Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 17, 2014

Harry Reid’s Nevada Deal Involves Many Behind-the-Scenes Players

The elites “show their ass” to Joe Public. What’s that mean? It means – most Americans have NO IDEA how politicians Make So Much Money as “Public Servants”. How is it they get so rich so fast?! There’s a “Formula” that has just been revealed to the Public by Harry Reid’s mishap and overreach.

Oops! Greedy Reid has “blown the cover” on the methodology behind stripping the servant class.

Sometimes, it just takes putting 2 & 2 “together” to see the whole picture. The two articles below are revealing as to the cronyism and insider dealing that goes on behind closed doors.

I found this pretty interesting reading, and in combination with the second article, the “mindset” of these political elites is quite revealing. There are laws against this kind of insider dealing, typically RICO statutes. It is racketeering, and there should be charges, and investigations into all these elites. With an understanding of just this one egregious crime, WE can see that focus of all the security apparatus of the USA should be on those individuals and groups that have been and are stripping this nation bare. The REAL terrorists, breaking REAL laws, and those who pose the gravest threat to this nation’s security have been unmasked. Those with legislative power are who is dangerous, not Mr. & Mrs. hardworking American.

“Clinton/Obama cronies behind Bundy showdown” by James Simpson:

NOW…sit back and watch the “SPIN” put on that spitball by the slimeball Harry Reid:

{Check out the comments here. They’re moving towards 3000!} We don’t wonder why – the curtain has been pulled back. Now – Extrapolate! Contemplate ALL of these ilk, going back through the pResidencies and you will begin to understand HOW “WE” got HERE, and WHY!

Reflect on the psycho-psychology of this Reid creature. Then think about Clinton, or Obama, or Bush, Jr., or Cheney, or Rumsfeld, or Bush, Sr., or … ALL THE REST!

Get it?! Bunkerville is just a grain of sand on the beach of these elites’ criminal activities. Every Administration, and every Congress, and every Wall Street Bank, and every __________ (fill-in-the-blank) has been riddled with these grifters.



  1. Who’s pushing the issue? Who’s pulling the strings. The perfect TRIAD is crystal clear here. “This is not over” is the only thing Harry Reid “Bugsy” said that was true.

    There are multiple benefits always, if this escalates and a TRIAD always has a redistribution of wealth as you know.

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