Posted by: boomerangcomesback | March 27, 2014

This “Theater of the Absurd” has run its course

Smoke and Mirrors

There’s 2 articles you should read today:

1) “Wheels Within Wheels” By Jim Kirwan 3-26-14

2) “The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA” by

Together, with your COTO knowledge, you can See-Through the smoke, note the mirrors, and then sit back and contemplate what a ridiculous “CIRCUS of the OBSCENE” we are all a witnessing.

It is truly a marvel watching this THING gesticulate and ambulate before us on the world stage. The permutations are endless or course unless WE end it. Turn off “the Show”, ignore the proclamations of the insane “leaders”, essentially demand and expect a complete reversal of everything anti-human, including the money system used to enslave humanity.

Anyways…big subject. I just can’t help but guffaw in annoyance and disbelief at the absurdities which make up such a large part of humanity’s daily existence.



  1. three ‘laws’ of prediction formulated by Arthur C. Clarke are:
    1) When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
    2) The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3) Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  2. Aye, you identify the improbability of “the impossible” when conjecturing the possibility of the preposterously probable…

    So WE sit.


    Thank you for assuming the COTO posture.

    Nothing is as it seems.

    None-the-less…, the “observable” is at odds with the evidence, no matter how smattering the tracks or how foul the smell.

    Again…we sit. Observing…sniffing the air; ear-to-the-ground, senses aroused to the highest status, whilst remaining objective and detached from the “Theater of the Absurd”.

    {What a Cluster-Fuck it Is!}

    No matter.

    Homeostasis is unachievable in this psychopathic environment.

    The Skyline is moving to the proverbial FUBAR eschelon. Can you believe THEY are seeking to “run” Hitlery, or Zeb Bush, or affiliated Zionist “Also-Rand Paul”?!

    Americans need to look at the HISTORY of WHO is taking them to the woodshed repeatedly!

    I mean, is it not Obvious?! Who are the ghouls in the shadows “behind” them? Yeah — the same ole Dark Knights from 30-40 years ago.

    Let’s not play this “Game” again! We KNOW how it ends. It is high time to change the ending, and end it Ourselves!

  3. Wow … along with the leaked Turkey false-flag this conversation between Obama and the Saudi royalty was also leaked.

    Saudi King (SK): “Enough … get off your knees. There is much to discuss.”

    Obama: (Barry); “Buph um nuth dun.”

    SK; “Up! You fool! Our plan to have Turkey stage a false-flag attack as a pretext to attack Syria as been exposed! We need to go to “Plan Z” immediately!”

    Barry; “Plan Z?”

    SK; “Yes! Yes! When Bush got in we were pretty much doing okay with “Plan D” than he screwed-up every plan we had up to “Plan O.” But YOU! In one F#$%^! presidency has brought us to our last plan. Plan Z.”

    Barry; “What does this mean?”

    SK; “There’s only one thing left to do. You have to show the world that you can face your worst fears.”

    Barry: “NO! … not that!”

    SK; “We have hidden a nuclear bomb in downtown Manhattan. We have planted a microchip in your brain with the only code to disarm it. If you do not reach the bomb in time and disarm the device your head will explode. You have 24-hours. If you live you become a hero and the world is yours. If you die, we blame it on Iran, you still become a hero, only you are dead.

    Now back down on your knees.”

    Barry; “I can’t! I have to go, I only have 24-hrs. to save me! And I have to buy Michelle and the girls more clothes, and I’d like to get in maybe a round or two of golf …”


    Barry; “Oh, okay … mul-phh..mull-ph …”

    SK; “Not so fast … slower … that’s it … now wipe your chin and get out of my sight.”

  4. Thanks for those, that second link especially, what a read!

  5. doctor feelgood
    sleeping on a concrete bench
    can I get a witness
    miss south carolina 1975
    somebody stole your crown
    you were sleeping in
    your happy home
    when you woke up baby
    your life had come and gone
    now you’re mystified
    standing with the rest of us
    who used to rule the world

    well brother lovejoy
    rapping up a blue streak
    can I get a witness
    miss hurricane
    can’t Keep your hands still
    long enough to count your change
    you were wrapped up in
    your daily grind
    and the cost of a living
    it didn’t even cross your mind
    now you’re mystified
    standing with the rest of us
    who used to rule the world

    mister blueprint
    yea used to have it figured out
    now you can’t find your car
    miss cocktaill dress
    standing at the bathroom sink
    looking for a back way out
    well you can’t believe your very eyes
    everything that you were counting on
    is nothing but a pack of lies
    now you’re mystified
    standing with the rest of us
    who used to rule the world

    now you’re mystified
    standing with the rest of us
    who used to rule
    used to rule
    used to rule the world

  6. Thanks for the contributions here. A laugh here, a tear there. Keep sharing.

  7. Beware the Fiber optics. You were slated for death before HF trading. Now that you understand OBAMACARE, you know healthcare is ;

    A TAX






    Everything else is a diversion, deflection or alternate frequency. Why we are seeing the and hearing the most absurd media transmissions is to filter out the real HAAARP c CHORDS. There are waves and assaults above terahertz and ELF under the radar. Expect an event before summer that will blow your curcuits COTO.

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