Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 27, 2014

Killing Kauai — Judge Rules its O.K. to Poison Kauai with GMO Pesticides

Having honeymooned on Kauai a good number of years back


I am disgusted at this latest revelation to come to my attention: .

This affront to humanity and our environment demonstrates (again) the anti-human greed of Monsanto and multi-national corporations. It is ALL about money, and ONLY about money. Except for their additional agenda’s of depopulation, and testing products ex-law to come up with more poisonous products.

Ala Chemtrails, The People seem to have no choice in the matter, nor does the environment. These foul evil creatures inhabiting these corporations play the “Evil God” with no conscious whatsoever. The only question that remains, is HOW does Humanity Fight Back and Take Back Our Rights to Life and Liberty?!

There is no question that these “Programs” are illegal and evil. From the corrupt legislators to all of the enablers of these kinds of o “programs programs – ALL of them must be dealt with by Humanity with vengeance.

"Slurfing the Killer Waves"

“Slurfing the Killer Waves”




    Recreating Eden [9]

    Monsanto/Disney Eugenics and the Utopian Archons patiently waiting until they can break the first seal.

  2. eBOLA – COLA

    The cost of living adjustment bureau is making it very obvious. If you have been tracking the e-BetaCola virus and have been keeping up with the AFRICON eugenics program, then you should begin to see this similarly to CHINA’s program, the FUKUshima program and iSiS event.

    As I reported in 2012, Africom has placed a large number of personnel in Central and western Africa and I focused on the Ivory coast Cote and Liberia are staging areas just like the prefectures elsewhere.

    Here in the US Connecticut, Texas, California, in iSiS the swath is the fertile crescent and in Ukraine as well there is a program.

    There is a reason the eugenics masters are purposely infecting some doctors and making the obvious ‘decision’ to send them here. There are clearly vaccines and treatments that they will not divulge, but they are getting volunteer eugenics heroes to allow infection as part of some sacrificial ‘statement’ for the mother earth cause.

    In this TRIAD, they get the benefit of testing vector distribution, antidotes and fear mongering. They will have the option of using missing live virus in a future Boku-Haram al-shabaab episode. I suspect the process to go like this.

    1. The spread of e-Bola One (beta test) to continue to spread to Congo and then north to Egypt.

    2. Then it appears in UK/Germany

    3. Then we get the terror event (missing live virus)

    4. MSM 24/7 frequency fear campaign

    5. Malaise Airborne ( connect Malaysia Flight 370 transport and MH-17 to this event) I am certain they were carrying biological or information from Indonesia al-CIAda base.

    6. The actual event and the VACCINE push worldwide.

  3. Boomer- connect the dots

    1. Kathleen Sebelius out ……….11
    2. Sylvia Burwell in ………….21 (agenda)
    b. gates foundation
    g. clinton crime syndicate / Ofc of Management Budget

    alpha-beta-gamma triple crown

    I suspect the fast track for monsanto, PhRMA, Vax Americana, ObGynCare,
    and eBola Cola with no limits (delta-epsilon)


  5. Yeah, WE SEE big corpserate fornicating with big politico, while fingering the fellating MSM bimbos, and getting the criminal finance/banks to launder the dirty linens. A real sticky stinky mess. Can’t forget the gang banging of the MIC and dirty mercs and agency warwhoremongers.

    Puddy, have you ever heard of this sea-faring skullduggery by the Coast Guard? “Iranian sail boat defended itself against U.S. Coast Guard

    The U.S. Coast Guard has a policy of burning private boats anywhere in the world and a small fishing sailboat from Iran did not go along with the policy”.

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