Posted by: boomerangcomesback | August 3, 2014

Ancient Dragon Resuscitated, Meet the Bloodthirsty ” TryPsyops”

Can’t say I’ve read anything in the MSM snews for a looong time now that isn’t blatant deception. I guess that’s what to be expected from psychopathic liars? The Truth is so painful to them (like sun light might be to a Vampire), so contrary to their twisted natures, that they just must lie and deceive like most ‘normal’ humans breathe. Its breath-taking in its Obviousness!

Nessie turns 75 yrs old

Nessie turns 75 yrs old

If you were to start ticking off the psyops attempted to flim flam the public and humanity at large, the list quickly expands into reams of paper, and back into history. Its hard to even stay “current”, because every day is chock full of new psyops whoppers being blatantly marketed as “The Truth”.

Some might call it political theater, or propaganda, or targeted disinformation, or whatever. These psyops THEY keep trying are simply deception and lies used by the elite criminals to attempt to hide their crimes. Whatever. WE SEE EM for what they are. How can you tell? The Alt News uncovers the real truths, or a reasonable facsimile (usually based on Occam’s Razor deductive reasoning) right quick.

These are just curious people with reasonable intelligence asking obvious questions. No need to belabor the point here — just an observation that The People aren’t as stupid or asleep as the criminals would have them to be.


Try the EBOLA Psyops on for size! Ebola Psyop is DOA!

Go ahead, try your hand at shooting holes in “The Official Story”. Slay the “TryPsyops” Dragon from the comfort of your easy chair. Its fun, amusing, and keeps you sharp!

Read Ed Ward, MD’s Blog: “MLS: Timeline Says: Atlanta Ebola Patient PSYOPS Hoax. August 3, 2014”

From Dutch Sinse: 8/03/2014 — “UNPROTECTED News Crew just feet from Ebola patient entering hospital”
Unbelievable stupidity.



“One fascinating development worth investigating further is that TEKMIRA Pharmaceuticals, a company working on an anti-Ebola drug, just received a $1.5 million cash infusion from none other than Monsanto. Click here to read the press release, which states “Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing novel RNAi therapeutics and providing its leading lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology to pharmaceutical partners.

The money from Monsanto is reportedly related to the company’s developed of RNAi technology used in agriculture. The deal is valued at up to $86.2 million, according to the WSJ. (11)

Another press release about Tekmira reveals a $140 million contract with the U.S. military for Ebola treatment drugs:

TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office”. Here’s the Press Release — Above info from article:

Just about every year now, Americans must deal with another FLU FEAR PORN scare. H1N1, whatever… Then, the MSM and the “Fear Felons” begin peddling their vaccines for Big Farmya. Its kind of like a Fall Festival of Fear Porn going into the winter cold & flu season. It has been noted by the way, that the common flu kills some 200,000 + folks yearly, which when compared to Ebola, renderint Ebola but a blip as a danger to humanity in general. So what’s the fuss about? WE can guess…

You might also note, that recent articles on cures for the “uncurable” Ebola virus state that it is a contagion that strips Vitamin C from the blood, resulting in Hemorrhaging. I ran across the article recently, stating that massive Vitamin C infusions (intravenously + orally) can totally reverse the condition. Inexpensively I might add. That’s not what Big Farmya or Big Brother wants US to hear!

If you were to read and scroll down, you’d see a slew of fear-mongering articles that flew on the front end of this psyop days ago. That’s how fast these deceptions are coming at humanity now, from every direction. The Ebola guy just landed, and he’s practically old news. He’s past his “used by” date before he’s even dead!

Watch the You Boob of this old tune, and sub “My Ebola” for the catch phrase in the chorus. The words in this song are weirdly prescient when conflated with the Ebola Psyop. You’ll See!

Anyways, add your own links in the comments section if you choose to add to the debunking of the latest psyop of your choice…


  1. This Ebola “story” is generating lots of fear, and gaining momentum for the moment. So We must ask — Why this, Why now?

    “8/03/2014 — Plane departs to pick up 2nd Infected Ebola Patient — Coming to Atlanta, GA”. Why bring the 2nd patient into the U.S.? Why now?

    Why This interesting “admission” of an Ebola “attack”?

