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11 ways to apocalypse  = 835179264  casual / 971534826 abundant / 123456789 evil


abundant , polite, deficient, evil and apocalyptic

911 = 285 vortex negative

911 World Trade Center sacred text 2616 casualties.

Here is a spreadsheet for 2616 victims of WTC.  I  reduced all ages to numeric base number (1-9) consistent with the vortex.

numeric               victims           value

9 288 9
8 312 6
7 298 1
6 267 6
5 299 2
4 264 5
3 305 8
2 285 6
1 298 1

The numerical values at base are included with the number of victims and that the number reduced numerically to base.

Best to view it as below 666-911-285

The totals of each numeric base integer in white = sum 2616



The totals of Chronological Age

Numeric age integer and numeric vortex base = 666

vortex Pi



  1. That is fascinating stuff Puddy! Rhyme & Reason fit the crimes.

    • Thanks Bud… i have no doubt that if the nine people without ages we confirmed the numbers would still be the same.

      The vortex is time-space and the frequency consistently jives with the circuit. This confirms that “they” have harnessed the enormous energy and data about this small planet.

      The GPS freely available to them at anytime. Now they can pinpoint and isolate us to a plot dot. I can only hope that the greater power controls it and they can only bend it and shake it up a bit.

  2. Al Qaeda magazine hints of looming attack; urges bombing of Vegas

    You have to laugh at the fact that the CIA, Pentagon, Congress, WH, Quantico, Capitol Hill, Wallstreet, FOX News, Goldman Sachs Tower or other six bank HQ’s are never the target?

    Casino? Cliven Bundy Ranch? Get real. How about Hollywood at least? Please CIA, make it a little less obvious. Kill a senator or representative to keep it real. At least a close shave.

    • Perhaps it will be a feedlot frenzy of cow tipping?

      Yeah, I feel your pain. Why not bring down a plane with Nancy Pelosi and a couple of her sinister senate pals, or Dick Cheney in the library with the candlestick, or Mrs. Peacock Big Sis tramping with Skeletor?

      You stated it! How about Fort Knox and its empty vaults, just for the insurance money on gold that is no longer there? Silverstein and NY mayors have probably already got this one pasted up on their Greed Board.

      Most of the ruses are ridiculous any more. Debunked within minutes. What Americans should “get” is that they will NEVER be secure as long as this cabal has its foot on the throttle and hands in the till.

      • Fort Knox was at ground zero. 😉


    • I said they used corpses in this shoot down. Corbett hints to it as well. This is Corbett at his best. Well worth the time.

  4. OPERATION 811
    38 latitude 38 longitude

    MH = 3
    17 = 8
    38 = 11 or 2

    MH17 4817 =2
    MH17 commissioned in 7/171997 17 years to date when shot down
    All times where 1 is X – UTC time are 3, 6 or 9

    48°8′17″N 38°38′20″E
    note the long os same as US latitude 38°38′20″E 11-11-2 or base 222=6
    same 38

    ALL 9 = 811 – IS 19

    WGS84 3° 8′ 8.52″ N, 101° 41′ 16.8″ E Same 38 latitude from Airport and as we know the plane is still missing.

    I still suggest the Boeing 777 will be used in a later event.

    MH17 may have been a terror plane on it’s way and never met it’s destination.

    Obviously it takes the eye off the missing Flt 370

    Intersting that the time 12h 5m adds to 8

    and the price $1043 adds to 8

  5. Did Turkey shoot it down? I think so. NATO-OTAN

    911 – 811. The conspiracy could connect biological e-Bola, plane hijacking for later use. False flag gone awry or something even more sinister.

    NATO releases satellite imagery showing Russian combat troops inside Ukraine

  6. Wondering what your opinions are on this……..

    What is so special about us humans? In the Bible, God wants us to worship him, and the devil wants us to worship him. The elite, Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, want humans under their control. They have found ways to manipulate almost all of us.

    My question is, why? What is so special about us? What do they want from us? I’ve heard these people feed off our energy, and considering everything is made up of frequencies, maybe that’s true. I’m trying to learn about numbers, and I do believe the elite have harnessed the power somehow. Still, they use this power to control us, which brings me to ask “why” again. Human sacrifices (past and present)–why? I believe all this is happening, and we are being harmed by some very powerful and evil forces, but do you have an opinion as to why?

    • NA, that is a question far beyond my gray grade 🙂

      I have a theory about the Vortex at it’s base. I seems to work almost all the time. Whack-a-mole sometimes rears it head but all in all the numbers stay consistent.

