Posted by: Mr. M | May 28, 2014

As if we needed more evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

This is really strange. So now we have to consider that the alleged plane was a hologram image. Keep your eye on the left-wing.



  1. nothing about it was ever straight, just like all the rest of the false flags etc
    but they keep doing it cos so many DO NOT question what theyre told.

    • Hi Oz. Good to see you. We were wondering about you the other day, me and Jersey Girl.

  2. I have not changed my theory on this after all the years. NO PLANES, NO MISSILES, NO DRONES, NO MAS!

    Explosives laid in the towers from 1999 predated to the first basement attack which was staged to allow tons of covert security and “PLUMBERS” to have access to all detonation points. It took years to place the demolition explosives.

    The Pentagon was under construction as well. Same process. Their HOLYROOD depiction of Flt 93 was worthy of the hunger games Oscar if not for a shanksville burn site so pathetically staged.

    The most difficult part was getting vigilant guardian to assure the free airspace to re-route planes and radar / HAARp interference to obscure the changed flight plans. I still think they went to Greenland.

    I think Malaysia 370 went to Antarctica.

    Often I wonder what torture or experimentation laid in store for those passengers or were they just summarily executed

    Since 911, I must say sloppier work I have not seen. Sandy Hook was pathetic. Maybe the hook was just rusty….

    Their reality genre is far more entertaining than Hollywood fare. Soon their fiction will have to go to “Pay per View”

  3. I’ve been recently looking into the “no planes” and am convinced also..

    All fits together nicely now, strange black planes @ over 500mph melting into buildings doesn’t wash with me. The flash before impact being used as a cue for time/sound/video/impact point.

  4. Sorry to disturb your slumber COTO kiddies, but the kid narrating this video has no idea what he is talking about. Especially as to comparative materials strength and crash physics.

    The buildings to the left side of the screen are quite a bit closer in this POV, so the plane flies in between them and the towers in this shot.

    Keep up those amazing, Lol, “critical thinking skills” kids.

    Over and out, \\][//

  5. Well…you’re still alive and apparently functioning on some kind of cylinders.

    No need to disparage folks unless you “choose” to go “live” on COTO and display your marksmanship in the the area(s) of your expertise and repartee. Clarity is of course always welcome at COTO, balanced with civility. Do exercise your knowledge base for the critical consideration of those considering themselves of COTO mindset.

    Ovations await you.

  6. Hello Boomer,

    If you like you may read these two threads, both the articles and continued commentary that fills it out. There is no reason to repeat this much information here.

    And if you would like to make a comment there you are welcome to. However it will appear moderated until I check the queue, which I will do if I see a presence on the stats bar.

    Thank you for your interest.


  7. I have noticed that Señor El Zero hasn’t been around since his mission was accomplished. I don’t suppose you find that at all curious do you Boom?

    Thanks for all the farewell lollipops y’all gave me, really appreciated that.

  8. Operation Northwoods
    false flag as a pretexts for war

  9. This is all part & parcel of the larger plan to subvert humanity through the mechanism of creating Chaos, following the Hegelian Dialectic formula.

    Sitting back, observing, and taking note of the progression of “events”, policy-making, and who has been and ARE profiting off of the scripted “changes” provides insight and understanding. There is a host of culprits feeding off of humanity. The latest Bilderberger conference reveals a nice selection. The current malAdministration in the U.S., Congress, and the Agency criminals.

    Kirwan talks of the NWO here at .

    For those who want to LOOK, the info and slime trails are all around us. I started thinking about the WHO ARE THEY? issue earlier this morning when I couldn’t sleep. Wrote some stuff down. It can get very comprehensive when you start reflecting. It is absolutely a copout for people to put effort into believing and trying to substantiate the BS “Story” promulgated about 9/11. To attempt to blame Bin Laden (CIA) and Afghani’s or Iraqi’s is pitiable stupidity. Is it not Obvious that these people’s did Not Profit off of the gambit? Here’s the listing I started this a.m., but the info is all around us, so folks can just go find it themselves…:

    WHO Did 9/11?

    Bush, Sr. of course, along with his sons. George Bush, Jr., probably unwittingly and compartmentalized due to his position as current pResident. A pet goat proverbially. Jeb Bush, as a proxy actor who pulled strings during the puppet show and afterwards. Consider his character and activities by reading — . A NYT’s piece, and just a glimpse, but one which reveals the sliminess of this man.

