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Jim Stone Highlights “Haarp technology – When the Evil play GOD”

{ Worth the reading and contemplation. Interesting discussion of Cell Phone Towers that I was not savvy too. Puddy can also shed much light on this entire subject. }

Current STORMS in the USA occurring AS WE SPEAK have many sources pointing to HAARP as a a catalyst if not originator…

environmental terrorism

Haarp technology – When the Evil play GOD.

“This update has replaced the original Haarp report.

I am well aware that Haarp proper has its limits, and cite the real source I believe is used in this report while calling it Haarp because Haarp is what people relate to (like Kleenex).

If you are a fence sitter with regard to Chemtrails and weather modification, that is understandable because “no one” has come up with “hard proof” that this is going on. But today ought to be the day that changes, because I have cold hard proof that HAARP technology is exactly what people say it is along with a precise technical explanation for how Haarp technology works and this will post today.
Digital Stepping in the Aurora Borealis – Understanding the technical side of Haarp”.




  1. Interesting! Yes, looking forward to Puddy’s input. The 1996 Telecommunications Act forbade people to restrict the siting of cell phone towers on the basis of “environmental concerns,” including health. The disinformation campaign about EMF has also been monumental.

  2. Great article Boomer. Pat understands the EMF-EMI dangers and we all have a simple understanding of EM and it’s effect on weather ie. simple lightening. My past posts regarding the nano-technology and microchips comes back to all the events we have seen since Barry took office.

    This includes the ongoing hoax of flight 370 and the extreme weather from Sandy Hoax to the the Tornadoes. Katrina certainly was one of the ENMOD treaty’s loopholes where using the weaponized EISCAT heaters and chem-chaff conductors on your own citizens does not violate the treaty. When birds come falling from the sky as feather filled bags of jelly, you know that Microwave cook fast or slow depending upon terahertz radiation, and the band. Microwave ovens work in the S-BAND as do weather radar, surface ship radar, and some communications satellites (microwave devices/communications, radio astronomy, mobile phones, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GPS, amateur radio)

    So we are being slow cooked by spurious emmissions from cell towers, phones, open WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless surveillance cameras.

    I have just received my new waveguide Pat, so now I can monitor microwave frq up to 40 Gigahertz (K-BAND) on my spectrum Analyzer and there are some to report here in the mountains. What comes after the chem-chaff spray are spikes beyond my range in the over 100 Ghz (the W-BAND) and if the chips are to operate the frequency wavelenghts had to be less than 2 millimeters,

    Was the chip technology involved in the Malaysian flight hi-jacking? Whistleblower?

    I advise all to get a simple trifield meter Model XE100) $120.99 and monitor the Magnetic, Electrical and Radio/Microwave in their environment and make the necessary adjustments. I dumped the cell phone and wi-fi is never used on my modem-router. A Faraday netting for sleep is a good idea if you are in a triagular hotspot for any RFI in the range. I am really concerned with the WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) long range waves at 3.5 Ghz which is becoming more and more common. Protect yourselves COTO.

    Cook an egg in the microwave until the yolk explodes and then remember Andrew Breitbart and Tim Russert. That.s your heart on Microwaves. Any questions?

  3. Ran across this:

    “By Susan Duclos

    In a compilation of interviws with physicists, biophysicists, electromagnetic energy/wave researchers and others, the information presented below is a testament of the terrifying nature of HAARP technology, and the damage it can and is doing to human beings, and has been for decades. One document discussed lays out the debilitating consequences of electromagnetic waves and/or energy on the human body.

    This type of warfare against humans can cause disease, hysteria, and even passivity to be used for population control, according to Adam Trombly, who is a physicist for The Institute for Advanced Studies.

    Excellent presentation for those that are interested in HAARP technology and those that do not understand the physical dangers.

    One specific point made at the beginning of the video below, is from a man that has researched electromagnetic waves/energy and it’s effects on the human mind, for 40 years, who says that HAARP “scares” him because he knows what it can do.

    When experts are expressing outright fear, then we all should be concerned”.

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