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Iran Doesn’t Look Anything Like You Imagined

Iranian City

Iranian City

The point of this thread is to prompt you to consider your propagandized “idea” of Iran and its people, with some visuals. In my estimation, the Iranian people and country look a WHOLE LOT more happy and productive than what I’ve seen in the U.S. And recently, I drove across the U.S., so I’ve seen what’s going on here. Iran appears to be a very modern and beautiful country, filled with productive and happy people. I cannot vouch for Americans and our country currently.

So, with all COTO KNOWS, it seems obvious why the Zionists, Neocons, and their ilk continue their designs upon demonizing Iran and its people.


So, take a brief tour here. I would love to vacation in Iran from the looks of it. If I had a decent job, adequate income, and vacation time. Relics of America past.

ESPECIALLY — Scroll down through these pics and view the cities, country, and its people at play, work, and rest. Their stress levels seem to be very “low”, as contrasted with most Americans I know.

I got on this subject by looking at the thread above, which goes into quite a bit of current and topically interesting detail. You should read it through, and look at the pictures of Iran.

Yet, my eyes and attention are really focused on the Quality evident in the photos. For a baked rock yard like Israel to promulgate destroying a country and people of this beauty — you should begin to sense the insanity and covetousness. Their murderous treatment of the caged Palestinians is evidence of their hatred. We are witness to their continuing destruction of other peoples in the M.E., and here in the U.S., their proxy war horse.

How are people with opinions treated in Israel, who have compassion and speak out? This video just surfaced at The video is linked to at It rather looks like what you see in Amerika now, no? Why the similarity? Because DHS, TSA, and alphabets are now Zionized, as are almost all the policy, media, financial, political, and other positions that matter. This is a fact, not conjecture. Just stating the obvious. Pray for these people, that the Light will shine into their dark souls.

Note the military omni-presence in Israel, which Amerika has begun to resemble, the FEAR permeating everything. The pics of Iran show none of this. Consider…



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  2. It is a lot like Russia. Relatives in America refuse to believe that life for the Russians improved under Putin, and that they were being taken advantage of under Yeltsin, with assets stripped and shipped abroad with the help of opportunistic westerners, particularly Americans. I saw this with my own eyes. When the average person in Russia finally decided America wasn’t such a great country after all, I congratulated them.

    Thank you for the information on Iran! I can well believe that it is actually a decent country. It appears the Islam practiced there is not as strict as in many other countries. (Maybe that is part of why Saudi Arabia, our pal, hates them?)

  3. Thanks for your comment Patricia. It is helpful to all of us to stand back, and try to gain perspective on situations that are obviously influenced by propaganda. At this time, we can isolate 3 different countries and peoples “in the news” — Iran, Ukraine, Palestine. Immediately I note, that Zionists are defacto involved in every conflagration, with murderous intent and working all angles from the western propaganda side of things. This observation seems obvious, but I think most people are blind to the reality. There is wholesale involvement via media, military, MIC, political policy making, financing/funding, illegal arming, you name it its going on here.

    The scope of evil is breath-taking. Where are the peace makers? There are none to be found. We understand that “profits”, power, and control are the goals. The voices of the innocent, the prey, are hardly heard over the din of war making and demonizing splayed across the whore media mouthpieces.

    People need to Wake Up from their induced trances and see who the Real Terrorists are, who is making war, who is pulling the strings and directing the carnage. People need to Care, and not support the animals in any way, shape, or form. Outrage does need to be expressed, because everybody across the world, and most certainly in Amerika can be the next “victim”.

    • On a side note, ICANN will be transfered to the unknown knowns of NWO very soon. The kill switch will be fully functional soon and Obama’s CMAS alerts will replace the Tweets of truth that we have enjoyed for years.

      When Hillary Witch said they were losing the iNFO war, they knew it would happen. Gathering data (meta and otherwise) was imperative in “marking” the people for purposes to grim to detail but what the Israeli video shows is benign to the renditions we will see come the Dark Knight of the Long Knives. That program is all but completed and now the liability outweighs the benefit. Nazi’s beta tested such with IBM SA and Brown shirts. Iraq is a jumping point but the long knives are the machinations of the City of London and DC and will spread to a town near you soon.

      The Native Americans can tell the whole story of the real long knives and zionist and jesuit alike can tag team the effort. What Israeli/Palestinian data says is the world can be duped over and over again.

      We have seen history over and over and the “PURGE” is in the cycle of 6-9-3 and internet kill a 3-9-6. The Vortex resumes 8 -1 to 7-2 and ends with 4-5. Hamas-Isis-Hezbollah-Al-qaida-Shabaab-etc-etc-etc.

