Posted by: Puddy Dunne | September 3, 2014

Bella and the Jets


Where fantasyland meets reality and the official story comes to die

Hey kids, shake it loose together
The spotlight’s hitting something
That’s been known to change the weather
We’ll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You’re gonna hear electric music
Solid walls of sound

– Bernie Taupin

The ringleader of the September 11th attacks, Mohammed Atta, and at least four of the other 19 hijackers made six visits to Las Vegas between late-May and mid-August. Atta, who piloted the first plane into the World Trade Center, flew to Las Vegas on June 28, 2001, rented a car, and then spent 90 minutes online at an internet cafe across from UNLV. He then checked in at the Econo Lodge on Las Vegas Boulevard, within shouting distance of the FBI office, put a “do not disturb” sign on his door and stayed two nights in a room that faced the Stratosphere Tower…..


The hijackers weren’t the only visitors of note that summer. On 9/11 itself, more than 100 members of the Saudi royal family and their friends, the Bin Laden’s, were staying in Las Vegas, mostly at Caesars Palace and the Four Seasons. Osama Bin Laden’s sister was well known at the Bellagio….

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and Western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.

Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the U.S. government over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, said U.S. officials familiar with the reports….


For those who do not know about the Bellagio Fountains, I’ve come across some very interesting facts about why it is the world’s best fountain display.   Unlike most fountains that have music attached, the display at Bellagio took the premise in reverse and tailored the fountain behavior to the theme of the song.  That is, every piece of the 3 dozen or so songs has special fountain sequences to go along with the music.  To make the movements more unique, there are four unique fountain nozzles (1,200 total) that are found in the 9 acre lake, including:


OarsmenJets set with full 360 degree motion
Shooters – Upward shooting jets
Super Shooters – Upward shooting jets to 240 feet
Extreme Shooters – Upward shooting jets to an impressive 460 feet

Putting together the combination of the 1,200 jets, 4,500+ lights, and 3 dozen songs, and you can imagine the possibilities for the beautiful scenes.  Want to see them all?  It might be hard in one trip, but to get the most out of the fountains it is best to know the show times like the back of your hand.  Monday to Friday the fountains play every 30 minutes from 3pm until 8pm and every 15 minutes until midnight.  Saturday and Sunday the fountains play every 30 minutes from noon until 8pm and every 15 minutes until midnight.  The first and last show of the day is always the “Star Spangled Banner”, however immediately following the opening performance is a second show chosen at random from their play list……

Implosions  There have been 14 implosions in Las Vegas since 1993. Click here to see them.

WTC 1993 Bombing


  1. gold run and the China Syndrome. Russian made attack of the NYSE. EU=US Dollar pound collapse. Nuclear scare/Rockets red glare. Libya and Iraq and a Pak Attack and the MSM is reporting “naked celebrities”

    This is when you look for Skyfall coto.

  2. Yep but don’t forget us shivering rats in LA formerly the City of the Angels. I think there are floating bond issues that are smelling rank, departing Euro/Saudi elites who leave with art still tacked on the walls and a curious outflux of the Tinsel town types who seem to have been putting house to market rather hurriedly ever since Mkultra Guy was selected to be the closer.Of course then their financial advisors have a duty too.
    Not all have left but I have noticed certain shall I say sharper knives have departed these shores. Even the security details tell stories and the Mexicans have told me a few too,
    It is a gut feeling. But I know the powers are right.

    • I predicted LA Earthquake 2013. Overdue she was. I did not predict ‘LA Confidential’ in Ferguson MO but see that NAPA, FERGIE and OBAMA were hanging on the 38th parallel. Seems to me the Real Estate bubble in China will tsunami the market though the rats will still be looking for deals on new ocean front property in Nevada. Cliven Bundy may have to be prepared as well.

      I certainly agree John, when the saudi’s leave, one should take notice. I know Denver and that seems to be the rock of choice for the rising tide of NWO confidential. What comes with skyfall is a great DJ playing a new record. When the Dow peaks the crib will fall. I’m sending some lyrics to Jay-Z.

      I have to admit that I thought Gerry Brown was a queue for the string of events that would lead to MRAPS on Interstate-8. San Diego is a good point of reference as is San Fran. Senor Juan De Fuca may be talking soon. One thing the powers can tell us is that when Skyfall occurs, it will be a downpour nationwide if not worldwide.

