Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 2, 2014

World Cup: ready, SET, go


ready SET go

Anatomy of the TRIAD in nine

  1. The Trigger
  2. The Event
  3. The  Action
  4. The  Tools
  5. The  Forces
  6. ‘We’ The People
  7. The Frequency
  8. The Recycle
  9. The Hidden    0. The Truth

Philadelphia, The Levant, The Fertile Crescent, The Black Hand, The Rose Prophesy,  Malachy Prophecy, Fast & Furious,  Border-Gate, NAU, Agenda 21,  The World Meeting of Families, Mexico,  Albania, Phoenix, ISIS,  Supreme Court, The Nine,  United Nations, International Criminal Court, Nostradamus, Two Rivers, Grijalva and Usumacinta, Schuylkill and Delaware, Crimen sollicitationis, Pope Francis, Abolition of Religion, World Cup, WWIII


This is ripe for picking.  August 2014 – September 2015. Crunching numbers

9. The Grift: NWO Assassination, Redistribution of wealth, WWIII

6. The Mark/Target: WWI   1914,  Pope Francis,  Windsor family, Other Royal, Head of State.

3.The Trigger: ISIS, Black Hand, White Al  CIAda,  Gladio Regime, Rogue State




















  1. “Some Nine-Eleven Happiness for the Fourth of July!!
    By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

    It’s time to celebrate our achievement of real freedom – at least freedom of the mind”.

    A little ditty on the details of the “phone calls” from the planes. When the lies die, the Truth becomes Obvious…

    • How did you like the HAARPing Arthur? Nice little economy killer for the 4th and another calling card for DC on GLOBAL WARMING and the Carbon Taxing the masses in the Global Agenda Twenty One.

  2. “Happy Freedom Day!”

    I had posted this as a comment in the the thread below:

    Here we see a mild form of The People standing up against criminal policy-makers. This depiction shows a crowd of “citizens” SWARMING the villain.

    That’s my new coined term for The People in defending their Rights, Freedom, and Liberty — “SWARMING”. One can imagine that The People, when attacked by criminals, band together, defend themselves, and strip naked the offenders (See: The Emperor Has No Clothes), leaving them to be gawked at and scorned. Such a state is the just dues for their offenses. Arrest, in-depth investigation, and trial before The People as warranted. Removal of all titles, ill-gotten gains, and banishment to a big box greeting position for the rest of their daysshall be considered a light sentence.

    It is apparent The People will have to stand up for themselves against tyranny, and remove it from their midst. The “tactic” of SWARMING will be used as a herd/tribe defensive measure against Bad Cops, Politicians, and corrupt individuals everywhere who are stomping on the faces of The People. SWARMING can be used effectively with alt-media, with personal communications devices, anywhere and everywhere. Raids on neighbors? The entire block will come out and make sure things go down with justice.

    I see SWARMING coming our way in America and elsewhere. It will be an effective deterrent to the lawless perpetraitors operating against the interests of humanity.

    For uplifting reading on Independence Day, you might consider:

    • I visualize the Nature Channels here. I see the ants (us) swarming over the fat grasshoppers (Congress) and I have no problem eating their carcasses. The organs are not Kosher but we can wash them down with a nice Tuscan Chianti. 🙂

  3. More grist for the mill can be found all around us: Read the comments after the pieces to take a pulse on how The People are feeling:

    This should be enough for now. Should another FALSE FLAG occur — put the blame smack dab on the HEADS (of state, the alphabet agencies, etc.) whose job it is to Protect & Serve The People.

    It is OBVIOUS, that these administrators and policy-makers Cannot protect squat. All of their machinations and privacy intrusions can be seen to be worthless except for state control purposes. Ain’t no freedom or security here, or there. COTO KNOWS who is “causing” all of this. A greater share of The People also KNOW…

    • When the DVD gang crawls from under the rock to start the Cheney Express, you have to figure they running the scam same as before.

      Please mark the state of the Dow,Nasdaq and Comdex ConartistTaxsters Index.
      Mark your calendars? No. Mark the NASDAQ and then duck from the false flag.

      What does Arthur mean? Derived from the BEAR and the Man. We know the man and now we know the market. This bear is silent and you will never see or hear it until the claws have drawn and rendered their damage.
      Putin and Obama working as a team for the Bilderborgs of change.

      The recent bullshit numbers on unemployment are so artifact to the Con as not to be believed. What idiots they take us for. Prepare prepare and prepare some more.

  4. Ahhh, the security at home and abroad is so “not there!”. The People MUST be calling FOUL as they see the blatant and obvious oppression occurring all around them, and far afield. The People fear their ,nazified Police (peace-keepers-sic), they fear the very agencies that have been “imposed” to supposedly enhance “peace, safety, freedom, and security”; the TSA, the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, etc. Where’s the security and freedom WE THE PEOPLE ask? It is obvious who the “terrorists” are! Financial crimes go unpunished, how much stock do our policy-makers hold in MIC companies, how many board positions do they hold? Corruption is rife.

    We are not blind! Some may be deaf and dumb, but the weight of the Obvious even makes its inroads upon their senses. It is time for moral outrage, and the removing of financial, any and all support to the War Mongers. De-elite the elites from your business, from your taxes, from your very DNA. It is Obvious that a militarized police state is a mechanism of oppression and control via the barrel of a gun, rather than the sloganized means for providing a more secure and peaceful environment for the masses.

    Oh how WE can see through this charade! Today, any and all speechifying by Statist Puppets should be shouted down, mocked and derided, with willful pointing out of their absolute failures at everything.

    “The World on Fire” part 1 by James Kirwan

    “The World on Fire” part 2 by James Kirwan

    “Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Calls for Military Action to Stop ISIS”
    Says “you have to kill them”.

    “James Jeffrey, the former ambassador to Iraq and currently a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, has called for killing ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    “There is no reasoning with them, there is no containing them, you have to kill them,” Jeffrey told Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, a Defense One contributor and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

    The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a spin-off the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. It is closely aligned with the American Enterprise Institute and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, two neocon groups largely responsible for the Iraq invasion of 2003 and for shaping the current war on terror environment.

    Because WINEP is an intimate partner with the CFR, we can consider Lemmon’s article a propaganda piece”.

    No Shit! Another freaking Think Tank asshole psycho. What do you suppose should be done with creatures like these?

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