Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 30, 2014

NSA Retaining “Useless” and Highly Personal Information of Ordinary Internet Users, Spying on Prominent American Muslims, CBP’s Internal Affairs Division Under Investigation Yet Again, and Much More: FRINFORMSUM 7/10/2014

What you buy and sell counts. Ask the IRS for a copy of your scorecard.


Snowden did get the FISA data, contrary to Keith Alexander's insistence to the contrary. Photo: EPA Snowden did get the FISA data, contrary to Keith Alexander’s insistence to the contrary. Photo: EPA

Ordinary internet activity accounts for the overwhelming majority of communications collected and maintained by the National Security Agency (NSA). A recent report by The Washington Post, based on communications leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden, revealed that nine out of 10 communications collected belonged to average American and non-American internet users who were not the targets of investigations. Much of the highly personal communications –including baby pictures and revealing webcam photos– provide little intelligence value and are described as useless, yet are retained under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments. The Post’s findings clearly contradict former NSA head Keith Alexander’s assertions that there was no way Snowden could “touch the FISA data,” and give credence to the argument that “the NSA has been proven incapable of safeguarding” the intelligence it collects, irrespective of…

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  1. It is best to assume that everything you do online and over the phone will be recorded and stored. That thought is always on my mind, every day, when I use the phone or computer. They probably spy on us from satellites too.

    No joke, I’ve always had this feeling of being watched, which got pretty strong beginning in my late teens. Maybe it was my Catholic upbringing, the thought of God watching over people…, I think that feeling comes from the very real fact that there are satellites overhead, cameras everywhere, and tapped communication lines. Is there any privacy left?

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