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eBola 911




ZEBOV (2)   911  (2)

2000–2001 Uganda SEBOV 425 224 53% Occurred in Gulu, Masindi, and Mbarara districts of Uganda. The three most important risks associated with Ebola virus infection were attending funerals of Ebola hemorrhagic fever case-patients, having contact with case-patients in one’s family, and providing medical care to Ebola case-patients without using adequate personal protective measures.[25]
2014 (Presently Ongoing) Guinea
Sierra Leone
ZEBOV 1201 672 56% Outbreak is currently ongoing in southeastern Guinea, including the capitalConakry and the neighbour countries Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria[37]



Uganda 2001

Prelude to 911



o15 (6)
l12 (3)


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dirtytrafficking copy




  1. connect the dots….
    Snowden – Russia – Ukraine
    Libya – Benghazt – Africom
    Iran – Israel – Gaza
    Fast & Furious – Bordergate – Amnesty
    Ebola 2001 – 911 – Ebola 2014

    Let’s watch the the false flag event. I will keep an eye on I-35 and the 35th parallel. We are getting an 8. That;s a repeat of something since the black plague and world war I.

    How does Malaysia 370/17 play into this?

  2. Jim Stone is covering a bit of ground at his site:

    Ebola? Now? On the heels of the “opened” borders? T-i-m-i-n-g is everything, or at least tied to the success of the FF. COTO could post so many pieces on the various Garbage Lies, FF’s, Wars, and Fraud going on that we would not have opportunity to do anything else at all. All of this Fomentation is being funded by humanity stuck with fiat currency and fraudulent “leaders”, placeholders, and Zio-NWO-flunkies. Its a PukeStorm!

    • Under the cover of another bio-diversion, the timing is critical. As was the same for 911 2001 and the AFRICOM Pax Americana.

      *The Scottish Court in the Netherlands convicts a Libyan and acquits another for their part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland
      *Timothy James McVeigh is executed for the Oklahoma City Bombing.
      *Enron files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
      *Israel condemns the Palestinian Authority as a “terror-supporting entity” and severs ties with leader Yasir Arafat following mounting violence against Israelis
      *An outbreak of Ebola disease was reported from Gulu district, Uganda, on For the duration of the epidemic that lasted up to 16 January 2001, a total of 425 infected with 224 deaths were reported countrywide


      Like the Balkans in 2001 we have Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan in the same sectarian chaos ala Al-CIAda and ISS-is.

      This is an 8 peak with a 1-2 coming. Coming to the forefront will be a false economy flag like 1999, a likely FED interest rate hike, do nothing lame duck, and a Clinton impeachment diversion, like 1999 and then we get Oklahoma City domestic/civil assault focused on the immigration issue.

      The troops are already there thanks to Bilderberg vetted Rick Perry and
      we will invade Syria or Iraq again after a Russian supported attack on one of our bases or embassies.

      3(12) 9(45) 6(78)
      we need one event to recycle 3
      (12) it has to be two events.

      Will the midterm elections benefit by a right wing conspiracy. Or is it by design we move to a far right administration. senate and agenda. It’s either Domestic Civil war or Foreign war depending on the flavor of the 1-2 events.

      The incredible amount of DISCLOSURE coming out tells me have a domestic white al qaeda with a teaparty slant. I lean that way on it. The sign will be another GDP 4 point jump and a peaking DOW. Just like 2000 and the FED rate hike.

  3. “Ebola is a propaganda operation.

    Choices are being made: what to emphasize, what to ignore, what to use in order to invoke fear.

    Producing fear, one way or another, is a standard element in exerting top-down control over the population.

    When people are afraid, they’re compliant, they’re obedient to authority.

    And that’s the agenda”.

    Jon Rappoport

    Solid observations by Rappoport in article “Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?”, when compared to the “flu” at


    “Ebola 2: here come the “global pandemic” promoters”

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