Posted by: Mr. M | May 24, 2014

Meet Marine Veteran Driskill Horton III and the Baby

The last time I saw Dris, going on a week ago, he didn’t look too good. I can’t say how the other man looked, and didn’t ask, but Dris is an ex-special-ops, Marine Veteran, I can’t imagine the other guy fared too well.

I’ve only had 3-contacts with Dris. He wanders the streets. He goes some very dark places, and the duel personalities that his experiences and alcohol give him make me fear he will soon disappear.

This is only the 1st-part of the interview he allowed. And it’s enough to break your heart.

Thinking that I should not have used finding the baby as bait. But when he first told me the story the idea seemed to pop out of my mouth before I thought it over. You don’t make promises you can’t keep. Especially to people such as Dris, who are so close to the edge.

Maybe it’s a fool’s gambit. But this involves what would be a now 26-year-old Nicaraguan/Indian (?) women, who as an infant was rescued by then elite-killer, Special-ops, Marine, Driskill Horton III.

Dris is a good story teller. He’s not conscience of how good he is. But he is. He had me laughing and crying. There’s a story about his Grandfather that is right out of Band of Brothers, on steroids. I’ll post that later.

This Memorial Day is for Dris, and all the Driskill Horton’s, no matter what their number, there are out there. My heart goes out to the men and women who have been used and abused by a system that has put you, through no fault of your own, where you are today.

The mission is to find the baby Dris and his Band of Brothers rescued. A 26- year old cold-case, in a foreign country, we weren’t supposed to be in. But I made the promise I’d try. If anyone can help in this endeavor, please, submit what you can find out.

The names of two of the men Dris were with are Lt. Mark Overton, and the other is unfortunately deceased, killed by “friendly-fire” in Desert Storm, Robert Jenkins.

The best Dris can remember all this took place in August of 89.

It’s a real long shot, but stranger things have happened in God’s world.



  1. Nice work Michael. Thanks for this timely and poignant piece. I know Dris is safe wherever he is. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

    The timeline is foggy for him but I know on the heels of contra-gate, the endless murders by the committee went forward. On to Mena and Slick Willy Clinton. I, like you are old enough and still have the memory to relive the cycles of the war on drugs (terrorstorm) from Iran-Contra to Desert Storm.

    WAR ON…..(fill in the blank)

    There are a million Dris’ carrying the legacy of the WAR ON…Grp LLC. The Committee of 300 sees to that. It will not surprise me that this young woman, wherever she is now is going to impact this world. Meanwhile we see the veterans day revelations exposed for the lie it is. A trumpet and a movie marathon of John Wayne waving the bloody stripes of Walstreet.

    One begins to understand the true meaning of “special-ops” as you and others tell the stories of the homeless dot mil. and their status in the misery of what is the biggest con-game ever played. Give the war criminal Kissinger a point for telling the truth about the value of a veteran.

    Thanks for all you do Michael. You made my Sunday.

  2. uss liberty remembrance

  3. Hope Dris is ok, and youre right, someone somewhere might just be the lass in the chopper who took the baby to safety..
    hope so.

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