Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 7, 2014

It’s All about CHOICES!


Hideous Hillary

So…if Bill didn’t have sex with “That Woman”, does that mean he had sex with this “other woman” (some leeway is awash here), and even fathered a child with her?

Does Gennifer Flowers count?

Gennifer Flowers


Yes — these pictures/caricatures/photos are public white trash. I found em, so can you. What’s the point?

Who even cares now? Except Hillary and Bill, Bill and Hillary are still “Players” on the NWO roundtable.

I vote DYSFUNCTION. Therefore, these creatures are all DISQUALIFIED for one reason or another (I can think of many “others”) for being anywhere near policy-making or positions of importance.

The DIRT on these people is limitless, so this entire “story” is pointless, and only foisted up the petard to highlight the low spark of these high-heeled toys.


  1. LOL, thanks for the chuckle 🙂 More dis information for the masses of the entertainment world on the teevee.

  2. Of course Flowers had her club on Bourbon St. It’s closed now. I would see here from time to time around the French Quarter, but never engaged her. But people here likes her. Or at least all the ones I know that knew her.

    New Orleans arguably leads the NWO as its center of perversion. Which in there lies the rub. From those praising order comes some degree of anarchy. Or is that hypocrisy?

    I’m afraid I’m never going to figure this shit out.

    Suddenly, as of today, all the hard-core street people are gone. It’s as if they all received the same memo and left leaving not so much as a “please help” sign behind.

    I don’t know what this means. I’m going out later and see if yesterday was some kind of a fluke. Maybe I’ll find the memo? Maybe I shouldn’t be here?

    But there is this one guy I taped recently that I can’t get out of my mind. Dristol “Dris” Horton. Homeless Ex-Marine. A good man maybe scared beyond repair.

    Dris has a story about a baby Nicaragua girl that would break your heart to hear him tell it, and yet may have a good ending. If I can figure out how to post a fucking video to this piss-ant site (I guess I have to “upgrade” (sic)) I’d post Dris telling it.

    To make it a short story, Dris and his platoon were doing gun/drug hits deep in the jungle when they came across a village that was wiped-out by AK-47’s. Dris hears crying and finds a lone survivor, a baby girl hidden under a bush. They march the baby through the jungle to an extraction point and it’s lifted off.

    I got as much info as I could, but it’s real hard for Dris to talk about his service days. I thought how nice it would be to maybe find out what happened to that baby girl. Or not. But I made the mistake of musing about that in front of Dris and now I’m somewhat committed.

    I’m trying to sort-out how to work this out. If anybody has any ideas or wants to help, let me know.

    • Sad stories M seem to permeate the Mil. Explains why they are such targets for the “Order” and #1 terroriat group being EX Mil. Many I encountered in Florida were the same.. Vietnam was yesterday. Just painted on a new landscape.

      The good are dying and the konformists are thriving. I guess I’ll take dying still. If life means having to watch and hear about Miley Cyrus, death looks pretty good.

  3. in lieu of:..

    { s w a l l o w s }


  4. You got anything else to say about Lewinsky 1/4horse? You shared the “swallows” theme on the previous post with Lewinsky’s much larger picture. Whaddaya got to say about Hillary? {laughs}

    Actually, I was hoping you might elucidate a little more than one word.

  5. “Crooked” Willie was doing OK by Mr. Peyronie, tee hee . Looks to me like Gennifer was deflowered, good work if you can get it. With all that coke and clout he was bound to get some fancy leg. Poor guys like me have to use charm and spew some really fancy BS,or just get lucky. Oh the fringe benefits of dirty money and position.

  6. Sing it Slick Willie.

    but remember the devil wears a green dress

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