Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 20, 2014

A Postcard from Hell


  1. This is a cool thread Puddy and I know it took you some time to put together, but I think you’ve got to explain what you’re attempting to convey with “words” so we get your drift. Help?!

  2. I have to say Puddy has really thrown me down the 396 hole… It’s quite crazy really when you “understand” Saturns cube etc.. Yesterday I was looking at the magic square..
    All 3 numbers on any axis= 15=6

    Now when u draw a line from 1-2-3 , 4-5-6 & 7-8-9 u get Saturns Seal !
    Also 1+2+3=6
    4+5+6= 9+6=15=6

    It does not end.. lol

  3. Oh i forgot to say thank you!!! 🙂

  4. Oh must see here:


  5. Today, I turned on local talk radio for a few minutes while driving. The guy on 94.5FM something Gallagher was pro-Israel on what’s happening on Gaza. I was rather disgusted with his take on the situation. THEN, I turned the quack Rush Limbaugh on for a few minutes after noon 106.3FM, and was shocked to hear him take the cake! This episode is taped, so you could go listen to it if your stomach’s not queasy. In just the few minutes time, he was calling the Palestinians the Nazis of this time period, while pointing out that the U.S. and Allies bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki was how “you win wars”. “You don’t win by negotiating ‘peace treaties’, you win by destroying vast civilian populations until the ‘enemy’ surrenders”. “Then, you tell them how its going to be”. So, he completely reverses the Good/Evil paradigm, while advocating for mass civilian deaths until Palestine is empty so to speak of the “terrorists”.

    It was rather a mind-blowing mind fuck on the situation. The PAL’s puny rockets, and smidge of land left versus the Zionists with all of their U.S. arsenal and overkill propensities for everyone to see. And if you were to believe the polls at about Americans’ views on the “conflict” you would be further demoralized, seeing that the PsychoMedia Whores can spin low information sheep in the fields into the exact opposite of Truth and Reality.

    This shit is amazing to witness. If anybody here has the means to post an audio clip of Rush’s words, you ought to do it.

    • Yes they are certainly ramping up the mind fucking, recently I have seen a couple articles stating that pedophilia is actually quite natural! WTF!
      And also on the radio here about a week ago I hear there’s a court case when a young guy was raping his sister for about 3 yrs and the judge says.. you know this is quite normal these days, like back in the 50’s homosexuality was frowned upon now it’s widely acepted..
      Can u believe this shit?!

  6. Sorry, the infowars thread is about Ukraine. Still makes my point.

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