      Remember MEK? So goes the way of the terrorist’s and their creation of the norm and standard. Let’s give them a warm welcome. It’s not enough for John McCain to be the only host. Barry himself should host them at the Big House. If he reneges, George Soros and his girl friday Samantha Power can entertain them since they know them so intimately.

  4. I have, ad-nauseum repeated the fall of Soviet Union as one of the worst days in my life as it confirmed the NWO conspiracy. The failed communism and failed capitalism paradigm meant the change would come immediately after that event.

    In order to perpetuate the WTO wars they had to invent the terrorist for America and it still needs a face, a nation state and persona. Iran has been such a tool. I wrote IRAN, Anything but Transparent article for OPED news and got some good feedback from very knowledgable people including Pr. Paul Sheldon Foote, who is a target for the ADL anti-semitic zionists.

    I took a special interest in Iran as it was and remains the boogeyman for western interests in world order triad operations. Red Team Blue Team frequencies dictate a world war hybrid of this triad terror rogue banking segment.

    You never hear the scuttle on where the funding comes from for such intricate channels and frequencies, though as COTO knows, “stop the money and stop the ops” The cartels remain hidden and as any good undetectable frequency, spread spectrum helps confuse and diminish the ability to isolate the emanation source and channels.

    If there is a truth, then we must know that we are in a world war of divide and conquer and it’s mano y mano against the brain of committee manipulators and ignorance and disinfo fill the vacuums of sheeple Iran shows the greatest independence against the machine. North Korea does as well though it’s means are not as desirable.

    What Gaddafi had planned as well as Hugo Chavez, was a another plan over and above ehat the Central Committee and their bankster had in mind. There were no alternatives but to set them up and or eliminate their ideas from spreading around the world.

    In NWO terms we kill terroists. When Chavez and Gaddafi killed the CIA ISis’ gladio operatives they were murderers and ruthless dictators. The Clinton Bush Obama crime syndicate hold the patent on ruthlessness and the MSM and committee propagandists spread so much make-up on the pig that it’s paraded around as a Kardashian. Blue Ribbon and all. We know it’s Pork Fat , Smoked Bacon and lots of Ham but you must give credit to them for the artistry of their craft.

    I worked with Lebanese and Iranian folks in Texas and they were the greatest people in heart and deed that I ever had the pleasure of receiving. I suspect like the Russian people, they are a bit ahead of the curve over Americans due to the decades of decadence they have yet to receive at some future point and that it is all but likely to eventually fall to the NWO when they too become enamoured with the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. It’s very sad that we cannot adequately warn them of America Inc. and the illusion of trinkets and bobbles over truth and justice.

  5. Excellent information and observations Puddy. Thanks.

    I’ve wrote before here about my very limited experience with Palestinians. Was at the beach, and a grandfather was watching the kids playing in the surf, when a wave hit him, and he fell backwards onto the sand breaking his hip. I ran over to support him until family came running down. We carried him to a chair. Quite a large group of “brown-skinned” family members were there, and he was the Patriarch. They appreciated my looking out for one of their own, and profusely thanked me. While waiting for an ambulance to come and fetch the Patriarch, I learned this was a large gathering of a Palestinian family and friends.

    The very interesting part was that quite a large number of them were doctors, lawyers, successful businessmen, and a very learned bunch. And, they were very gracious and kind-hearted. So — I was educated by observation and not what the Khazar-media tries to tell the world about the Palestinians.

    We are so lied too on so many levels. But the oily shine is beginning to come off, because the evil ones have over-stepped logic and reason with their maniacal demonizing and deeds. Their Deceptions are seen for what they are, and their bloviating puppets are disbelieved at every turn…Obama, Kerry, Clinton, McNamara, Holder, ad nauaeum, Netanyahu and his entire cadre, ad vomitous, and all the rest of the whores and psychopaths.

    Did the Ukrainian people arm themselves with Western weapons and run amok, deposing their own democratically elected President? Of course not — so which terrorists are behind it (duh?). Who keeps blowing the horn against Iran? Are the Iranians doing anything, anything at all to generate the dither and demonizing? Of course not! But, if you watched the Amerikan whores on TV, and listened to the Zionists spewing from Khazarland you can pinpoint the source of the hatred, and those on its side.

    The entire WORLD is watching (and a great many are not anywhere close to propagandized like Westerners), weighing the evidence, and drawing their conclusions. The same old shtick and tricks with new lipstick fools nobody, but is rather an Indictment of those speaking with forked tongues.

    Pathological Liars are like psychopaths and the insane, in that they believe their own lies and twisted delusions to be truth. If you can’t tell the Truth, then apparently you start believing you actually create it.

