Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 25, 2014

Propaganda on Display: “The BIG LIES Speak Volumes”…The People are the “Deciders”

First, Please READ:

Obama Puppet Show

Why is this of utmost importance to Americans and people everywhere? Because you cannot make appropriate decisions and Act when operating upon false information, deceptions, lies, subterfuge, propaganda — they’re all the rage these daze, and have been through-out history. History? What WE KNOW about history is that history has been altered, obliterated, and re-framed for the conspicuous consumption of the Masses. This is fact, not fiction. Our history is fictionalized.

Let’s not be April Fools, friends…

So, returning to Current Events, we see the-same-as-it-ever-was being continued ad nauseum all around us. Its a veritable smorgasbord and bonanza of bullshit! So, THE OBVIOUS is not-so-obvious a good part of the time when dining from certain Servers-of-Bullshit. The slogan is slung around here, “COTO KNOWS”, and it means there exist a large number of folks who can smell STINK right off-the-bat, and from miles away. Parakeets in the coal mine if you will. They smell the deadly gas way before most. So, when they tweet, talk, and say fly away, its a wise thing to listen, do your own research, contemplate, and “DECIDE”.

The initial link at the top on this thread, discusses “Propaganda” and propaganda organs familiar to many. So, why would anyone expect anything truthful to come out of pegged lying organs? Parakeets use these lying vessels as gauges. The Truth is probably 180 degrees from the lies promoted. Its a pretty accurate gauge, based on experience.

For color and dot connecting, I have re-pasted some comments from recent threads here at COTO. It reflects how folks think and feel on certain current events, and “programs”, and/or programming. We must always be weighing “what we are told” with “what we know” and “think we know”. Then, move carefully towards the Truth, as commonsense and our survival instincts direct us. Even then, we are not safe. We are dealing with a psychopathic class which lies like most folks breathe. There is no truth in them. Their ultimate goals are not normal human’s goals. So, BEWARE! And realize the leopard does not change its spots unless it benefits it. The snake speaks subtleties to ensnare. The shark comes up from beneath and from behind. The bear hides in the brush. The lion creeps up using natural camouflage. The eagle drops from the sky.

From comments section on recent thread:

“How anyone can defend the blatant tyranny on display by demonizing the people standing up to it is beyond me. How do you defend one of the most powerful men in government using his authority to drive American families off their land, to then sell it for personal gain, to a foreign country, and not just any county, but Communist Fucking China!?!?

And then you see the propaganda machine working as somehow Bundy is the reason the poor fucking turtles are drowning in bullshit! {HaHaHa – Great Description, M!}

The only fucking bullshit around here is coming from the sycophants that would dare try to defend the governments actions!“ ~ “M”

From comments section on recent thread:

“Rolls eyes at the idiots who believe all the fucking made up nonsense on the internet….” ~ “American Patriot”

“Reblogged this on Reality Check commented: (Reality Check — Yes, it is imperative that we constantly check “Reality”~ Boomerangcomesback)

I’m still skeptical. This is a conspiracy theory and I know it to be… but, oh well” ~ ”American Patriot”

“Maybe… don’t believe the USAF is dumping chemicals though” ~ “American Patriot”

“Why not? Almost all wars are banker’s wars. The men and women that fight them are misled to fight and die for “reasons” they think are noble, but they’ve been deceived. Please read more, Sir” ~ “boomerangcomesback”

“You read more, sir. You’re a moron if you believe what you said” ~ “American Patriot”

“None of that is factual. Do you have any idea what HAARP actually does? I do, and its a conspiracy THEORY that it has anything to do with weather” ~ “American Patriot”


“Morons believe the official story” ~ “Puddy Dunne”



  1. hiya all,
    good one boomer:-)
    yeah the nyt run of pics and retraction when busted.. {“NY TIMES CAUGHT IN MONSTER LIE ABOUT EGYPT”}
    now where did we see that same MO?
    oh yeah all the cloth wrapped bodies reused for? damn so many many times Im losing track.
    obe time theyr murdered one time theyre gassed.
    busy-bodies gets a whole new meaning!
    then the bullshit of sweden wanting ptriot missiles now for case..
    why the hell anyone would think Russia plans to go there?
    they didnt take or invade, they got offered..
    your pollies need muzzles..and sedation!