    “The newly released video below from Scott Anthony is an absolute bombshell as we SEE and HEAR the US State Departments Marie Harf read that ‘ebola’ was an ‘attack’. What do Marie Harf and the US State Department know that we don’t know as fears of an ebola-bioweapon grow among experts?

    Listen very closely….there is NO doubt that Marie Harf uses the words ‘ebola attack’….why? Is this confirmation that ebola has been weaponized and is being used right now against humanity?

    {See link above for the 2 videos mentioned in the quotes below} The 2nd video below is the full version of this news conference for those who want to review it themselves unedited by our videographer in this 1st bombshell. In the 3rd video below, Alfred Lambremont Webre asks if this is all part of a massive false-flag plan to bring in martial law and global depopulation”:

    Pretty Heavy Duty revelations/insinuations/accusations throughout this video below, which is found in the original linked story above: “BioWars” — Who is behind them? Do they just happen ‘naturally’?

    • Flying Economy – Malaise 777


      Ukraine shootdown 777

      part of 21




      cold war

      connect facebook/cia factbook/ googleplex
      hit counts 3 triad ebola contagion vaccination


      9-1-9-9-1-9 = 0

      So why are deflected off Malaysia 370 – 777

      Where will TV’s new psyop “THE STRAIN” take the googleplex?

      Whats news? Benghazi hearings, Bio and WMD theft and transports, Border infiltration into the US of bio and WMD. The missing Trillions and printing and the emerging cyber theft from russia cold war operatives.

      What’s on the MSM Snews?


      Israeli annual skirmish
      Obama impeachment
      Ebola scare
      Flight 17
      Anti Soviet props
      Corp Tax loopholes

      all repeats from cycles previous of differing amplitudes

      • Nice breakdown and deductions Puddy! WE appreciate it.

  2. Jon Rappoport points out some obvious things about the “Ebola Scare”:

    It appears this meme is getting traction (because FEAR SELLS!), so we’ll have to watch the Trend…

    Last paragraph to the Infowars article linked above:

    “Despite the lack of evidence the government will opportunistically marry the fear of Ebola and terror together to advance its ongoing effort to forge a police state with a high-tech surveillance apparatus and a military and diplomatic component designed to put forward the foreign policy objectives of the global elite”.

    In the comments section of the above linked article, I came across this:
    ” ohgeewiz • 9 minutes ago

    As I was saying earlier in another thread, Ebola is transmitted by airborne means as well. If ya cough or sneeze or fart, it’s in the air. CDC just now comes out and says this after they do all the damage and allow this doc and assistant into the U.S……after the fact. CDC is trying to cover it’s butt now. They screwed up big time. what kind of dumb ass stupid people do we have running all these government agencies/organizations? They haven’t got a lick of sense and are stupid as a hill of beans”.

    EBOLA FARTS as a Biological Weapon! Its difficult to come up with this level of satire, folks. Adds New Meaning to the “Silent but Deadly” variety of flatulence.

  3. Multiple videos here and discussion on 9/11 Truth rising to the surface:

    “As Arthur Ponsonby wrote in 1928, “When war is declared, truth is the first casualty.” But with the internet the truth is not so easy to hide. With the global human populace becoming aware and having access to all human knowledge at their fingertips, John Kerry summed up the result, “This little thing called the internet makes it much harder to govern”.

    It is clear that never before in recorded history have humans been able to so quickly transfer information and it is reaching a point where it is going exponential. Quickly after most false flag attacks, within hours, private investigative journalists from around the world are dissecting the info and exposing the lies”.

  4. It is pretty pathetic that readers of this blog “choose” not to comment or interact in any way. Like other blogs, COTO was designed as a Forum for folks to bat issues and subjects of their choosing around, and learn as other readers offered their input. For a time, COTO was a helpful crucible for those who patronized the site. At times, entertaining, insightful, and ahead of the curve on subjects of import.

    WITHOUT interaction of readers, and contributions on our threads, subject matter sits here like a book on the shelf getting dusty and derelict.

    Should you actually appreciate what COTO has contributed to Your understanding over the years, I urge you to sign up to WordPress, and Comment! Thank you for listening.

    The below quote from

    “I don’t usually write much about politics or world events on my blog because politics is exhausting.

