Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 17, 2014

Malaysian Magic

The benefit of Missing Aircraft

FLIGHT 370 = 1  Persons 239 = 5


FLIGHT 17 =8  Persons 295  =7



Flight = 9 Persons =3         Hoax           Traid 3-9-6

Drone, Corpses, Diverted Aircraft ?????

As I commented on previous post regarding Malaise, this plane Boeing 777-200ER was flight 370 and loaded with corpses and droned or air to air missiled by the committee minions NATO-OTAN.

Like 911 there are likely 295 more passengers for experimentation or some other purpose sitting in a bunker in northern Siberia or Greenland. Plenty of airstrips to handle the short runway required for the 777.

I suspect the NTSB which is as corrupt and any of the FEDERAL agencies, will be providing the cover along with the Kiev team from World Order  Central.

Along with this event, it appears Barry Soetoro has got his pen out again and will shut down assault weapons [AK models] and make it illegal to import  or buy them abroad. Another Russian-Ukraine maneuver.



Outlaws Russian-made AK-47 rifles with stroke of his unconstitutional pen


[Vice President Joe Biden said it appeared that the plane’s downing was not an accident and that the passenger jet apparently was “blown out of the sky.”]

Since Joe Biden is wrong 100% of the time, it convinces me it was  drone controlled and wired for detonation over strategic location to push the Russian Ukraine civil war which seems to on pace with ours at the Mexican Border.

EU  + NAU  = NWO





  1. How are you, Patrick? Finally logging in here after long absence in places with no means of communicating but wireless (Indonesia, Malaysia).

    Paul Craig Roberts has another take on this. He says he’s heard Putin’s plane of similar size passed the same way 30 minutes apart. Either way, Biden’s immediate jumping on this as an act of deliberate war by Russia should raise suspicions in anyone not snorting scopolamine on a regular basis.

    • Hi Patricia-
      Good to see the grump 6 avatar. I think the conspiracy theories will run the gamut. This is the same gauntlet and game played in both WWI and WWII.

      The differences are only in characteristic and technology. The Vortex, time and structures are the same. Stemming from the Jesuits (which Biden and over half of Congress are operatives) on both sides of the isle (red/blue) It is apparent that Obama plays the role that the criminal in chief played in both prior wars. The Free=masonic London City Grp are playing the same cards.

      Watch the alignments form. The EU is in critical condition. Funding the Op has required trillions to be looted from Germany, US, Japan and not just the typical scam like Greece. The Communists and the Global NWO scheme are not much different from this aspect but the surge was far more advanced and very bold and risky. The financial market is held together by paperclips. The Blue team is losing their financing from drug trades they have had for two centuries.

      The Red Team could lose Merkel and the EU would collapse and Russia is courting this confederacy. Spying scandal is such a joke as if Germans are not aware of Al-CIA-da and their five eyes. The recent mobilization of the Black Hand has been quite daring. From activating CIA-Shabaab, ISis
      and the recent reactivation of Hamas, the red team is making the move to keep the ME and the Russian war hungry blue team at Bay. These distractions keep the blue team busy holding their assets together. On the risk board the pieces are looking mostly red but blue still holds Park Place and Boardwalk and have a large community chest.

      In the Grand Chessboard and the great game, I believe the playes are always free from assassination. The rules are clear. Unless the player breaks the rules, they are never killed. The laws (we live by) can be broken at any time and the chess pieces can be sacrificed. Unless Putin breaks the rules he is safe. Also I am certainly sure that Vlad the impaler has missile deterrence on his plane. Like Air Force One and Netanyahu, these planes are well equipped for an unsanctioned attempt.

      The Enneagram of Sociopathy (or Nine levels of power) is contained and demonstrated always in these events. When watching the MSM you can easily de-CiF-er the players. Red/Blue and it’s not always as simple as Dem or GOP as their are interlopers.

      The death tolls are points for the players and are sanctioned. The numbers used in the transmission are coded for the players with some linux type based algorithm decoder and the information keeps all players and administrators in the game up to speed. Bilderberg may be central focus for rule changes and other critical information regarding the game. Wamartstreet players are certainly in the Nine levels and they are certainly exceptional killers like NATO-OTAN and the usual Pentagrammers of death race central. .

      Time to refill the coffers, put up some more Hostels and tear down some old asbestos. One thing is for certain. They do not intend on fixing any roads or building any fences.

      3-9-6 CiF

      777 x 2 = 6

      • I ought to take the numbers more seriously so I can anticipate the dance steps a little better. Don’t these jokers just love a riddle! The gigantic sucking sound has started up in Japan, from the time Abe got elected (? We know no one who voted for him.) I’m sure there is an algorithm out there somewhere calculating just how much loot can be walked off with before–oh my!–the Chinese bomb Tokyo using a large, repainted jet bomber. Or will it be the North Koreans finally making their dreams come true? One thing in Japan is clear, any politician who tries to stick up for the average citizen is swiftly removed.

        • Means of communicating? I think so. It’s a riddle as the Dark Knight / Joker /Riddler. Clues are Wallstreet and Reuters for the benefit of moneychangers and Bretton Woods gang.

          The flights of malaysia and any traffic are the economy in these cases and they are triggers for events worldwide. In the reporting are the clues for all other higher triptych audio vvisual mind control while encoding other messages.

          If you look closely at the wording used, the images accompanying it and the numbers, there are inconsistencies and uses that don’t add up. You wonder why? The messages are mixed on purpose. Now there may also be Exif/Metadata and encryptions elsewhere as well.

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