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Beware the Flying Gefilte Fish

Ask "Why?" the Flying Gefilte Fish?

Ask “Why?” the Flying Gefilte Fish?

“On March 23, 2014 Israel announced that they are closing all Israeli Embassies’ Worldwide. “Israel to further plan to destroy those who plan to carry out attacks against the Jewish State”

If every single Israeli leaves their post, worldwide, that isn’t good.

I don’t know what they have up their sleeve but it’s the perfect sign: I don’t know if they have an attack coming on another county, if they see something that’s about to break loose, but this is the perfect guise and the perfect excuse and the perfect reason to bring everybody home—and get everybody out of every other country—they’re doing it right now!” (2)

Given everything that is just beginning worldwide, as mentioned in the previous article: This time the world should not be surprised again! (3) From James Kirwan’s recent post: “The Ugly Truth”, which followed on the heels of his post “The Club of Rome” —, which discusses AGENDA 21 and the elite proponents of the twisted plan.

Benjamin Fulford’s Monday, 24th newsletter says this, “Meanwhile, as a back drop to these discussions, ominous occult messages and threats are being sent out by the dying cabal. As mentioned at the top, the Israelis have shut down all their embassies and their ambassadors and top staff have gone to underground shelters. This message also arrived from a source that has the ability to hack my mobile phone: “The upcoming UN broadcast discusses destruction by fire, the cleansing of the Earth and Lucifer’s coming teacher.” The date for this was put as somewhere between April 14th and April 21st. The “Cobra” representative said he had independently heard the same date mentioned and said it has significant occult Astrological meaning”.

Alrighty then!

There’s some interesting stuff hiding in the Ukraine affair. Look for names, backgrounds, etc… From the NY Times, even…

Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk. Check out the part with “Victoria J. Nuland, a United States assistant secretary of state, and the American ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt”…

“An article last year examining his swift rise in the Fatherland Party, published on a local news site, News24UA, noted that his success in the rough political arena was belied by his gentle reputation: “Everyone calls him a rabbit, a bunny or ‘our white and fluffy Senya.’ How did it happen that people associate a leader of today’s opposition forces with a meek, innocent animal?”

What’s that guy’s ethnic heritage again? I found it listed here:

He was endorsed by whom? What’s her story?

Where did this guy cut his teeth? How did he get his current position?

Some things should just JUMP OUT at ya, when you do a bit of research. Interesting stuff! The tangled webs they weave…


This Josh Miller character is pulling an Anthony Weiner out of his pants and waving it in the faces of decent Americans everywhere. Such contempt for the Rights of the People. I’m seeing a trend here COTO. These weasels need to be held in absolute contempt by The People, and stuck where the sun don’t shine, where they can’t hurt anybody else Forever!

So, It gets me thinking about Why are things in such an expletive state around us? Chertoff, Janet Napolitano, the PNAC jackals, Silverstein, Feinstein, and Gun grabbing psychos like Bloomberg come to mind —

You can download the pdf there for a rundown on the lowdown.

The Anti-Freedom list is too long to think of presently, but you can give it a whirl. Just think “backwards” and ugly faces of ugly people who do and say ugly things will come to mind.

Have a nice day…



  1. Real busy here preparing for planting. Will read this more carefully later!

    On Malaysia 370, here is some interesting stuff I just encountered:
    “Holly” on Natural News said: “Brief news from Poland mentioned this airplane contained 2 tons of gold…they mentioned it only once. This was not mentioned from any other world news media.”

    “JPL1.618” said, “Interesting how there were no flights scheduled to/from Diego Garcia for a 72 hour stretch beginning on March 8, the day the flight went missing. And highly suspicious that the Facebook post announcing this from the Diego Garcia Passenger Terminal was DELETED.


    The guy also posted that Israel has a nuke in NYC. Considering the devastation the dual citizens have already wrought, we can already say They nuked the U.S. and World. Repeatedly.

  3. This fascinating coincidental information just floated to the surface:

    “Why would Israel have a plane identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in storage in Tel Aviv? The plane in this photo is Boeing 777 2H6(ER) – 28416/155, an identical twin of the missing plane, which has been in Israel since November 2013. What are the Israelis doing with this plane in a hanger in Tel Aviv? Could it be part of a false-flag terror plot in the making? Where is this plane today?”

  4. From Wayne Madsen today: “Two CNN producers try to sneak into World Trade Center site. CNN denies they were on assignment. The arrest of Pomrenze and Fieldman Boals comes as Port Authority sells remaining 50 percent of retail space at WTC to the Westfield Group, owned by leading Australian-Israeli Zionist Frank Lowy. Pomrenze, Fieldman, and Lowey: something doesn’t smell right”.

    So, that’s Larry “Pull it!” Silverstein and this Lowy guy owning significant percentages of the “New” WTC buildings…

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