Posted by: Mr. M | July 31, 2014

Caution Illegals Crossing




  1. Nice one, M! You might as well add another pic with the dual-citizen zionazis — there’s a hell of lot more of them than the fake residential plants.

    Bwak and Michael aren’t of much use except for puppetry and E.O.’s that are meaningless across the land…

    This entire NWO Zio “charade” is as Obvious as Bwak’s treasonous playmaking as POTUS. An Obvious conclusion to anybody that will take a minute to recline in their easy chair and observe — is to note that EVERYTHING is maladministrated to the nth degree. There is NO security in this nazi security state they’ve been building up. The economy and financial sector are skeletons picked over by the corporate vultures, and are all about to collapse at any moment into heaps of bones. Every government “agency”, faux legislation, and flunky flimflammers of foolish notions proves their incompetence and inhumanity daily.

    What are WE supposed to think?

    The Obvious explains it. WE watch and shake our heads in amazement.

    For those interested in a little more ‘splaining of the chemtrail travails, read this: “Military Said Behind Up To Four Different Chemtrail Programs”

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