continue, without humanity standing up for itself?

      Things are coming to a head. Any False Flag (anywhere) will be microscoped immediately by intelligent people around the globe.

      The “ACTS” of the evil ones can no longer be hidden, or palmed off on some demonized group, state, or flunkie. I believe the “cats-out-of-the-bag” with regards to humanity having “awakened”. It is only a matter of time before karma comes a callin on “The Perpetrators”.


    Be aware there is a new bioassault courtesy of FT DETRICK weapons lab. I have yet to conclude if it’s a payback. Seems to be a mysterious new rhinovirus attacking the 38th parallel in Denver and Kansas City

  3. Slick Psy-opISIS

    Obama considers going after ISIS as public opinion tide turns in favor of invasion
    “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% of Likely U.S. Voters consider the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) a serious threat to this country.”

    I’m a libertarian Boomer but I have had many thoughts regarding a law that requires voters to pass a test cast a ballot. Sad but heres your sheeple.

    • I don’t know if it can be believed…just like anything else. But vast herds of people really are stupid and ignorant no doubt. Yet, they can be awakened and word travels fast these days.

      It is shocking if a large amount of people actually believe Syria, Iraq are serious threats to the U.S. But, gee — do you think they might have good reasons to be hateful? Anyways, the MSM watching crowd needs to pull their heads out, read alt news and learn The Truth about Who is doing What to Whom.

  4. Gotta love this one.

    “A Penny saved is a penny earned” – Ben Franklin, Nazi lone wolf terrorist

    Feds say Americans who hoard money are to blame for poor economy

    No, according to the Fed it is your fault. Apparently, you are not spending enough money. In order for the economy to recover you need to stop hoarding cash now and get out there and start buying more homes, cars, vacations, and electronics. Otherwise, you’ll only have yourself to blame when the system comes unhinged.

    • Yeah, right. What comes out of any FED mouth but fecal matter.


    8 years 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot
    13 years 911
    2 years Benghazi

    America the chickens are coming home to roost.

    Since 9-11-2001 the United States has been engaged in destabilization of the Middle East. Now it seems the same people are in the process of destabilizing America. ISIS Threatens 9-11 style attack. 11 Libyan Airliners missing.

    MSM Psyop Blitz

    Do we expect the staging of another FAKE terror plot thwarted? Or do the State Sponsored Psychos go ‘forward ‘


    In 2007, Stephen Zarlenga (Executive Director, AMI) asked my opinion: “Carl, do you think there’s some kind of ‘slave gene’ that explains people worshipping the very leaders crushing them?” I responded, “Maybe. There’s plenty of consideration that the ‘human animal’ has a fear-reflex and reptilian brain function attracted to hierarchies. We certainly find this fear and system-worship in our work for monetary reform.”

  7. UPDATE: Petition to Put 9/11 Probe on NYC Ballot Jumps Big Hurdle – See more at:

  8. I agree, most humans seem to have this slave gene!! I see it most clearly while arguing about vaccines and other medical belief systems. When I point out the corruption between something like the FDA, GMOs and Monsanto, people don’t seem to fully grasp the concept. It is maddening!

    I never had the tendency to worship leaders. No, I learned from an early age how horrible people could be, so naturally I had mistrust for all leaders in general. Most people are the opposite, and seem to trust leaders more than their fellow citizens. Example, when thousands of parents tell stories of vaccines harming their children, people would rather believe their leaders at the CDC or FDA. I should not feel so much hatred toward these people, but maybe pity for their closed-minded slave brains!

    • There was a reason for the scriptures. Allegorically and mathematical.
      We can don the sheeps clothing, put on the silk leashes and be paraded around the vortex like a dog at the Westminister Show.

      As an asset investment, we have a performing model to meet. Once we fall short of those expectations, our carbon liability becomes center stage. We should all do a analysis of the many ways we have aided and abetted the portfolio for the committee. A well designed system is one where the labor and tax levy offset personal private wealth. Acceleration in debt has to outpace the income.

      We are just transferring fiat like a monopoly bankroll. It’s meaningless value a tool to put hard assets into the hands of the elites. Real estate, PM’s, Brick and Mortar and influence purchasing. So goes the idiotic and transparent FED article about us not being in debt enough and the cause of the problem.

      A rat race sector running the gauntlet for govt. cheese is a tool for discontent, divide and conquer and consensus and confirmation of the big daddy government necessity. The fact that we need NO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT anymore, is the elephant in the room. Try to explain cost/benefit to a trillion dollar annual FED Budget to Ms.Teen South Carolina. Try to get a Harvard Graduate to debate it.

      There is the basis for every war, psyop, fiat fabrication, banking scandal, Wallstreet manipulation and the bureaucratic created legal maze that Internal revenuers and panoptic architects devised that insured that financial collapse under the weight of this empire state building would occur if the building support structure should fail.

      The question is do we let it collapse now with a hope of recovery or wait until we have no option but to have ourselves sold off to the UN in a carbon derivative scheme to make the mortgage fukushima meltdown look like a fondue. I think we can all agree that ‘chump change’ Barry Soetoro has adopted this strategy as did MaGog Bush, Slick Willy, Dubya before him.


    A classic TRIPLE CROSS and reverse engineered psyop. In the vortex it runs 693-396-693. You can dissect this event by running it from end to beginning. Classic Patsy, Stooge, Incompetence to purpose. A real beauty to behold. A win-win-win for the committee that appears to be a loss.

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