Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 3, 2014

Force, Flux, Fast & Furious

The Truth floats to the Top. Here is a real piece of the debris from Malaysian777…………..


Gun Running, Corruption, Murder-for-Hire… California Lawmaker?

By Dave Dolbee published on March 28, 2014

Stop me if you have heard this one before, “A leading Democrat makes a career from crusading against guns and the Second Amendment only to be accused of moral turpitude and gun crimes.” They preach against you and me owning guns, claim they have the moral high ground to legislate and restrict our Second Amendment rights and all the while are wearing hypocrisy on their sleeves. California State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was recently arrested for gun running among a laundry list of other major crimes. read more


Get on the phone Mr. Holder and handle this blip. I think Senator Feinstein can handle it.

For the Freemasons FAST & FURIOUS never sleeps. 

California State Senator and Chee Kung Tong Leader Among 26 Defendants Charged in Federal Criminal Complaint 

State Sen. Leland Yee picks new lawyer in gun, corruption case

Keith Jackson emerges as major figure in Calif. Sen. Yee probe

James Lassart has plenty of experience in the government run Drug, Gun and Money Laundering going back to Iran-Contra and Operation Panama Express .  This is a no-brainer.

Fast and Furious and OCDETF

Remember Freemasonry rule in the Royal Arch which states that a Freemason should “relieve and befriend” any brother Freemason in need of help and should “suggest the most kindly and the most palliating and the most favorite circumstances in extenuation of his conduct, even when justly liable to reprehension and blame.

For the Freemasons FLUX and FLOW never waivers.

(I miss Michael Ruppert, Gary Webb and Ted Gunderson)


  1. “After Operation Wide Receiver was ended, several attorneys at the Phoenix USAO who reviewed the Wide Receiver cases for prosecution found the cases had been so poorly managed that they were reluctant to bring any of them to trial.
    At the time, under the Bush administration Department of Justice (DOJ), no arrests or indictments were made. After President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the DOJ reviewed Wide Receiver and found that guns had been allowed into the hands of suspected gun traffickers. Indictments began in 2010, over three years after Wide Receiver concluded. As of October 4, 2011, nine people had been charged with making false statements in acquisition of firearms and illicit transfer, shipment or delivery of firearms. As of November, charges against one defendant had been dropped; five of them had pled guilty, and one had been sentenced to one year and one day in prison. Two of them remained fugitives.”

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