Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 9, 2014

PSY-OPS: Coming Home



  1. Okay Boys and Girls, let’s play connect the dots.

    * Fast & Furious
    * Benghazi
    * Syria/Ukraine
    * Ukraine
    * The VA
    * The Bergdahl 6
    = The Triad /_\ (the Triple Crown

    al CIAda = Americano

    Where did the Pope go? 60,000 at the border. 600,000 at the gate. And they’re off………

    .tick tock, tick tock………………….

  2. TRAFFICKING: 911 to Bergdahl. All layovers in Chicago

  3. about sustainable development

  4. against the feather of truth
    the heart is weighed

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