  2. Thanks, Oz!

    Start ticking off in your mind the litany of conspicuously perpetrated “events” that have been occurring with the regularity of common diarrhea. It is an awe-inspiring display of true “Terrorism” perpetrated for the elite controllers’ power and wealth generating system.

    Nothing else. Except, They get off on it. They’re pathological and predictable as “Satan Sells Sin in the Cities by the Seashore”, and everywhere else.

    Nothing is believable from the purveyors of war and poverty. It is all laughable, if it wasn’t so seriously fatal for so many.

    We could sit here and list in chronological order, the chronic disorder these inhuman 9/11-causing Freaks have wrought upon the world. They Are the modern version of Get Smart’s “CHAOS”. Bumbling Bad Guys, dangerous for every reason you can think of…

    The Hits just keep coming don’t they? The Boston Bombing fiasco was just in the alt-news again, the Batman Theater Boogeyman again rode the waves, Ft. Hood redux, more Sandy Hook exposes, the ongoing Bundy affair, Fukraine, on & on, then:

    FAST & FURIOUS is their M.O. “Ain’t got time to make a lane change”.

    All manifesting an “official” believability quotient for the plastic “story” stew sold of ZERO!

    Remember when police were “Public Servants”, there to keep folks safe? “Protect & Serve”… Cue picture of Barney Fife, an old CHIPS or Dragnet episode, or something innocuous. Look at this —

    Makes ya feel safe don’t it?! When Joe & Judy American are now considered terrorists for existing.

    Quite the upside down inversion of a Constitutional Republic by Change managers, aye?

  3. I just got My ass handed to Me in JP court today. Seems old money IS hard to defeat. So now its on to HUD, Texas Real Estate Commission and Texas Secretary of State,,oh and 2nd amendment advocate Greg Abbott Texas Attorney General,they cant all have been paid off.

  4. I have posted here often how the fall of the Soviet Union was one of the worst days of my life. Head scratcher for sheeple, I know.

    There was no money in detente and even the bankers couldn.t get Khrushchev and JFK in the game so they offed them. Glasnost Perestroika could hardly cover the corruption of the joo-lers and dolar miners after the fall. So before the fall they let out every criminal and Cuba did the same with the Mariel boatlift. I lived through the Miami Mayhem when in the eighties Miami was the murder capital of the nation. Scarface in real time.

    I guess it’s our turn for transformation and this time we fall. It’s our time and the time is now. 911 redux to the tenth power. There are a number of ways this can go down but the AMERICAN GLASNOST is transparent to those who don the COTO shades.

    Soetoro will be cleaning out our prisons to make room for the Bundy’s and Coto’s soon I hear. Bugsy Reid must be overjoyed.

    Barrytown is here

    I am the King of the World Barry. Long live the Queen!

    Call my Bookie. I want to put a dime on the Royal Scam Joo Bankers.

  5. The countdown begins for FATCA…&id=86449

    Another IRS transfer to the Lords of London FATCATS aimed at the lesser to-do’s. R.O.W 101

    • That page wouldn’t open for me.

  6. A couple of recent posts which shed a bit more light on the Ukraine “plot”:

    And, “Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies” By Stephen Lendman 4-25-14

    What WE DO KNOW is the Klowns that this mal-administration employs for the Krown’s purposes, are completely out-Klassed and outcasts from The People. The question hangs there in the chemtrailed air — “Why would anybody ‘trust’ anything any of these creatures speak?” Their past actions have already painted a very clear picture What-They-Are-Up-To, and it far surpasses the NO-GOOD Label!

    Obama? Biden? Kerry? Hillary? McCain? ROTFL!!!

    As WE CONSIDER who might come off the bench to sub for these Black Players, WE only see More-of-the-Same. Its a Very Bad Movie We are watching. All of the agencies, administrators, officers, every freaking one of them operates extra-judicially, outside the Constitution and Common Sense, and outside the “Will” of The People. Its a farcical enigma musical chairs “game” for despots and psychopaths. The very strange thing is…They continue to think their shit doesn’t stink and that nobody can see right through Them!

    This has been one of the most bizarre times in History I can imagine, with the information age revealing LIARS & SCUM very vividly and quickly. Yet, it is as if those on the stage, and their operators in the wings believe nobody has noticed They are naked criminals. Very bizarre theater WE must note.