    The effort to hold on to the comfortable belief that our leaders are not horrid people lasts for a while, but then that belief comes into direct conflict with the fact of the leaders doing something horrid. This is followed by propaganda which is followed by justification which is then followed by the belief that the horrid event was necessary and that the leaders are not really horrid people. This is the weary intellectual treadmill of modern politics.

    We want to believe that the leaders of the world are not the thieving, grasping, psychopathic murderers that their actions show them to be, but are, in fact, the concerned, wise, and just statesmen that they pretend to be. But the whole round and round from happy political illusion to stark political reality and back to illusion again is exhausting in the long run, and is an effort best left to the young”.

    Got any feelings about “the Leaders” of the Gang?

    • Baaaa-Baaaa from the A21 crowd. You’d think they’d iphone a Baaaa or two.

      Just follow the NINE ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 126
      Decode the news, decode the order decode the symbols and decode the universe and the universal deceit.

      ORDER Order = 6+9+4+5+9 = 33
      Know the man know yourself. you are six and three is your fate. The vectors are deadly. not ebola, but the contola which is 9

      Better get back to zero from 8 and skip the three and nines. They only weaken you and kill you.


      Beware the new computer android viruses. They are the ebola in the virtual reality and only the 9 control will kill your device.


      13-1-14 / 4-1-5 man = 0
      23-15-18-12-4 World =9

      9-14-20-5-18-14-5-20 9-5-2-5-9-5-5-2 = 42 = 6 internet
      23-23-23 5-5-5 = 15 = 6 WWW
      8-21-13-1-14 8-3-4-1-5 =3 Human
      19-15-21-12 0-6-3-3-= 3 Soul

      6-6-[3-3] = 666 = 9

      In the vortex man needs to be recalcitrant to the nine and jump the three and sixes. Decode all of it. If you are not ready to jump, at least reset

      For the sheep just ba-ba 21-21 yourself into oblivion.

  5. brave doctor, 33, one of two ———–9

    (example from pakistan)
    ie: Dr Shakil Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in X012 ———————9
    X = 0

    print code

    tripsyops 6-9-3 ebola controla indicates 3-9-6 in vaccination scam.


    CDC cia-dc Jun 23, 2014 – Over [8]0 workers possibly exposed to anthrax
    Official: Anthrax Found in Bison, No Food Concern
    Soligenix VeloThrax™


    severe swelling or a hard lump where the shot was given;
    severe swelling spreading to other parts of your arm;
    fever, chills, body aches, nausea, flu symptoms;
    pale skin, easy bruising or bleeding;
    confusion, changes in mood or behavior;
    seizure (convulsions);
    blistering, redness, and swelling or warmth of the skin;
    weakness, numbness or tingly feeling in your feet spreading upward;
    problems with vision, hearing, speech, swallowing, or bladder and bowel functions;
    severe lower back pain; or
    slow heart rate, trouble breathing, weak pulse, or feeling like you might pass out.


    9 africom -ebola
    9 ukraine – anthrax
    9 Iraq-Afghan – plague Mers-X

    9 world order vaccination (puddy prediction for 2014 – the everything vaccination)
    a series of (3) three shots to be administered, Three shots/three versions.

    8 Ball – Rinse and repeat in Cold War

    Biopreparat was a system of 18 [9], nominally civilian, research laboratories and centers scattered chiefly around European Russia, in which a small army of scientists and technicians developed biological weapons such as anthrax, Ebola, Marburg virus, plague, Q fever, Junin virus, glanders, and smallpox. It was the largest producer of weaponized anthrax in the Soviet Union and was a leader in the development of new bioweapons technologies.

    quick history lesson

    Soviet – Gorby sell off to NWO, Biopreparat and the WMD bioagents/research.


    nano-weaponized cocktail. RFID/EMP triggered to frequency GPS. Outbreak coordination. Cocktail includes hybrid / clones

    MRSA / SARS Caronavirus using virus to kill bacteria.

    follow the history of Bub Plague / Spanish Flu / etc and see how the timeline fits.

    ebola is the opener, the envelope. we have yet to know the scarlet letter.

    Lloviu virus which may end up being dubbed “LLove” or “Black Rain”

    ______________from russia with love [airborn RF/EM]

  6. Again I remind coto, from where do the subjects come from?


    Malaise 370 =0 the zero is unseen X=0

    Sorry to be so cryptic but I am a targeted individual [TI] = 29 (11) [unseen]

    The flying economy is airborne. For those who understand, put your money in Biomed/PHrma. Put your Obamacare on the back burner and put the prepping and immuno-health on the front burner.

