Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 15, 2014


“Some Men Are Coming To Kill Us. We’re Going To Kill Them First.”






Yet again the ISS [3] N^SA gang is burning another giant chemtrail across the Pacific Rim. This time “Mission Creep” in Bluebeam Agenda 21 has 3500 [8] lbs of trash and the remains of the cargo container from Cygnus [swan] Mission Rocket “Janice Voss” (named after one of too many dead astronauts)


This is a bio/geo dump and experimental phony re-entry scam that may have serious underpinnings to fukushima, haarp or eBola.  The texture not evident.  Adding the re-entry hype experiment factor with all the Carbon bullshit defies logic.  Throwing tons of lithium into the atmosphere has no effect on human or climate change. We saw rockets doing that last year in the name of such experimentation.


Well it should be obvious Obama was change, symbolically as a counter to Western Hegemony and a power shift to the committee unseen. Dumbing us down, making is sick and lethargic, depressed and apathetic, numbed and stupefied to the crimes on terra firma.  Meanwhile the globalist flying lab, earthraker without too much focus is able to continue the experiments necessary to put all the operations, failsafes and spectrum data recording and observation surveillance above the fray. These burn dump ops under experimental scams are becoming far too frequent and timely. eBola cola secret recipe, Geo-highball, Nano-Nano carbon encrusted tweezers?

The deflection news are in high frequency . That always means the lesser frequencies are running thru a pass filter.  Time to recalibrate and refocus on the main agenda of the geneticists and behavioral molecular biology of bluebeam.    Genocide is big and small. What Uncle Sam is doing under IS (islamic state) is small potatoes to the ISS NASA (spacetime central)  Better dying thru science.

Massive exposure to the scheme is being divulged. Look to the googleplex for details on current geo-engineering disclosures. We are going to get another massive carbon climate solar scam very soon

Coto: Mental Health Month Sep 2014- our woes will increase and peak in 2016 and don’t break until 2017 and peak in our favor in 2020. (if we are still here)

919 / 91919

Question: When bluebeam event happens and we see god, jesus, allah or et supreme leader, will they have figured out the unified field and antigravity issues so we can be levitated during the rapture?


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  1. Well…things just don’t seem to be getting better, do they?

    Thanks to “The Administrators” and their criminal cronies.

    Found this compendium of 9/11 information and observations at a link:

  2. As you know Boome, I have pinned Eric the red Holder as the most criminal entity in the USAInc crime syndicate. This is based upon range, force and power. Even Barry does not have it, for as we all know, the CIC is trumped by DOJ.
    Like the Mafia, the don is a godfather figure but the kosher nostra behind it was unseen.

    White Pope-Black Pope catholic-jesuit, queen-prime minister people would be surprised to know who reigns over the triumvirates known as DC, The City of London and the Vatican, all of which are independent, outside of greater state, district judicial regulation. We’d like to know the real black CIC, but it’s more guarded than the pope or the queen.

    Anyone want to guess?

    pro tempore? under Mt. Weather and Denver Intl airport. Utah facility is a mirror or smokescreen for data. I’d like to ask criminal kingpin Pat Leahy about the real Weather Underground. .We elect a bilderberger, but the orders come from the triumvirates and in reality we simply elect a class president and class clown to buffer the real ID of committee rule by these foreign freezones and freemasons.

    note: Has anyone noticed Barry’s new makeover? As a grey hollow cheeked sunken eyed demagogue? I’m still certain he and Slick Willie will not be here for 2016 fireworks in November.

  3. Obama’s appearance has “gone gaunt” with his ears appearing very prominent, as tweakers or aging homosexual men frequently appear. Yeah, its definitely noticeable. I was just thinking such when I saw him on camera somewhere.

    Holder is such an obvious gatekeeper putz though. We’ve seen a string of these creatures in a multitude of positions through recent past administrations. Then there’s the Pelosi type of scorpion, and the Janet Napolitano blue-gloved brown shirt administrator enforcer puppet Klown creature.

    If you consider and examine the things they Should be doing in those positions if they actually represented the People, then their activities can be seen from an even more treasonous and criminal perspective. This goes for ALL of these administrators and their cronies in policy-making positions.

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