      Obama in Estonia speaks to the possible EMP or Grid attack. Carbongate seems to be core of all things. Agenda 21 requires control over all energy foreign and domestic. Regulating it like a thermostat 80 degrees to 90 degrees this summer. They have effectively regulated it overseas with arab spring stagings, al CIAda, ISIS and sanctions.

      What comes with Skyfall is when Obama pulls out his pen, the WMD I fear the most. That’s when rockets fire, planes fall, earth shakes and the mk-delta triggers fire. Don’t forget to turn out the lights John if you are last to leave.

  3. Goosfraba and then Skyfall
    Skyfall Flash Crash


    Why three had to fall – Why two had to do it – 911 / 811 / 322

    CFR=369 SKULL&BONES=322 (wildcard7)
    1993 =22
    1248751[3] 1578421[9] 571428[9]

    40.711452°N 74.011919°W 471(v), 711(9), 452(11), 74(11) 11(11), 919 (IS)
    40 11 – 11.9 (8)
    6-2 (8)

    911 cyclic (n) 911, 811, 711, 611, 511, 411, 311, 211, 11, 1

    untouchable (n) 2, 5, 52, 88, 96, 120, 124, 146, 162, 188, 206, 210, 216, 238, 246, 248, 262, 268, 276, 288, 290, 292, 304, 306, 322

    322 = 7 (2x5x23) untouchables 2,5,

    8 HOURS DAYS YEARS 888 /5……………………………………….1776
    7 WILDCARD#1 (WTC7) /6…………………………………..
    7 WILDCARD#2 (AA 767×2) /6 = 127 (buildings)
    5 CFR-PENTAGON 5 untouchables for all death totals (See deaths)
    4 GPS COORDINATES 40′ parallel 4 divisors (planes)
    1 EVENT

    untouchable numbers

    322 Phi Beta Kappa ΦΒΚ 1776

    2,996 immediate deaths (event)
    246 victims on the four planes
    2,606 in New York City
    126 Pentagon.
    292 Street level
    372 people with non-U.S. citizenship

  5. VOX(online), Estonian Officer Abducted by Russians.-The NWO is in touch
    so you be in touch….

    The charts are really good. Explains the visitors from Bavaria whenever I log in at 2am.Bavaria
    Denver and Redmond whenever late night check up.
    919919 NWO tour.

    EMP, and I get a three also. One is a master financial cleanse. America needs to loose stubborn pounds, pensions, savings.

    I think Las Vegas is true. Very good as they need debt to go BOOM, and you have the Army on standby out on interstate.
    Great investigation. No one has had that. Rings true.

    Skyfall. Squid on the Pyramid tower, Shanghai, killer don’t know who he works for dies at thirty thousand feet. U S A can you hear me?


    have lax standards news at 11.

    currency cobras…are you ready?

    Shanghai Surprise it is the Building Tower of the Clans the shining red star to lead.
    We are here but you can’t see us.

    USA is represented by a CIA agent who be black and a lady. And a bad shot. Hmm…..
    Let’s go to Info Poo or Huff Poo they can tell us.
    Hackers attacking the MI6 Pyramid. Oh noes!
    Underground back to wartimes footing says the office. Yes, you read the script.COTO is Barbara Walters in touch with NWO flight times.

    James beholds a Lady In Red and the icing of old guard.Tres Astute. .Watch the relaxing interview on Charlie Bilderberger with John Mack, Morgan Stanley.
    John tells the stay in touch crowd he is heading The Sovereign Wealth Fund for China.

    I’ll bet they own some land in ….
    Fashion turn to the left someone gives the cake to …..Mushrooms be mad.
    Furious to the streets as Mexican military helps out.

    Take a bow Harry

    You’ve worked hard for the money. Pelosi

    In the sailboat across waters(cough, cough) we see the beautiful lady in red goes to the mysterious island Hark, Stalin on the ground.
    Royal Choppers are too the rescue…..And it ends as Some Men Are Coming To Kill Us, We’re Going To Kill Them First. That be you and me.

    Final countdown has begun. COTO knows USA populations, not so much.

  6. You paint a nice mural John. Reading from the googleplex takes it toll but there is so much to glean from the machine.

    When the NSA and NASA, NIST, NATO and NAVY get bluebeam ready it’s time to find another shore. I believe the borders are to keep us in. The turnstiles are one way. Wonder if the ebola cola rider will come through?

    Maybe I go back to the old country, Scotland and get ready to fight the International Fund MI6 and City of London MI5. Maybe not and stay here for al-DCIAda. It’s going to be a ride.

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