    The FLYING ECONOMY is DEATH and TAXES. Until you understand the connection you are flying blind. CONTACT CONTAGION COMPRESS.

    It’s radio ACARS is surveillance, it’s black box is data collection and the passenger manifest is manifestation sickness and death to compress the economy (save it) for the master race of eugeniX bred pedophiles. Zionist warpigs running the animal Pharm. Useless eaters/eating useless [1-2]

    The feeding frenzy continues. How much RFI can you tolerate? The doomsday chips are already inside you. It’s a matter of war that exists in you and you are fighting the battle minute by minute now. The contagion/infection exists and is controlled. We are all subjects in skinnerville and the left right bullshit continues to control the masses.

    Lorax (0) and the Once-ler (9)

    15-14-3-5 — 12-5-18

    Agenda 21 X=0

    America wears the sheep suits and silk leashes, drinks GMO beer syrup and domino’s cardboard. Their destination is clearly to Thneedville.

  7. OS(S) alert Oliver Stone CIA handbook (text decoded)

    Oliver Stone: Be Scared, Be Very Scared – What Does Oliver Stone Know That We Don’t Know?
    Why Aren’t ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?
    Benjamin Fulford – The Masters of War are Dying: Not the End of the World, the End of the War for the World!
    How the Illuminati are Reordering the Middle East
    Netanyahu tells US ‘not to ever second guess me again’

    Biblical call letters / numerology

    kick the can until the piggybank breaks. I hope its sooner than later

  8. Really good stuff Puddy! I hope folks are paying attention. If they don’t grok then they should be asking questions HERE.


  10. HEY PUDDY! Check out the 2 videos at this link and comment here, since you have been posting some math/numbers that are perhaps beyond our understanding.

    This savant gets into 6-9-3 esoterica, and I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Some of the other “descriptions” written or described may be disinfo or misunderstandings — none-the-less, this is fascinating stuff! Perhaps, you will add more constructive meaning to your numerical breakdowns above?

  11. I will buddy. I’m in a writing mood again.

  12. I watched that documentary about Daniel Tammet a few months ago. He could recite the numbers of pi for hours!! He can see numbers in a different way, which just might be how occultists use them, in their true form.

    Do the numbers 3/22/1981 or 3/22/81 mean anything special? I know 322 is significant to Skull and Bones, but never knew exactly why. If you think they mean anything, please let me know…….thanks!

    • In dates drop the XX 19 or 20 and use the 6 integer formula xx/xx/xx and use eu YY/MM/DD for sequence

      Agenda 21 is Y2K derived. Like NASA time for trkkers the star date is 2014-1900 =114 = 6

      Y2K 25 -2 -11 = 11 =2

      Eulers 8 is 9 totient totals and divisors are 369 and 124578 repectively.

      We are in 7/8 cycle until 2020 and then back to 1/2.
      1999 = 1/2 [6] 9
      2000 = 1/2 [3] 3
      2001 = 7/8 [9] 3
      2002 = 7/8 {9} 6
      2003 = 1/2 [6] 9
      2004 = 1/2/ [3] 3
      2005 = 4/5 [9] 9
      2006 = 7/8 [9] 3
      2007 = 4/5 [6] 3
      2008 = 1/2 [9] 6
      2009 = 1/2/[6] 9
      2010 = 7/8 [9] 3
      2011 = 1/2 [3] 3
      2012 = 4/5 [9] 6
      2013 = 7/8 [6] 9
      2014 = 7/8 [9] 6

      next year 7/8 [9] [9]

      in v-math the seven is the wildcard especially when the flow is negative 1-4-77-4-1 You need Eulers rule to map it in the vortex geometrically. Tricky but it works.

    • 1900 for calculation / sequence arc is 1
      ex 03/22/00 =8
      03/22/00 =8

      • Thanks! Do you have any good links where I can learn more? I just started to learn about Vortex based math, and I love it. I need a beginner’s guide though 🙂

  13. Hey, NeverAlways! Puddy’s the guy for asking about the significance on those numbers.

    Quite a bit of information and links to WHO is behind Ebola here:

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