    Forgot some names-to-name, but Brother Nathaniel does here: “Putin’s Or Jewmerica’s Plan For Ukraine”

  7. From:

    “People now have a chance to reflect on who is the aggressor and who stands for democratic choice as events unfold. They can observe the patterns of Orwellian distortion day to day. Never is the other side presented. The US and NATO alone continuously denounce, lie and threaten. Financial contracts and assets are violated by one side alone. Hate campaigns without evidence go one way. Uprisings have been mass murderous from the US-coup side and without harm from the resisting side. Russia is behind its own borders, and the US deploys threats, covert operations and mercenaries from thousands of miles away. But this time US-NATO-led corporate globalization cannot destroy nations at will. Sometimes history can happen as it should”.

    How are people propagandized, WE WANT TO KNOW? Well, WE’VE seen a lot of it by now. I just learned a New Term for an often-used methodology. The term is creating a “Hyper-Reality“.

    Please check this out! You’ll really appreciate the information and expert analysis:

    “Hollywood Producer Bombshell Proof Boston Bombing Was False Flag – Hollywood Producer Says So! (Full Video Interview Here!!!)” Sourced from:

    “According to Hollywood Producer Nathan Folks, the Boston Marathon ‘bombing’ WAS a ‘false flag’ attack. Complete with ‘crisis actors, smoke bombs, fake blood and literal “smoke and mirrors”, Nathan Folks should know ACTING as well as anyone, as a filmmaker, and what he saw, he’s CERTAIN, was the work of professionals, the best and worst of what Hollywood has to offer. Don’t believe me though, listen to Hollywood Producer Nathan Folks.

    Folks uses his own knowledge to bring clarity to the term ‘crisis actors’. He also warns that though people around the world know that the Boston bombing was fake, Americans are continually fed a stream of lies, and people who speak out are being poisoned, and worse…”.

    Update: Folks ARE NOT being fooled by the psyop MSM press releases. Check these latest articles out, and read some of the comments. The ACTORS that are on the World Stage continue their lying deceptions in full view of the world, and are instantly seen as the murderous,treasonous criminals they are…


    Then, what’s the predictable re-action by the other PTB?

    A number of these “players” were just recently meeting with the Pope. How convenient, aye?!

    Paul Craig Robert’s writes: “Moving Closer To War”,

    It is apparent it is dangerous to trust policy-making murdering hypocrites —

  8. This Saturday I had the opportunity to talk to a Russian couple for over an hour about the current situation. He was working on our oil fields as an engineer. His wife was a stunning tall-blond. Both extremely well educated and aware. They had a 3-year old daughter who was a joy.

    Essentially they were both COTO-crew the Russian-version, as they saw this with the same perspective, in that it was the elites-ruling cretins playing a game of Nay-Nay-Nay-nay-nay, only with nuclear weapons.

    Had another great conversation with a women from Syria, married to an American, who flies back and forth all the time. Once again, from the mouths of those that live there she expressed the truth, that it is our meddling that has been causing the suffering.

    Things have been getting increasingly tense. Whereas over the past year I could count on one-hand the number of heated exchanges, there seems to be not a day that goes by that there isn’t a confrontation.

    I don’t believe it’s just me, although, I can’t say I’m not wound-up like a $2-watch, but there has been a marked increase in confrontational reaction, that I thought I’d get went I first started doing my exaggerated “the end is near” act. Something is defiantly afoot.

    Jazz Fest is going on here now. The city is awash with the cream of America’s most oblivious. I use to love to go to Jazz Fest. I was even given the nick-name Mr. Jazz Fest for how I’d organize forays around Jazz Fest.

    Now I sit and stare at them, much with the same look they may look at me, as I float like a turd in their Jazz Fest punch bowl. I sit outside with my wagon felling the soft spring breeze and there’s a part of me that wants to be inside the Fair Grounds. But there’s a part of me that knows even if I were inside I couldn’t enjoy myself. And that’s what’s sad about all this knowledge, is all the sorrow.

  9. Oh! I also had a 5-min. conversation with a man that said he was in charge, and still has, all the 9/11-calls from 9/11.

    I have no doubt he was telling the truth. This guy had authority written all over him. Pure cop demeanor.

    The first question I asked him was “have we heard all the calls that were made?”

    He answered “no.”

    I would have loved to had a chance to talk to talk to him more, but his wife pulled him away.

  10. Things be jiggy and not so jazzy. Wish you could have gotten this guy’s “number”.

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