Posted by: Mr. M | April 28, 2014

A PROUD Domestic Terrorist!

A PROUD Domestic Terrorist!

Keep in mind that the people that are defending the BLM are championing the thugs that put-up a “First Amendment Area,” beat-up two women, tackled a pregnant women to the ground, tazered two of Bundy’s sons, and surrounded the ranch with 200 heavily armed BLM-thugs. And for what? To collect a debt.

Those that defend the governments actions also refuse to address the fact that Dirty Harry Reid’s former senior political adviser is head of the BLM. Completely ignoring this blatant cronyism. Nor do they address the nepotism of Dirty Harry’s sons in negotiating a deal to sell the land they have been conspiring to steal from hard-working Americans, cowboys no less, to none other than a communist Chinese energy company, so that they can build a $5-billion dollar solar-energy plant and get “carbon-credits.” (Look-up; U.S. vs Hage, Federal Judge Robert C. Jones.)

And we all know how well those solar projects have worked-out. Can you say; “Solyndra?”

I knew you could.

Strangely these close ties and coincidences go missing from the narrative. Hidden in plain-sight is the blatant corruption of our government and a sycophant media, and the silence is defining.

It just goes to show the power of the Corporate Owned News (CON). Those that limit themselves to only acquiring their news from the CON are being conned. Did the movie “Wag the Dog,” not teach them anything? Did not CNN getting caught red-handed faking being in Baghdad, when the were really on the top of their roof, in Atlanta, make a dent? Did the apologies of “bad intelligence” not wear-thin after 9/11, Iraq, and the Boston bombing?

We now have over 50,000 SWAT-team raids a year. Since 9/11 over 5,000 people have been killed in these raids, many of them innocent men, women and children. Nearly every single government agency has a small army. Small town police are advertizing for recruits showing them training as if they were going to be in an elite SEAL-team, instead of some backwater country town cop.

Tell us why we should trust our government with this kind of power, especially when recent self-investigations by the FBI cleared themselves in any wrong-doing, for the 150th consecutive time, in their latest questionable shooting. When their victim was unarmed, in a room with 5-FBI agents, and he winds-up with 6-bullet holes in his body and one in the back of his head? How is that “justifiable?” Was this guy one of the X-Man? The Hulk? Yes, he was a professional fighter, but so are the FBI-agents. And they’re armed.

Cliven Bundy is the last man standing between us and tyranny. Whichever way this goes the story of Cliven Bundy will forever be told and be used as an inspiration against those that would love power over the power of love.

This story isn’t so much about Cliven Bundy as it is the corruption that he is standing up too. The fact that the CON is so blatantly ignoring the crimes of Reid means that we can’t expect them to tell us the truth, but to only keep deflecting from those crimes, and spend all their energy demonizing Cliven Bundy and those that support him. So I say; TO HELL WITH THEM!

And if supporting Cliven Bundy makes me a “domestic terrorist,” well, then fine. I’m not. I wish no one any harm other than any justice a verdict might render. I’m sure that our Founding Fathers were looked upon in the same way by those that would crush the spirit of freedom.

So when in comes down to it, again, how can anyone but a tyrant defend Reid, and not support the Cowboy Cliven Bundy?




  1. Tried to “Like” this but got a blank “square”. Anyways, many would rather have Mr. Bundy as pResident than Mr. funny pants enigma whwarmonger.

  2. Striking terror in the hearts of scoundrels everywhere.

  3. Cliven Bundy is likely a real legit character and he certainly carries the libertarian torch well. He’s kind and rational, and proud. It’s a study and classroom to watch them spin his comments.

    So I present my thesis;

    The Committee had to act fast after the Nevada standoff so they sent their baiters in to get Bundy talking. Obviously Bundy had no history in which to smear him so they went to philosophy 101 and baited him to utter some racial epithet that really is benign in the sense of Bundy’s generation.

    So out come the PAID (tax dollars) media assassins and they spin it well. Then they go to Googleplex Database and Dialectic playbook and pull from the Cadre, a real racist by the name of Donald Sterling. They initiate a sting, set him up, illegally wiretap him and set in motion a REAL ASSASSINATION.

    Now the spin get Bundy in the laundry with Sterling and OPRAH “la HARPO” can remind us that people like Bundy just “need to die”

    TMZ, a Soros mainline operation along with the transmitters FOX, CNN can then run with it.

    /3_6\ – The perfect play for the War on Terror and domestic agenda

    As with the War on Drugs, the nouns are 3 and and 6. War is 9, Drugs are 3 and we are 6. The objective is to get us on Drugs, control the Drug trade and use the Drugs to enslave the population. That is the Manufacture, distribution and opportunies in the TRIAD.

    The War on Terror is the same principle. Create, distribute and control. The narrative is delivered just like mainline heroin into the gelatin filled brains of the dumbed down masses.

    1War on Poverty +
    2War on Drugs +
    3War on Terror = 6
    6=War on Mind

    I present you with the Obama/Bush/Clinton global Terror Network delivered by the Committee and three segments of international banking profit centers. A redistribution of wealth that never reaches it’s destination but ends up in the coffers of crooks and killers. But more importantly, the shaping or shape shifting face of a NEW WORLD ORDER and transition to a Soylent Green Utopia

    1War on Climate
    2War on Racism
    3War on Sovereignty
    6=War on Independence

    are three more you will hear from the TERROR NETWORK.

    War on crime, War on Coal, War on Christmas are exponents of 396 Triad. Now every time you hear the words WAR ON, you know it’s a financial fund, fraud and fabrication of the Transformers who manufacture it, distribute it, market it on Wallstreet and cycle it through the Vortex

    124578 (repeat) 396 (any order)

    Bundy = cow flatulence, methane terrorist, lone wolf independent racist who does not take drugs. His head is a large target. So is yours COTO.


    When China builds the Solar Farm in Nevada on the land Hillary pledged to them will the chemtrailers stop dimming the sun? Let’s ask Al Gore and Bugsy Reid.


  5. As usual M You are “all out of bubble gum” just kickin ass. And Puddy nice numeric work,rings true here. I am currently fighting for a Cheyenne man that is blind,has a large tumor on his face,has no electricity,gas or furniture. How a 6ft2 inch man can fall through the cracks is beyond belief. Let´s all fight the good fight and let the chips fall where they will. Korn out.

    • What you are doing makes anything I am currently doing pale in significance.

      I pray for the both of you. All of us.

    • You made that break from a bad situation and your doing GODS work now Korn. I love you man. Keep me posted when you have time. I’m up in the woods a lot lately but hope to catch up soon.

      I wonder how Jersey Girl is doing?

  6. wow … just wow …

  7. “We believe these new helicopters will help the Egyptian government counter extremists who threaten U.S., Egyptian, and Israeli security,” Kirby said last week.

  8. Ambassador Stevens was assassinated by Team Obama. Where was Barry during the siege? Not in the SITUATION ROOM like the photo op for the fake Bin-Laden raid. He was in a private room watching the real time event with his masters and manipulators.

    Kerry goes before the House on Subpeona. Can’t wait for this song and dance. Unbelievable liars, this crew of skull and bones. Makes Dick Cheney look like a naughty choir boy. This is by far the most dangerous administration since FDR.

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