    The Clintons and their pack of wolves. Certain Senators and other Congress persons have played special roles before, during and after the drama.

    The Bush Clan Saudi “Brotherhood” business partners connections. Consider those invested in Bush Clan businesses, and “friendship” buddies who profited before, during, after, and much after. See — If one was to read this description, and “read into” the linkages, some interesting things would surface. One, would be, “Carlyle’s 2001 investor conference took place on September 11, 2001. In the weeks following the meeting, it was reported that Shafiq bin Laden, a member of the Bin Laden family, had been the “guest of honor”, and that they were investors in Carlyle managed funds.[21][22][23][24][25] Later reports confirmed that the Bin Laden family had invested $2 million into Carlyle’s $1.3 billion Carlyle Partners II Fund in 1995, making the family relatively small investors with the firm.[26] These connections would later be profiled in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911. The Bin Laden family liquidated its holdings in Carlyle’s funds in October 2001.[27]”
    “In its early years, Carlyle also advised in transactions including a $500 million investment by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal in Citigroup in 1991.[12]
    The Crusader weapon system, developed by United Defense, Carlyle’s largest investment in the defense industry, was cancelled in May 2002[13]
    Carlyle initially developed a reputation for acquiring businesses related to the defense industry. In 1992, Carlyle completed the acquisition of the Electronics division of General Dynamics Corporation, renamed GDE Systems, a producer of military electronics systems.[14] Carlyle would later sell the business to Tracor in October 1994.[15] Carlyle acquired Magnavox Electronic Systems, the military communications and electronic-warfare systems segment of Magnavox, from Philips Electronics in 1993.[16] Carlyle sold Magnavox for approximately $370 million to Hughes Aircraft Company in 1995. Carlyle also invested in Vought Aircraft through a partnership with Northrop Grumman.[17] Carlyle’s most notable defense industry investment came in October 1997 with its acquisition of United Defense Industries. The $850 million acquisition of United Defense represented Carlyle’s largest investment to that point.[13][18] Carlyle was able to complete an IPO of United Defense on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2001 selling a significant portion of its interest in the company. Carlyle completed a sale of its remaining United Defense stock and exited the investment in April 2004.[19] In more recent years, Carlyle has deemphasized its focus on defense industry investments.”[20]
    Anybody and everybody associated with the PNAC.

    Here’s a nice listing of conspirators —

    Zionists of many stripes. Major and minor, from political, to business, to religious zealots, administrative policy-makers, and paper pushers.
    Examine those IN and around “the administration”, those on the periphery, and those profiting by accumulation of power or wealth since the atrocity.

    9/11 was a Conspiracy of players without borders as those who benefited can be found in many countries.

    The U.K “players” come to mind, including the Queen and other connected families, The City of London financiers, as well as the Catholic “connections” which always are entertwined in war-making catastrophes (Cardinal Spellman and his NY Zio-buddies), like Giuliani, Cuomo, Silverstein, it’s a long laundry list along with Rothchild and other elite blood line families. Definitely, those higher Masonic individuals (builders would make excellent destroyers) tied into these groups, and other shadow secret society ilk.

    Those Military individuals who created and conducted the “games” on that fateful day. Those Agency people in the FAA, and other security agencies who played active roles, and those (like the FBI) who made sure to dead-end inquiries that were getting “hot”.

    We think of the vast throng of Wall Street Banking institutions who have benefited while causing pain and misery in the U.S. and abroad. The Media Whores have also been grossly complicit in this crime against humanity.

    Truly, 9/11 was a gigantic CONspiracy, with the blame placed on peoples, cultures, institutions, the Constitution, etc. that were impediments to the devilish Elite’s plans. The WHO is of more interest to me than the HOW. It is Obvious that stealthy long-term planning and collaboration on a monstrous scale occurred.

    • Well Boomer, that scratches and it scratches well…
      But that’s not where the itch is.
      I commented on the bullshit video that this thread is about.

      Obviously you don’t care about “how” it was done. Regardless that was what my comments spoke to, and the foolishness of taking such transparent crap seriously.

      Context flops around like a fish out of water on this site.

      PS, have no fear, I won’t be posting again.

  10. The September 11 attacks in 2001 occurred during that year’s Global Guardian and Vigilant Guardian joint exercises.

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