Posted by: boomerangcomesback | June 22, 2014

Jim Carrey Gets Us Thinking Out of the Boxes We Inhabit

“Perspective” changer here. Revitalize your outlook…



  1. Thumbs up on Hope/Faith and Fear/Love. Pretty good work there. Thanks Boom.

  2. Really? You asking me to watch 26 minutes of that MK’d freak?
    I don’t get it, apologies if I’m missing something here…

    • He’s MK for sure. Even with a few acorns of truth. Whether EUS, Russian or Chinese, I’d say Chinese version. Moonie like to me. 3D Truman variety.

  3. Just like the boob tube, nobody is making you watch it, or stopping you from changing the channel. If you’ve got MK dirt on Carrey then post it. It’s a forum here.

    • Really? You asking me to watch 29 minutes from “The Vigilant Christian”??

      • Carey’s grad speech was spot on. He is talented. He makes people laugh. Jewrywood leeches on to pure talent but does not own it all.
        Jim talks about choosing love over fear. Try it.
        He mentions reincarnation as if it were an accepted fact, as it is for me. Don’t really care what vigilant christians have to say…..not gonna give em 29 minutes or 29 seconds, knowing they preach fairy tales about “heaven” and “hell” and are happy being zionista’s cattle.

        • Hi CR. Hope you are well bro.

          • thanks chief…..back atcha

        • Thats fair enough, I don’t get into the “fairy tales about “heaven” and “hell”” either but you have to admit that these scumbags in control absolutely HATE Jesus an DO believe Lucifer is god so there is something in it for sure.

        • Oh such talent! lol

  4. He’s a holly-wood ‘Star’ . Nuff said.

  5. Thank you for posting additional info for us jay7sun.

  6. No problem Boomer and I am sorry if I was rude I’m just really fed up with these actors. On the radio the other day you got Leonardo DiCaprio telling Aussies how bad the great barrier reef is now and what we need to do… yeah really Leo? You’d be the expert now right? So fucking funny and sad at the same time.

    • Leo Decapitato is MK too. Shutter Island DSM-5 variety. Hooray for Holyrood.

      I think they have been triggered to spew the Global Warming CO2 from the Pi-holes they call mouths. ICLEI has invaded all counties here in US Inc. and the focus on food and water and the usual bank price fixing are in swing for the big event where we will see the rationing.

      [“I’ve lost count of how much grass I’ve ripped up,” said Matt Baroudi, 53, an award-winning British landscape designer who moved to Las Vegas 15 years ago and installs eco-friendly gardens and back yards.

      “Today I’ve just taken out a lawn that will save 20,000 gallons of water a year. People are changing but I think ultimately they will have to made it illegal to sell grass seeds.]

      grass seed today, tomorrow, wheat seed. (unless it’s Monsanto Westbred)

  7. Look at this clip of Carrey, any here really gonna buy his BS?
    We are all one eh. LOL Eckhart Tolle? *facepalm*

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