Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 10, 2014

Sebelius resigns. Bill Gates nominated.


Take two and call me in the morning.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns – USA TODAY

“Burwell was confirmed into her current post by the Senate last April. She previously served as president of the Walmart Foundation and spent a decade with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She held a number of senior positions in the Clinton administration, including serving as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.”


Just as ordered by the Committee. I call Burwell a three time loser. She’s made for HHS Secretary. Death rules!



  1. Heard about this “re-positioning” of the the ASSets on the local talk radio today. I believe it was a FOX SNEWS interlewd informing me of the transition.

    COTO notices the “pedigree” of these “placements”, and WE note how the so-called “elites” stack-the-deck in Their favor for control purposes. No Big Whoop on this observation. As you know Puddy, I possess inside knowledge of the Billuminous creature. Does he look like that now? Too bad for him on this earthly plain. Lived luxuriously, and sickened like a mongrel dog. Fitting… Frankly, the Gates should be injected with every vaccine they attempt to sell around the Globe. We’ll watch carefully, and see how they fare. I imagine they would “decline” rather rapidly. Toot Sweet!


    Its not enough that “players” like Sibelius and their ilk skedaddle and swerve, slide and reanimate somewhere’s else. No. WE are familiar with the elites “revolving doors”. Rather like the “ratlines” for the NAZIS, or the “reassignments” for Catholic paedophiles.

    COTO KNOWS that crummy culprits like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, the PNAC “Boys”, the Rothchild and Secret Society snakes are continuing to slither their way behind the scenes, doing damage wherever they slink. Sometimes, they “POP-UP!” in the fixed and fake MSM to provide some “color” commentary or such on some subject that needs burnishing.

    WE SEE EM!

    That’s for sure.

    Appreciate the post. These scoundrels will have their day in the heat. Its actually down right comical how they continue to prop up and fill their policy-making seats with just-another-spastic-plastic placeholder. What should Americans expect for policy and “legislating” but more of Their filthy nest feathering? It is laughable at this p(oink).

  2. whoowhee!! her leaving is a boon,
    whats filling the not so.
    as boomer says for a fella who has everything money can buy Gates looks downright seedy n ill.
    we can hope.
    meanwhile his minion does his bidding.
    you poor buggers.

  3. Hi Oz It,s good to see you alive and well.

    Dead ringers for Agenda 21 are popping up all over the landscape,

    • And Sebilious´husband who might he be? What a tangled web they weave. So it´s a case for killing granny.
      I am back online kiddos,,HERES JOHNNY !
      Got JP court Friday taking the landlord (read slum landlord) to task, I will be lawyerin for My own ugly self. My private legal secretary did all My complaints.
      I have made FOIA requests from Corpus City Gubmint. The docs usually come from legal department,mine were handled by risk assessment dept. I think I struck a nerve in the beast. My request to give a presentation before the city council might be granted,if not to the press I go. Either way corruption is going to be exposed. “You crush the bones of My people, You grind their faces” Isaah the prophet. Time to chew gum and kick ass,and I´m all out of bubble gum.

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