    Zen Gardner has posted a piece on this subject at Read through the comments to get a pulse on people’s awareness.

    I was thinking about Russia and the things that have gone on there in the not-to-distant past. A description can be found at . Note this — “The Soviet Union collapsed with dramatic speed during the latter part of 1991, as one republic after another declared independence. By the fall, Gorbachev could no longer influence events outside of Moscow, and he was challenged even there by Yeltsin. Following the coup, Yeltsin suspended all CPSU activities on Russian territory and closed the Central Committee building at Staraya Square. He also ordered the Russian flag raised alongside the Soviet flag at the Kremlin. In the waning months of 1991, Russia began taking over what remained of the Soviet government, including the Kremlin.

    With the country in a state of near-total collapse, the final blow to Gorbachev’s vision was effectively dealt by a Ukrainian referendum on 1 December, where the Ukrainian people voted for independence. Ukraine had been the second most powerful republic in the Soviet Union after Russia, and its secession ended any realistic chance of the Soviet Union staying united even on a limited scale. The presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus met in Belovezh Forest, near Brest, Belarus, on 8 December, founding the Commonwealth of Independent States and declaring the end of the Soviet Union in the Belavezha Accords. Gorbachev initially denounced this move as illegal.[10]

    However, on 12 December, when it was apparent that the momentum towards dissolution could not be stopped, Gorbachev hinted that he was considering stepping aside.[34] On 17 December, he accepted the fait accompli and reluctantly agreed with Yeltsin to dissolve the Soviet Union.[10] Four days later, the leaders of 11 of the 12 remaining republics—all except Georgia (the Baltic states had already seceded in August)–signed the Alma-Ata Protocol which formally established the CIS. They also preemptively accepted Gorbachev’s resignation. When Gorbachev learned what had transpired, he told CBS that he would resign as soon as he saw that the CIS was indeed a reality.[35]

    On the night of 25 December, in a nationally televised speech, Gorbachev announced his resignation as president—as he put it, “I hereby discontinue my activities at the post of President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”. The Soviet Union was formally dissolved the following day. Two days after Gorbachev left office, on 27 December, Yeltsin moved into Gorbachev’s old office.[10]”.

    Many forget what transpired with Gorbachev following the dissolution of the USSR. For a reminder, read some of this . Read this for content, if the religious rhetoric turns you off. Scroll down to the Bold Header, “Gorbachev became extremely popular in the West”, and read this section down…Note the names associated here with Gorbachev — Pelosi, Murtha,and Agenda 21. That Redwood forest enclave gathering place is not far from SF either.

    There is some fascinating information here, which leads to present day schemes.

  6. Yeah Gorby and Gorky Park. In the Reagan WH. Why do the idiot Right think we want another Reagan? What a bunch of lunatics. MaGog the Elder and Ollie North and lets not forget the October Surprise.

    I’ll take Nixon 😉

  7. Here in SC, I hear folks on talk radio refer to the last “good” pResident being Ronald Reagan…WTF?! I guffaw at their idiocy.

    By this time, you would think people would consider his talents — “acting”, reading scripts. In other words, the guy reads what he’s told to say. Moral character, knowledge about anything other than Hollywood parties, etc., foreign relations, you know, Important Stuff were probably not high on this dude’s resume. Actors weighing in on relevant shit…know any? Leadership capabilities sown in the crucible of movie-making? C’mon!

    Does Obamatron ring a bell as to a teleprompter reading savant, missing a conscience, working on a in professional lying and vacationing? I’d put Obama and Reagan up against each other in an acting contest. PeeWee Herman can moderate and judge.

    The mal-administrations and treasonous CONgress creatures are just hitting their stride as the most malodorous. The People should harumph them into the non-essential bin they belong in. Every “act” of face time for the shill people is another comedy skit securing their place in infamy. If it wasn’t so deleterious to our nation, WE would LOL at their souled out shows.

    • My late Aunt Helen, bless her soul, was president of her town’s Ronald Reagan Fan Club, and she got to meet her idol, seated right next to him at a grand dinner for him when he visited town (don’t know which, military brats moved around). She says he was the biggest jerk she ever met. Most of these Hollywood people are extremely shallow. As you note, their gift is looking really convincing while reading a script. Without a script, most of them look petrified.
      Aunt Helen had been living in Anchorage, Alaska for decades. A year and a half ago, she found a huge breast tumor, which turned out to be stage 4 aggressive, after having been reassured a couple months previously with a mammogram. I reckon Fukushima got her. Down wind, first obstacle forcing precipitation.

  8. Thank you for your comment Patricia, and very sorry to hear regarding Ms. Helen’s diagnosis. May God’s grace be upon her, and upon all the innocents suffering at this time.

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