      My gut says that the anti-christ cannot control the universe, though I know that CERN, ISS NASA, NAZI’s, NIST and all the points of light are trying to crack the GOD particle and harness the Frequencies.

      My theory suggests that they have cracked the transmission. Therefore they know the future to near certainty. predictability, knowledge of human, terra, gravity and EM.

      So they cannot change the universal engine, neither create it or destroy it. Just CONTROL it with lies deceit, manipulations (real or illusionary)
      Just like the big CASINO’s, WALLSTREET and WEATHER they can manipulate what they know and maneuver it in their favor.

      The Vortex is GODs unbreakable code from where all life, energy and matter are originated and unified field at zero point is where the truth and GoD reside.

      Their ability in the vortex to control and distort the circuits to obscure the truth is powerful and plentiful. As each cycle or day passes, the technological aspects improves their process and understanding.
      The drift for us the sheeple, moves us further off the plane, off the trajectory and further from the ONE (we at zero-point)

      [What is so special about us humans? ….My question is, why? What is so special about us? What do they want from us? I’ve heard these people feed off our energy,]

      I have posted 850 times here. I have constantly concluded the simple law of one and the seven, the infinite eight, the power of nine and the truth at zero. The truth is humans are beyond special when not being human but when being one with creation. Human is a manifestation of ‘committee’ and collective under the control of the knowledged and elite. Social and technologically adapted to box us in, dumb us down, confuse us, overwhelm us with trivia and deflection and inundate us with regulation.


      [Why the matter of skyfall becomes so critical. Regardless of the truth of technodeath which I certainty prescribe as the only guarantee of death, it identifies the reality of point of contact when we come to the zero point (or moment) of the total truth. We can never pass this on because it is your law of one and mine as well, shared only by creator and creation.

      The closest we get is ‘knowing’ and that can carry the soul beyond skyfall. no chicken little’s need fear the truth regardless of their spies and provocateurs, their science and majic or disclosure or fear mongering.]

      The time spent understanding the CONTROLS and CONTROLLERS is helpful but the best course of investigation is to discover the power and greatness of ourselves.

      That’s why I call it the EVAN, electromagnetic visual audio network. It detracts, deflects, distorts, diffuses and diminishes your power. Drained is a very difficult way to discovery.

      I have a saying here “You are on your own” and that is a truth that I put the most weight in. People have said that this is atheistic or excludes Humanity or GOD.

      My reply is that they just don’t get it. My wish is that they will.


      In the vortex 9 is always 1 or 8 , the 1+ or – determined circuit 4, 5,
      determine cycle predicated by 3 and 6 determine 258 147, 6 determines wild card 7 or recycle 8. 0 is the universe. Control the nine and determine whether you are 1 or 8 . I gets you there and 8 keeps you there.

      Avoid the false 11 it masquerades the 2 on (2-5-8) It is the fools number, the prison, the illusion.

      Man = 1
      Hu -man = 11 -1[21] or 2-1[3]

      ‘They’ use 3 and 6 to control you. 3 to control your perception 6 to control your world and nine controls your energy. Use the zero [and vortex] and control your nine (1-9) You can do anything from building a pyramid to a new universe. Man is special, Humans are a dime a dozen.

      • What an amazing post! Thank you for explaining so much. It really resonates with me, and I do think what you’ve said is true–or the closest thing to truth I can imagine. There have been times in my life where I’ve felt close to that zero point, when I am creating artwork or connecting to nature.

        Yes, the people of this world seem to have found a way to manipulate the system on many levels. I see almost everything they do as an assault to humans, yet disguised as something good–entertainment, medical cartel, governmental control, weather modification, education, etc. Once you see through one lie, it’s easy to see through them all.

        Sadly, this is the evidence that proves to me how special we can be, because why else would they try to hold us down, keep us ignorant, and control us? We have something they want or need. They are succeeding with most people, but there are a few of us who are not fooled. I tend to dwell on the extreme evil and control in this world, because the lies are so obvious and overwhelming. Your post helps me to remember that maybe rising above is the key. Maybe dwelling on the negative is just one more way to keep us down!! Maybe soaring out of that negative energy and up into something better– aiming for the zero point perhaps–maybe that is what we need to do.

        Thanks for giving us a place to talk about this. This is not a conversation I can have anywhere else!

  7. P.S. – Always remember that the Misery Index determines Markets and Energy prices. Hope fuels Misery. Who’s cashing in?

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