Posted by: Mr. M | August 14, 2014

Refugees From Ferguson

As chance would have it these two ladies walked by my cart, and they’re from Ferguson and gave their take.



  1. I predicted an event for Minn Minnesota or Kansas City MO this spring. MO is the spot. Too bad the police who have reaped the bounty of our tax dollars in MRAPS and M4’s are itching to play army.

    They have no idea how they are being played for our eventual collapse into ISIL .
    Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
    ISIL is 9-20-9-11 or 911+2

    $4.3 billion worth. What ISIL CIA has obtained in Syria ISIS to ISIL Iraq is another billion dollars. Another Pentagon triad for new weapons sales to fight the ones they armed with their old ones.

    A perfect TRIAD here coto. The fact is I still expect the big event here in Kansas City, to Ohio to Wisconsin to Minnesota or Iowa. Illinois is included as well. This represents the sister to the ME Levant which includes Syria, Jordan Israel, Lebanon and Egypt. Iraq is the staging area which was supposed to be Syria but Obama was given the hands off order when they determined that Iraq would give them far more benefits after all the money and death we poured into it.

    The US Levant will be staged in Chicago Illinois just like Iraq (Mosul) and the event will happen in Minn MN, or KC MO

    BLOOD ALLEY represents 8 Ball and Interstate 35 (8) and US Levant confirms it for me.

    I posted this last year but I have been off by a year. This is the year of 7 positive and 8 negative

    I predict Minneapolis Des Moine or Kansas City near the river.

    I added the Muslim Cat Stevens tune when I predicted it and it fits well so I will post it again. Kansas City Nightmare from catch bull at 4

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