Posted by: Mr. M | July 14, 2014

Bob, my new hero.




  1. Bob is a slave to fashion Michael as you can clearly see 🙂 A most dapper fellow and a great model for slaves everywhere. Time to break the bonds of sheep suits and silk leashes to start donning ‘these days’ apparel.

    Bob looks like a Vet. Total terrorist profile. Remember, if in a rush to catch a flight, just don a turban or burka and call the TSA agents infidels. That should keep you on time.

    I sure miss the regular toons but great to see an oldie and goodie on the Tee.

    • Bob is a trip. Always has that shit-eating-grin.

  2. be the only laugh at an airport I reckon:-)
    hiya all.

  3. LOL.. go Bob! Did he get harrassed or did he get the quick pass through?

    • Only description he gave was the one given.

      He did say he travels a lot. So maybe they know Bob. He is a character.

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