Posted by: jerseyg | July 7, 2014

Grim Training Exercise to Go Down at the Denver International Airport 8/27/14



As if the DIA wasn’t creepy enough with it’s giant blue mustang with the demonically glowing red eyes, creepy end times mural and gargoyles, get ready for an airline crash training drill.  They are looking for 150 recruits over the age of 18 to participate.  The volunteers will be taking on roles of passengers and their friends and relatives.

The DIA Operations Training and Exercise Design section is leading this initiative with representatives from airport security, Denver Police, Denver Fire, Denver Health Paramedics, Medical Examiners, and others.

Drill is set for August 27th.  Keep your ears and eyes open fellow COTO folk. We know all too well what can happen during one of these “drills.”  ~ jg,1139840442,Denver4.jpg

For more information on the DIA, including the underground tunnels go here. And here

Pertinent info from the Denver Post article by Tom McGhee.




  1. Hi Deb,

    It’s about time for JG specialty. I think we can wonder about aircraft. As COTO heads, we have discussed WTC, Pentagon and whether any planes ever hit the facilities. I for one think the planes were diverted, the fate of the passengers unknown but the planes have been stripped and deidentified. Like Malaysia 370 they have a fleet. Whether they use them for drug and slave running now may be a consideration but I suspect they have real planes, real MK pilots and a host of suspects to fly them into the symbolic or key nuclear, telecommunication or power facilities.

    I can put the Cheney Train (911 redux) and the other pieces together and see a setup false flag coming and a short parade on Wallstreet and other majoe redistributions while the markets crash. The Gold buyers have been making their move in private. Fort Knox has an empty vault and yet we spend millions to make sure no one finds out.

    Time to see the Pope make his NWO tour to the Mexico/C America NAU.

    Did you like the FIFA logo. Did they peg the hotspots perfectly? I think so and I have posted my map showing the underground railroad of drugs, human trafficking and WMD. It’s elementary now.

    Good to see you back in action JG>

  2. Good to be back Patrick . Missed you and the rest of the crew.. WordPress was good enough to let me post my “test” article. Had so many issues with them that I flat out gave up. It’s all different now too… The logo was spot on! You are a master 😉 Always look to you for insight into the latest goings on in this NWO. I’ve been following the pope/vatican story which sickens me yet being a fallen Catholic, it also intrigues me. Hope to post something on the whole child/trafficking,ritualistic sacrifice thing soon.

    • Thanks. The story I told about a girlfriend I had years ago in Texas and how she was a mistress for a very wealthy mining Mexican man who brought her into a world of the occult that stories fro her made the hair on my neck stand at attention. Further reading later confirmed the ritual rites of El Diablo in the Mexican world of illuminati and child sacrifice.

      It’s all about power and energy and their understanding is that they can take a childs energy much easier than digging/drilling a wildcat oil well. I look forward to your expose’ on the trafficking as it is the tool of the trade for the committee and they use it in a triad for many purposes. (blackmail for one)

      • Where can I read that story?

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