Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 16, 2014

Some things to hide and they are not Christmas presents or Easter eggs


CNN Mocks IRS for Missing Lois Lerner Emails: ‘Do You Believe in Santa Claus?’

“Do you believe in the Easter bunny? Do you believe in Santa Claus? Do you believe that Lois Lerner’s emails suddenly went poof?”

That was CNN host John King‘s incredulous response Monday to the Internal Revenue Service’s claims that they lost two years worth of emails involving former official Lois Lerner and outside agencies. read more




  1. hey Patrick…(cyber hug!!!) ❤ Ive always been a bit confused about the dynamics at the actors studio (news)…most things agenda driven…but then u have that oddball stuff like what you talk about it just more catering…try to look legit as one is lying by adding some truth or reality for those who might actually question what theyare being told???

    sorry for being MIA!!!

    • Most certainly a fishing expedition. The Swordfish or the Grunion.In a feeding frenzy such as we have now, the grunion will be consumed by the swordfish and then the Swordfish caught on the Sandy Hooks of MSM bait.

      Reality tells us it is nearly over now. The Swordfish have been debeaked and are being cut into steaks. Welfare and Warfare in the World Wide Web for the rest of the fish caught in the nets. We will drown in the network. First we all get mad as hell and not want to take it anymore and then we will finally accept the ‘one world order’

      Best that we remind ourselves of the actors studio/holyrood meme of “Wag the Dog” and that it is all an illusion excluding the frequencies which are real. Good to see you Nic. (cyber hug back)

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  3. It won’t be asked, by these are a few questions that should be asked.

    In light of the disclosure, these are some of the logical requests that should be made of the IRS:

    • Please provide a timeline of the crashes and documentation covering when they were first discovered and by whom; when, how and by whom it was learned that materials were lost; the official documentation reporting the crash and federal data loss; documentation reflecting all attempts to recover the materials; and the remediation records documenting the fix. This material should include the names of all officials and technicians involved, as well as all internal communications about the matter.

    • Please provide all documents and emails that refer to the crashes from the time that it happened through the IRS’ disclosure to Congress Friday that it had occurred.

    • Please provide documentation showing the steps taken to recover the material, and the names of all technicians who attempted the recovery.

    • Please explain why redundancies required for federal systems were either not used or were not effective in restoring the lost materials, and provide documentation showing how this shortfall has been re-mediated.

    • Please provide any documents reflecting an investigation into how the crash resulted in the irretrievable loss of federal data and what factors were found to be responsible for the existence of this situation.

    • I would also ask for those who discovered and reported the crash to testify under oath, as well as any officials who reported the materials as having been irretrievably lost.

    • Very good questions indeed Michael. RAID servers ”ID” erasures and the looming elephant is that it took a year to clean up and still requires more holes to be filled in.Blackburn Lancashire. Just another day in the life of the USA Inc. Crime Syndicate.

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